Though we want you purchasing every single product we produce as we unabashedly feel they are the pinnacle of supplemental successes in their creations.  These products are hand crafted like an artisan crafting some stupid cocktail your girlfriend orders impetuously with full disregard for the fact that it is $21 dollars.  Chaos and Pain products are that good in our eyes. There is no amount of keyboard warlording you can do to convince us otherwise. 

However, there is a piece to the puzzle of nootropics and overall health that must be put forth. The best disinfectant is just good ole sun light, yes, it is that simple.  Sunlight is probably one of the best single sources of irreprehensible anti-corruptible life changing, mood altering, substances there is.  Weirdly enough there is almost nothing sunlight can’t do. With the propaganda style war on it from the literal snowflake people, mainly because of how pale they are not their overall attitude towards the situation, it has gotten a somewhat bad rap with all the cancer talk.

The sun is literally the MVP of everything. The most meritorious object in literal existence for just about anything that doesn’t produce its own bio luminesces.  Everything almost always starts and ends with the sun or in some variation thereof with the sun and its rays. You could almost conclude that life itself is literally built around the sun. Uses of the sun, it’s like science or some fiddle-faddle like that. Now that we have introduce that big awesome orange boi in the sky as the protagonist of this articles lets dive into the free product it produces and what it can mean for you.

Aa far as supplements go the single best one you can purchase is free.  Sunlight is literally the greatest thing on the planet for your body in so many ways. It's almost hard to count. It's no surprise that the closer you live to the equator the longer statistically you will live.  With everything that is going on with the corona virus let’s just get this one out of the way first.  There is literally nothing better for your immune system than the rays of Amun, the god of the sun and air. 

It is a pretty simple process, you get the god sunlight rays, your body then converts them into vitamin D which supports the T cells.  If you are ignorant to what T cells are they are specific white blood cells that are important to the immune system.  This blood cell is the epicenter of what is known as adaptive immunity. That being what the body uses to responded to specific pathogens. 

So, let’s review this simple little equation that I put together of why sun light is of grave importance. Sun light -> Vitamin D -> T cells, obviously there is far more science, chemistry and witchcraft involved in this than I would like to type out.  Remember these little white blood cells are basically the John Wicks of your body. They will seek and destroy illuminating the enemy like a virus eater bomb.

If you are reading this likely you are probably some types of weightlifters. Where something like bone density and things like that matter in your petty existence. With the production of Vitamin D in the body this then allows for the absorption of calcium. As you can guess will lead to greater bone density.  If you are constantly punishing your body through the trails of strongman events or getting hit in the ankle with a scooter from your daughter, either way it is probably best to have strong bones.

Sun light can improve one’s metabolism, yes, you read that write you pasty bum. Research coming out now that simple Vitamin D deficiencies may lead to and or contribute to fat accumulation. Sun light is also vital to the production of nitric oxide. Then is released by the skin once it has UVA stimulation, and this nitric oxide is where the gains go down at. 

Also, it helps lower blood pressure which is probably a good thing. Since there seems to be an obesity problem going on if anybody dare remember it.  Prepare yourself, here comes some hard-core science right out of the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. The Impact of Nitric Oxide on Metabolism in Health and Age-related Disease by Andrew B. Knott and Ella Bossy-Wetzel.

“NO appears to stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis in certain situations through activation of proteins such as peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ (PPARγ) coactivator 1α (PGC1-α). Because of this link between NO and mitochondrial biogenesis, the role of NO in certain aspects of metabolism, including exercise response, obesity, fat cell differentiation, and caloric restriction, are the subject of increasing investigation.”

Basically, to break this down there is some research that shows the nitric oxide supports the metabolism of the body.

Moving on to the next item on this long list of why the sun is the real MVP. We wish we could monetize it, oh wait, didn’t mean to say that, well yes, I did.  Sun light, in what seems like its infinite ability to never disappoint, can support an easing of depression type symptoms.  In case you live under a rock depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. Affecting some 130,000,000 people according to the world health organization.  The simple theory is that the more vitamin D you have via sunlight the less depressed you are. It is really that simple.  The data would indicate that sunlight can improve the long-term health of an individual. Furthermore, the quality of life that said individual will live.

It is pretty evident that sun light is a must have in your arsenal of nutrition and fitness or if you want to live a healthy life.  Remember even while we are quarantine in our homes it is highly important to get some sunlight, or you could start to succumb to these problems that are plaguing the world.  If you are a pasty keyboard warlord potato then you probably need some sunlight also, so go out and do it just try not to burn yourself.

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