As many people know if you aren’t already living in some super massive and wildly elaborate bunker deep inside of the earths mantel then you are fully and formally aware of the newest epic disaster to strike planet earth.  Yes, indeed, the beer virus as it has been aptly named has taken the world by storm like Madonna in the 80s.  It has now spread to every continent across the global sparing little to nobody in its path of destruction.  The mass hysteria over the COVID-19 virus seems to be growing every day. Never seeming to take a moment to look at the numbers in a real comparative format.  If you want to stay update 24 hours a day 7 days a week then this handy little counter here is for you

The idea that a single virus such as a flu type virus, which now there are 5 of these bastards instead of four. Aka COVID-19 (Corona Virus) will become what appears to be a seasonal disaster.  This silent killer seems to be the end of man. Through its efficacious killing means sparing nobody as the media would have you believe.  Well, kind of sort of not even close, but who cares at any level when there is a monetary value in creating an irrational hysteria amongst the common folks of planet earth. 

The hype driven to this virus is irresponsible at best. The simple fact is that the virus, though obviously dangerous for certain facets of society, older individuals with preexisting respiratory issues are being taken behind the preverbal woodshed and beaten, making it dangerous. I guess.  Well, that is what the media across the planet would have you believe as they seem to work hand in hand at bringing the entire world economy to a screaming halt for what seems like the common flu to the seasoned veteran.

Now that we are acquaint with the coronavirus let’s find something that is a sure-fire pandemic as they call it.  Ahhh yes, our good ole friend obesity and the epidemic of the fatties.  So, just a quick refresher on obesity for anybody who has no earthly idea what we are talking about. Let’s say these individual’s mana is beyond full to the highest order, they have so much mana they are bursting at the seams.  For starters let’s figure out how many people are of the massive plumper variety. 

So according to the world health organization in 2016 there were about 1.9 billion adults who were deemed overweight and of that sample 650 million were deemed to have extra mana or be obese, not a beast.  Basically 40% of the world’s population was overweight and 13% of this population has beyond fat to the point of having the mana’s aka obese. As you would assume with being fat comes all kinds of terrible side effects that leads to an early grave.  We will just list them below here as most people have a pretty good comprehension of these effects on the body.

  • Cardiovascular diseases related mainly to heart disease and stroke
  • Increased rates of type 2 diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • High LDL Cholesterol, Low HDL cholesterol
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Breathing related issues including sleep apnea
  • Increase in rate of almost all cancer
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Increase in body pain
  • Increases in mental illness being mainly depression and anxiety


The simple answer to all of the world’s problems is that heart disease is the number 1 killer of individuals in the developed world. Furthermore, in low-income countries heart related disease are the third leading cause of death.  To make a long story short about 300,000 people die a year from obesity. Weirdly enough it isn’t in the front page of the news or being blasted in your face, oh no, almost the opposite is happening in our weird upside-down pineapple world. 

Now it’s almost a crime if you point out that someone is fat. For instance,  they are possibly responsible for the $147 billion dollar a year spend just in the United States for a condition that it literally and wholly preventable at every level for 99.99% of cases.  That is right boys and girls, that is b for billions of dollars spent on something that literally should be a non-issue, being fat.

So, you are probably reading this, if you got this far before clicking away. Wondering what all this even means and why are there so many words in front of me.  Essentially the mortality rate for COVID-19 cases is around 3.4% of reported cases. This would indicate that the actual death rate after contracting the virus would be vastly lower.  You would also assume that most of the individuals dying of the coronavirus are elder, having respiratory issues or are obese, our friend again.

The moral of this long blog post is that obesity is the real enemy. It is far worse than any single virus at this point in history.  The gravity of the situation is starch as far as virus go. Until there is a vaccine of some sort it will be an annual theme with many variations and mutations to come, oh boy can’t wait.  There is plainly nothing you can do about the virus. Whether you believe it to be some wild conspiracy, or some super bioweapon leaked in Wuhan, China.

  It is here to stay so get over it or die.  The equation is easy, the virus attacks the respiratory system with pneumonia like symptoms.  If you are elder, well sadly there is nothing the world can do about your age, you had a good run so to speak.  If you are not elder, then it would be wise to be in a good cardiovascular health to stave off such a virus.

The main theme between COVID-19 and obesity for survival is rudimentary and simple at the core, don’t be morbidly obese (fat) to the point of generating even further illness or comorbidities as they say in the medical field.  Do everything in your power to stay healthy in all facets of life and things such as common flus will be far easier to fend off.


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