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At Chaos and Pain®, we understand that achieving peak performance and optimal recovery requires a comprehensive approach to nutrition and supplementation. Our EAA, BCAA, and Electrolyte supplements are meticulously formulated to provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to perform at its best, both during and after intense workouts. Explore our range of premium products designed to fuel your muscles, enhance endurance, and ensure optimal hydration.+


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Cannibal Replenish - EAA & BCAA Complex FaceCannibal Replenish - EAA & BCAA Complex Supplment Facts
cannibal synergy wellness elixir 30 servingssupplement facts syn can
Carnal Hydration Electrolyte MatrixCarnal Hydration Electrolyte Matrix
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carna blueberry lemomnadecarna passion fruit
Cannibal Carna BCAA Sale price$19.99 USD