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There is one thing in life that is true and that is death and taxes for many.  Essentially your sullen existences will be finite, some longer than other and so on, but finite none the less.  The only real thing any of us will ever control is how we choose to spend the glory years. The ones where you are a fully functioning as an adult. These are the years where you aren’t crapping your pants from old age or no age, the good time. 

So, that leaves you with a solid 50-70 years. If you are one of the fortunate to have good genetics or treat your body not like the human dumpster you are.  So, what can possibly make life better in every single way possible? Reversing all the appalling and grim effects of just simply being alive for an extended period? Well, if you read the article title then you probably have a decent guess at where this is going. Testosterone, the holy grail of life.

If you are unaware of what testosterone is, then this article probably can’t help you as I assume nothing can because you are an uninformed dunce. As most know testosterone is the essence of manliness, the ingredient that seems lost in today’s soy boy-based society. Testosterone is the single greatest male hormone in the body. Which is solely responsible for the development of men and men parts, sex organs that is. 

This man sauce we will call it, is produced mostly in the testes. As one would assume being the man organ, while a small portion is made in a gland called the adrenal. This process in the body is regulated by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. These glands are signaled by chemicals in the bloodstream; therefore, hydration is important as was covered in the last article you probably didn’t read.

Now, for the sake of this article we will dive into why it is bad to be a soy boy aka have low or compromised testosterone. Now that those little computers you call brains have started to cogitate, you have probably come to the achingly obvious conclusion that you need to maintain a normal level of testosterone to function properly, or you will function poorly with inevitable side effects. 

Without this magical testosterone sauce your body is basically endangered and your quality is imperial as your manliness is compromised.  As we previously reviewed you have a finite amount of time to be generally awesome and to enjoy yourself. If you feel like a sack of garbage and then develop cancer, well that is a recipe for not being awesome and enjoying yourself.

So, what are these negative effects that take hold on the body and how do to reverse them. Well, wait no more my friend because here we go diving into solutions to stop sucking as a man. The easiest and most simple way to assess a lowered level of testosterone is the sheer physical changes that happen in the body. Some of these are more visible than others, or get a blood test, that is simple also. 

One of the single biggest signs of lowered testosterone is an increase in body fat.  It is highly likely that an increase in body fat also leads to an increase in estrogen. Which is a double negative that you do not want to deal with.  It is the equivalent of getting hit by a car. Then that car backing over you again, yah, not a good scenario. Another aspect of lowered testosterone in men is a lowering of muscle mass. In addition, overall physical strength, 100% the worst-case scenario for manliness.  That is basically like if the first car hits you and then backs over you and then out of nowhere another car comes and runs over you again, literally that terrible.

Along with these two awesome scenarios above there is a far more sinister villain in a sense to having lowered testosterone. That is depression and over all cognitive function. As we have reviewed in other articles these are pretty dam important. 

As we are learning more and more there is growing concerns to all aspects of mental health. Having lowered testosterone can lead to increases in feelings of sadness and depression. Which if you compound on top of being obese, this can be a recipe for full blown depression that can surely damage the body. This scenario more than likely contributes to many suicides a year that could be prevented by simple being manlier. Obviously this will not prevent all but will abate much of the negative.

So now that we understand that low testosterone is the kryptonite to everyone being a proverbial superman, how do we even increase said testosterone naturally. Clearly, if you go to a doctor and then are prescribed medication to treat low testosterone you can defeat the problem quickly. There are some more natural ways as well to do this. 

The single easiest way to have the body produce more testosterone is to require that body make testosterone for whatever reason. If you are crushing the gym like the savage, you are, lifting heavy weights, putting large strains on the muscles and joints of the body that will require it to repair, essential you are telling the body “More testosterone please” in short order. Your body runs under the premise of use it or lose it. Your muscles are a simple preview of that. Lift weights and be jacked or don’t and be a sad body. 

If you do not require testosterone, then you will more than likely begin to lose it prematurely as they body simply will not produce it for the sake of doing so.  There are plenty of other simple things that can be done like eating adequate protein, fats and carbs, diet is generally a huge part in these problems. Sun light is a great way to keep your testosterone flowing like the juices of the gods as well.

Our old friend stress can be a killer of testosterone and overall life. Ironically enough lifting weights and being active can reduce stress and increase testosterone in the process. It is almost as if the double-edged sword can work in both ways when needed. This can also support a reduction in cortisol which is a testosterone and overall gains killer.

Testosterone is simple, use it or lose it. Put your body under stress to adapt to grow.  If you are having no luck a trip to the ole doctor may be to see if there is an under lying issue that need, be remedied. Remember though, don’t go through life not enjoying because you aren’t awesome.


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