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Humans will always use the easiest and most efficient route, it’s just our nature. With that said, utilizing this concept in extreme can end up leading us astray. More specifically, it can easily derail us from our deepest desires and lofty goals. The growth of current technology is a double-edged sword. On one side you have information literally at the tips of your fingers. On the other side you have many people expecting that attaining personal accomplishments will be just as easy as accessing that information. Obviously, there are those out there who seem to rise to instant fame and success. What many don’t see is how short lived it is, and how those individuals quickly move on to something else. You see, if something is truly your passion, the journey is what should drive you. Money is an afterthought because you’re in it for the long haul.

With all of that said, what you decide to pursue should obviously bring in some form of financial profit, not just costing you dollar after dollar. On the opposite spectrum though, in those beginning stages, you may be at a net loss instead of a net gain. Success isn’t instantaneous and it sure as shit doesn’t come without sacrifice. The long nights, early mornings, criticism by others, doubting yourself, utter failure, heartache, and lost friendships. The journey is long, arduous, and continues daily. You need to understand that to grow exponentially, it requires a dedication that the majority of people could never comprehend.

So how does one ascertain such a regimented path? Only through developing a positive and unbreakable mind. It is through this creation that you will be able to achieve success. The mind can be forged and molded at birth, or through a traumatic or thought-provoking incident as an adult. Regardless, your mental toughness will be the tipping point to your overall success. No average individual will do the same thing over and over, week after week, month after month, year after year with limited to zero financial increases.

You may need to have your passion as a side-hustle for a while and have a job you absolutely loathe to keep the lights on and the house warm. To get to a point of being able to financially rely on just your passion, you may have to get a second job to cut down on the required time of the growth curve. Regardless, there are always options. You just may not like them.

Life is full of choices. Some are harder than others. In the end you need to understand that if you truly have a desire to wake up every morning and live a life you’re proud of, you must be in it for the long haul. You must go all in and deal with the cards you’ve been dealt. No crying and pointing fingers when things don’t go the way you want. Happiness and fulfillment come with a price. The cost? The ability to sustain failure after failure, blow after blow, and still with a smile, ask for more. 

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