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L-CARNITINE - A lot of people will go to extreme lengths to lose fat and get shredded without doing the simplest things first.  There is no end to the madness for what someone will do or what magic pill they will take.  It is almost like people will explore any new magical fad diet or supplement while they maintain a state of extreme incredulity towards what works, science.

You might go on a fad diet, add cardio to your workout routine, or buy an over-the-counter weight loss miracle pill that you heard about on a daily television show, all probably useless. Said user might even combine all these things into a poor amalgamation of imagination and poor life choices to attempt to reach their weight loss goals.

What if there was a way to simplify the process for the modern human? Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy a supplement that helped you burn off fat by turning it into energy? What if you could take thinking out of the equations for the average consumer?

Is Carnitine, the greatest ever?

The amino acid L-Carnitine is critical. It plays a large role in increasing the metabolism and how it functions overall in the user. Specifically, it increases mitochondrial function and increases cellular energy and output. Among athletes, it promotes fat burning, better recovery, and prevents muscle fatigue. All the above are ideal outcomes for sports performance and weight loss/management.

The vast majority of the body’s L-Carnitine is stored in muscle cells. Trace amounts of this nutrient are also found in the liver and blood.

Methionine and lysine are combined in the body to form L-Carnitine. If you eat a plant-based diet and don’t consume enough animal products to meet your needs, supplemental L-Carnitine may compensate for this deficiency, luckily modern technology, and companies such as our makes this possible.

In transporting fatty acids into mitochondria, L-Carnitine contributes to cellular energy production throughout the body. Once there, they are converted to energy. As a result, fat will be burned while exercising, and muscle fatigue, sluggishness, and fatigue will be prevented during said exercise or event. In producing energy from fatty acids, the heart, brain, and muscle can be benefited.

L-Carnitine also improves endurance and muscular recovery in addition to fat loss. Supplementing with L-Carnitine has been shown to boost performance for many athletes. It may also be easier for them to return to the gym after tough workouts with better muscle gains.

In addition to improving cognition, L-carnitine supplementation has also been shown to improve brain function. Taking it on a regular basis may help you focus, especially if you don’t get enough L-Carnitine in your diet or if you don’t consume enough amino acids as precursors for it.

L-Carnitine supplementation may slow down the aging process in the body because it has a beneficial effect on cellular health. L-Carnitine can be stacked with any fat burning or supplementation ingredient.

You can take L-Carnitine anytime of the day, which is important to note. You can also add it to your current pre-workout supplement stack without having to worry about being up all night.

Taking Carnitine

It’s best to take L-carnitine in the morning or prior to a workout since it’s absorbed quickly by the body, especially when it’s in liquid form. The recommended dosage of L-carnitine is between 2-4 grams per day, divided into two or three equal doses ideally.

For L-carnitine to function, it must be able to enter muscle cells when insulin levels are elevated. L-Carnitine will also increase glucose delivery to the muscles when insulin levels are high. Performance will be enhanced as well as energy levels. In addition, you can take L-Carnitine with caffeine-containing supplements as part of your pre-workout routine. As a stimulant-free pre-workout supplement, it works well in conjunction with coffee, green tea, or another favorite supplement.

L-Carnitine does not need to be cycled on and off. Research suggests that it has no serious side effects over the long run.

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