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Fat Burner KETO Stack



Nootropic BHB Keto Support

Whether you love it or hate the thing to death, it's hard to dispute the fact that the ketogenic diet is a useful fat loss tool for a large proportion of the population.  Without rehashing the entire diet, the point is to cause your body to burn stored fat rather than glucose for energy.

Cannibal Carnage - Killer Bombsicle

Cannibal Carnage, Chaos and Pain’s first fat mobilizing supplement. It can be stacked with other thermogenics or even used with non-stim pre-workout supplements like Permaswole! Plus, it makes ordinary water taste AWESOME!!

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Cannibal Inferno Fat Burner

Enter Cannibal Inferno.  So named because it turns your body into a raging bonfire of thermogenesis, Cannibal Inferno combines high levels of stimulants to activate your nervous system with other stims that activate the receptors in so called “stubborn fat” to shed those love handles or saddlebags...

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Predator - Glucose Disposal Agent

To unleash your ultimate predatory instincts, you have to eat like a predator! Apex predators, sitting atop the food chain, fear nothing...Stop acting like a simpering [expletive deleted] who wets their pants in fear when entering a pastry shop. Start using Cannibal Predator to unleash your full potential!

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Chaos and Pain Tri-Blend Shirt Mocha Brown

Blender Bottle

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