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F*ck The Fat


CANNIBAL FEROX Stimulant Pre-workout

Cannibal Ferox represents the natural evolution of our bestselling Pre-Workout. Gone are last years outdated stims, and IN is one of the newest heavy hitting thermogenic stimulants available.

Red Sky Quick Release Thermogenic

Red Sky Fat Burner - There is not a fat burner on the market today to offer the same level of Thermogenesis along with all the other benefits of a fat burner.

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Thor's Hammer Shirt

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F*ck The Fat Stack By Chaos and Pain

If you are like the rest of the world then you probably hate fat, being fat, looking at fat, just all types of fat.  Well, do not worry as we do also in more ways than you can image, hell, we literally built a supplement company to fight the good fight on fat.  The product stack put forth is simple, yet so deliciously divine.  F*ck The Fat, simple, bold, beautiful, utter powerful and yet shameless to the touch.  All the gibbers to basically say, to hell with fat and being unhealthy let’s get rid of it!

Cannibal Ferox: There just is no better all-around assault on fat, like some kind of war primed solider ready to battle the fat away.  Ferox is packed with ingredients designed around stimulation but many of these ingredients also support the fat loses response and processes in the body.  This is a perfect start for fat loss and having a pre-workout that also doubles as a fat burner is like poetic justice, two for the price of one, lethal weapon or whatever description you want to give it.  Not only will you crush it even harder in the gym, which will help with weight loss, even after all of that you’ll still be burning the fat away.

Red Sky:  One of the best accompaniments to a product like Ferox, this action-packed fat burner is everything you will need to keep on blasting fat the rest of the day.  This product will be the other half of the fat burning puzzle that will carry you through the rest of the day just setting off what is a fat blasting extravaganza just fully geared at getting you shredded.  This product is also broken into a three-capsule serving sizes which will give you the versatility you need to set up your fat burning schedule.

Thor’s Hammer Shirt:  There really is no better way to burn fat than with a shirt representing a god of badassary.  This shirt is designed to make you better and of course show everyone what brand really matters in the gym or bar or really where ever you are because you should always have this shirt on, literally 24/7/365, shamelessly plugging the brand at much as possible.



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