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GAIA Super Fruits And Greens

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Blueberry Extract- Muscle Repair and DNA Support

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In today’s world, we are learning one simple truth, you can’t get your health back if you need it.  Essentially, when it’s too late it’s too late, meaning if you let your body deteriorate into a puddle of liquefied garbage then you deserve everything you get when a crisis happens.  This is a warning, as well as wakeup call from COVID19 that you need to be in both physically and physiological health.  Every individual should do everything within their power to be healthier every day.  Often times this is simple but people refuse to see the light at the end of the tunnel until they are actually meeting Jesus himself as a figure of speech.  One simple way to start not dying faster is to eat your fruits and vegetables, yep, that simple and easy for starter.

The GAIA:  GAIA was a product born out of pure necessity.  The majority of individuals rolling around in this fast-paced world lack proper nutrition, that is just a fact.  You start adding things on that like heavy weight training or indulging in foreign substances, then more than likely you are super deficient in your fruits, greens and likely other aspects of nutrition.  Thus, GAIA was introduced as a great alternative to fill in those gaps that are created by crazy and hectic life styles.  Even if you feel like your diet is on point, it always helps to have preventative measures in place.

The Blueberry:  We went ahead and added the blueberry extract to this stack because it just makes sense.  Blueberry literally compliments all of the things that GAIA does plus it supports DNA repair and muscle repair.  Also as an added function blueberry extract supports an increase to cognitive and neurological function in the body as well.  This is all through the ant oxidative nature of the extract.

As you can see this stack if perfect for anyone who feels they may have a hole in their diet or that just really wants to be heathier.


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