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Hardcore Pre, Sleep and Swag


Cannibal Riot Pre Workout

Cannibal Riot Pre Workout - One of the cleanest, hardest hitting pre-workouts on the market. Come in 4 flavors, and will get you up and moving - which helps with overall fitness and your workout.

Hypnos Sleep Aid - New Formula

Hypnos Sleep Aid - You grow while you sleep, and if you're not hitting that deep sleep stage, your GH and testosterone levels will reflect it.  That's why Chaos and Pain has introduced Hypnos, a sleep aid so potent you'll have to peel the pillow off your face every morning before you head to work.

Punisher Skull Shirt

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You asked for it here it is:

  • Cannibal Riot
  • Hypnos
  • And a Premium CNP Punisher Tee



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