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Helios – Joint Support


(45 customer reviews)

Do you miss picking up heavy things and then putting them down with reckless abandonment? Do you miss the sound of the sonic boom created by your 400+ pounds of weight hitting the floor?


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Helios – Joint Support

Do you miss picking up heavy things and then putting them down with reckless abandonment? Do you miss the sound of the sonic boom created by your 400+ pounds of weight hitting the floor? Do you miss getting kicked out of Planet Fitness by triggering the Gainz alarm (some people refer to it as the Lunk Alarm)?

If the attack on your manhood, or womanhood, is caused by aching joints, then look no further! Chaos and Pain has your back with the Helios!

Once the refreshing taste of awesomeness hits your tongue, you will feel the indestructible confidence circulating throughout your battle-worn body.

Each serving of Helios – Joint Support has:

  • Essential Amino Acids – 3000mg: The building blocks.
  • Cissus – 1500mg: Encourages the generation of bone stem cells!
  • Vitamin C – 1500mg: The king of all antioxidants!
  • Curcumin – 1000mg: An herb used to combat inflammation!
  • Astragaloside Extract – 500mg: Used for centuries as an immune stimulator and inflammation fighter.
  • Bromelain (50 GDU) – 320mg: A proteolytic enzyme used for anti-inflammation and to aid in digestion.
  • 5-HTP – 300mg: Used to fight muscle soreness after your workout, and converts into the happy neurotransmitter Serotonin! Serotonin also helps to encourage stage 4 sleep!
  • Betaine – 200mg: Increases Nitric Oxide levels which help to improve blood flow. Better blood flow = better nutrient delivery and waste removal by the body = faster recovery!
  • Choline – 200mg: Don’t forget about the brain!
  • Piperine – 20mg: Makes sure your body absorbs all of Helios’s game time ingredients!
  • Silicon – 5mg: Used to help promote the synthesis of collagen. Collagen is used by the body for bone and connective tissue regeneration.
  • Vitamin K1 – 1mg: Involved in blood clotting, bone health, and metabolism.

45 reviews for Helios – Joint Support

  1. Marie Campos

    Bring it back. Been out of stock for so long. Such an amazing product.

  2. Blake (verified owner)

    HELIOS is a life changer. Not only has it allowed me to get back to everyday activities without the constant joint pain and inflammation, it has stopped my constant battle with gout. I have been taking HELIOS for a couple of years now and have zero issues with gout. I am off all medications. This stuff is absolutely amazing. Thanks

  3. Kardo (verified owner)

    It’s very good. Helps with my injuries plus pretty good at lowering pain too. While the price is high (because 2 scoops a day are needed for best results), there are good sales to get it as a bargain.

  4. Seth Mallalieu (verified owner)

    Between no acl, an on and off shoulder pain, workouts, and a job that requires constant lifting of kegs and cases , i for sure have to watch out for my joints and inflammation. This product has made my knee far more comfortable and my shoulder right as rain .

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Product was suggested by one of your team members,figured I’d give it a try.shocked by how soon and well it offered my aching joints relief

  6. Joseph Russell (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Shoulder and knee feel amazing with only three days of use.

  7. Ralph Hilbert (verified owner)

    For starters, everything I’ve bought from chaos and pain is top notch!!! Helios is no different, I was sceptical after reading the reviews about this products amazing results. I took my first dose the day I got it and have had almost zero pain in my knees and shoulders since then. I thought I had reached the point that my strength had outgrew my joints, no longer with Helios I can go back to destroying weights. Thanks chaos and pain!!!

  8. JCP (verified owner)

    I had been taking just Cissus by itself for a few months before I found this supplement. So I already knew Cissus works. The combination of all the other stuff they put in here is genius. Simply put, I’m 41 years old, 6′ 1″ 240 (definitely not a muscly 240 either…). Running HURTS as does recovery. I just tried my first dose of Helios this morning after a run and within 10-15 minutes I felt better. I can not say it enough, this stuff WORKS. Thank You so much for making this!

  9. Scott (verified owner)

    Great product!! Felt results quickly

  10. H (verified owner)

    A year ago I couldn’t do squats, lunges, extensions, bike riding or even walking upstairs. My boy at Heavy Duty Strength introduced me to Helios and now I can’t be stopped. This stuff is legit. I’ve tried everything for my knees but this is the only one that has worked and sustained the improvement. Thank you CnP for Helios and thank you Heavy Duty bringing the animal out of his cage!

  11. Tom (verified owner)

    I decided to try this product for my father who is had multiple knee surgeries. His next step is total knee replacement . I decided to get him some of this for Christmas and he absolutely loves it and says he feels 20 years younger ! Now he is able to work all day and not be in pain all night! I just re-ordered him two more flavors! Thank you for making my dad feel better, it’s unbelievable!

  12. Jim Santoferrara (verified owner)

    I used to take other brand name joint supplements. One was “one little pill” the other had 11 pills in one packet and I still was taking 1000mg of ibuprofen twice a day because of the pain. My trainer told me to try Helios and I’m telling you I haven’t had any pain since I started using it. Simply the best joint supplement I’ve ever used.

  13. Brandon Alberd

    I typically don’t ever worry about taking a Joint/Tendon support product. But I picked this up on an order a while back and have been slowly using it as needed. I have a terrible left shoulder. This stuff is usually a staple in my Shoulder/Chest days. Works amazing. I have the Barbarous Blue Raspberry, and I’m my opinion the taste is absolutely horrendous. But it does what it says it does none the less!

  14. Allyssa

    I’ve tried every joint supplement and pain reliever on the market from here to hades and nothing has ever worked harder, faster or longer than this product!

  15. Jordan

    I haven’t been using it all that long, but it seems to be working well. After my last powerlifting meet my one hip hurt so bad I could barely pick my leg up to put pants on. Nothing at all after this meet, I’m thinking thanks to Helios. Word of advice — do NOT go with cherry lime chimera. I have a really hard time choking it down 🙁

  16. Matt

    I’ve been taking this twice a day for about 10 days now. Pretty much every point or articulation in my body has been raging with pain the last couple months. So I started taking this with triple strength glucosamine and chondroitin. Not sure if it’s it’s the Helios or the G and C, but I seem to be in a lot less pain. My back is still royally screwed, but that might need surgery. Who knows. Let this be a lesson to all of you who are not stretching regularly. Damnit all.

  17. Geisel Osorio

    I had knee surgery a year ago and no matter how much therapy I did my knee just didn’t get better.
    Im on my 3rd Helios jar and I refuse to go back. I can finally work out 5 times a week without my knee exploding. This stuff has given me my life back. Great stuff!!!

  18. Johanna

    The shaker dissolves all powder and mixes everyhing well. Whatever your mixing, Helios or Protein get yourself this shaker. I love the way it looks as well!

  19. Johanna

    I am a fulltime blue collar working mother. I enjoy lifting and have begun training in muay thai as well. Before I found helios my soreness from the previous days push sometimes hindered me. I take helios the morning after a workout, especially when I do both or I just went hours with my physical activity and it has made such a difference! At work the soreness is all but gone and my recovery seems so much better so the next lift i can go farther. Even the muay thai aches have been aliviated. I would recommend this product if ya got alot on your plate but still want to push yourself.

  20. Michael Smith

    I had gotten this product for my girlfriend because she has severe knee joint pains and kept relying on ibuprofen and sleeping meds in order to be able to rest at night. After trying Chaos And Pain’s products, personally, I quickly found out that their products are the real deal! So, I told her to give Helios a shot. We got the Cherrylime Chimera flavor. The flavor is very good and the product is doing as it says, allowing her to rest without the achiness at night…she takes this a half hour before bedtime. I’m glad this product works for her because it’s a much safer and more effective alternative to what she was taking. So, now I can just add this to my cart when I order my supplements…a one shot deal! I think this also makes her more assured about the products I’m getting from Chaos And Pain because she knows now that they really are legit!

  21. Anonymous

    Been doing intense training the past few weeks for a Muay Thai fight and it began to take a pretty significant toll on my joints. The first few days I began using Helios I felt a pretty big difference in pain level as well as the amount of movement I got back!

  22. John

    I’ve tried some other methods of coping with nagging knee and elbow pain in the past and things like fish oil have worked to some degree. Helios takes it to another level though. I like to lift heavy, run for distance and I’m a firefighter so I need my body to be able to handle a lot of stress and recover quickly and I’ve never tried anything outside of a prescription drug that works as well as this product. If you have nagging injuries or just want to take some preventative steps and buy some insurance then get this product.

  23. Peter O’Reilly

    Helios is the only joint supplement I have taken that has given me noticeable results. It helped to eliminate wrist and elbow tendonitis that had plagued me for over a year. Highest recommendation!

  24. Anonymous

    im bone on bone on my left side of my hip, take it before and after workouts and helps taking the edge off for awhile

  25. Anonymous

    It took one day on Helios for a month long problem with both elbows to abate. I had developed what was diagnosed as tennis elbow and golfers elbow in both arms. Lots of tendon inflammation at the bend top and bottom on both arms. I was told that it might take 3-4 months to recover. After only two days on Helios I felt well enough to climb into an attic with my crews and work on a house. So today, the day after, I was a little sore, but nothing like I was before Helios.

    The results were not amazing, they are astounding.

  26. Thomas Heagy

    Ive been using this product once per day fopr the past week or so, Ive noticed huge improvements in the state of my shoulder and elbows. The taste is pretty good and it mixes well.

  27. Lan

    This stuff is great, I can put my left arm behind my back again! It’s a miracle, seriously buy it!!

  28. Anonymous

    This stuff is seriously the real deal. After a long day of work yesterday my knees were tight and my shoulder was sore,I was planning on taking the day off to relax but then realized I have Chaos and Pain supplements and I could at least get in a light workout to stay lose and active, which didn’t end up happening. Instead, I broke new records on my three stronglifts, had an intense workout and felt like a lunatic, thanks to Ferox AMPED! This stuff is no joke, Helios will make you feel young again and take your pain away. This will become a regular supplement I take and couldn’t be happier I got my hands on it. If you’re on the fence about buying this product take the jump and you won’t be sorry.

  29. Steven Yarber

    I bought some Helios cause some one recommended it and I’m a week in my arthritic shoulder and fused low back are feeling great when I train. This stuff is the real deal thanks c Chaos and Pain I’m recommending it to all my people.

  30. Corey Williams

    I have taken stuff before from other companies. However, this one knocked the ball out of the park. I workout a lot and my left knee has some serious tendon issues. Within 4 days, my knee pain was practically done. Good jog guys at Chaos and Pain.

  31. Anonymous

    The store-bought crap wasn’t doing it for me, so the next logical step was buying some Helios and trying it out. In my experience, Chaos and Pain products have yet to disappoint me, so needless to say, I had some high expectations on this one.
    My neck, lower back and bum left knee have never felt better. I’m no longer stiff (well, except in the one area that it counts, right fellas?) and as a possible bonus, this small but growing cyst I thought I’d have to deal with has totally disappeared.
    (Maybe it helps with all kinds of inflammation. I don’t know, I’m not a doctor, but it happened around the time I started taking it, so you can see where I’m drawing this conclusion from.)
    I bought two and gave one to my mother. Seeing as she stubbornly does a lot of handiwork around her house that most women her age wouldn’t even lift a finger to do, it’s murder on her hands, back, etc, so I figured, what the hell?(She’s been taking it for a little over a week and gives it her seal of approval.)
    Aside from the funky smell and medicine-like aftertaste, it goddamn works.

  32. john

    i ordered this supplement after trying various other products and kiss my ass if this didn’t work as advertised.i was skeptical at first,then i thought oh it may be a placebo effect,nah the does exactly what it is supposed to do.i take it pre workout and my shoulders feel wonderful and i can enjoy my workout,then i take another serving before bed and the accumalitive effect is awesome.i already ordered two more ,it’s that good.

  33. Keith Fergusson

    Helios may be one of the best things in the history of best things.

    It has effective doses of pretty much every anti-inflammatory and joint support compound I want.

    Over the years I have racked up a lot of joint and tendon injuries, and Helios has been the best thing I’ve found for keeping them working and pain free.

    When my tendinitis or joints are acting up, Helios is the best thing I’ve found for keeping myself mobile and healing back up.

    Helios doesn’t taste great, but it’s not bad either once you find the right powder-to-water ratio. I certainly prefer this to taking the 20ish pills that I’d have to replace it with.

  34. Anonymous

    Within 3 days of using this product my elbow tendonitis is completely under control. 10/10, will purchase again.

  35. Anonymous

    I’ve dealt with tendinitis in my elbows and wrists for years. I’ve gone through a couple tubs of Helios and I’m able to train without pain and without using OTC anti-inflammatory drugs.

    It does taste awful, but I’m concerned less about taste and more about results.

  36. Drew

    Bought some of this last week as I’ve got all sorts of inflammation problems going on (elbow tendinitis, patella-femoral pain, recovering from double lumbar herniation and my propensity to train every single day, often twice a day). I was on low-ish (800mg) ibuprofen daily that was managing it, but wanted something slightly better for my liver.
    I was pretty skeptical but after reading some good reviews of curcumin/cissus I decided to give it a go. Took 2 scoops twice a day for 3 days, patella-femoral pain when just walking around disappeared (but will still flare up if I do anything stupid), elbows feel great and back is definitely feeling more solid than it’s been in a long time.

    I would give it 5 starts apart from two things – the smell from a distance is fucking atrocious (but up close it is ok), every time I take a scoop I get a feeling of ‘fog’ in my head + slight headache for the next hour (maybe allergies to one ingredient?) and also the fact it’s balls-expensive to order from the US frequently. Despite this, definitely going to try and take as much of this as I can to support my lifting habit.

  37. troy Humberston

    Amazing product, body feels fresh every day, joints feel smooth and lubricated no matter how much I beat them up the previous day, I think it could help a ones progress as much as any performance enchanced out the as far as allowing you to train with maximum intensity as much as you want.

  38. ty

    Effective product. Reduced my elbow and knee inflammation. The solubility in water could be improved upon. The flavor is more accurately described as Spicy Mango, which isn’t bad when you consider the active ingredients. If you take alieve everyday, consider buying this instead.

  39. fred

    A friend recommended this and I am very skeptical about a lot of supplement especially with all their claims. But I must say this works instant and is one of the bay I have every tried.

  40. Eric Ladewig

    This stuff works great. I’ve had patellar tendonitis in both knees for quite a while and nothing worked. Then Nate, from Golden Age Strength Club, gave me a heads up about your product. My knees are almost back to normal and my squats are getting better and better. Cannot wait til Helios is back in stock.

  41. Bart Maney

    I’ve had chronic joint pain for the last 2 years in my knees and hips. I would like to think that I have tried just about everything to control it from mobility training to taking large amounts of time off from lifting. However, since I started taking Helios for the last week I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the pain in my joints. I honestly feel great and I didn’t expect that this product would have such awesome results. My disposition has really improved as well because I can go back to doing what I love best:TRAINING! I highly recommend that anyone give this product a shot if they’re suffering from chronic inflammation.

  42. Joshua Daniel

    I have chronic tendinitis in my right patellar tendon and between my right bicep and brachioradialis. After time didn’t heal them, I got a prescription for Meloxicam. It controlled them to a point, but not enough to allow me to squat or curl without pain.

    Then I ordered Helios.

    Two days and two scoops later, both tendons were completely pain free during my workouts. While they would become mildly agitated later in the day, this was only using one scoop per day, pre-workout, and not the maximum of two.

    I recommend to anybody that suffers from inflammatory pain to try this product. I don’t want to make it sound magical, but it is. It works that fucking well.

  43. Brian Miller

    I have been swallowing 800 mg of Motrin 3-4 times or 750 mg of Aleeve a day to help control the pain in my lower back but not any more Helios is the real deal. When my back starts acting up I take a scoop of Helios on an empty stomach to get the full effect. I have not had to use more than one dose in a 24 hour period. The first time I took it I got a little bit of indigestion but I glass of water cured that.

    I have to admit Friday night I drank a little too much moonshine and decided to drink some Helios to get rid of a hangover and I’ll be damned it worked.

    My dad has had knee pain for the last 8-10 years and been using prescription medicine I gave him some of my Helios. He was reluctant and didn’t care for the taste but he said his knee has never felt better. When I told him where he could order it Chaos and Pain the look was priceless he is 71.

    I’m telling you this stuff really work and doesn’t taste bad.

  44. Tano

    I get knee and back problems with the occasional sore elbow these days and I’ve tried various joint supplements for a bit of relief with little benefit. Helios is the first one I’ve use that had a noticeable effect within an hour of use. A friend of mine took a serving as well and her back pain was alleviated to the point that she declined getting it adjusted. It’s not morphine or some miracle cure. It’s not going to fix underlying problems but it will take the pain down as you do and allow you to get your training in.

  45. Jason Roberts

    Ive been training off and on for 30 years, competed in bodybuilding, powerlifting and strong man–i tell you this because as a life-time natty I absolutely RELY on supplements. Ive been taking Helios for less than a week and ive noticed several things 1) within 24 hours a massive reduction in popping/cracking when I get up from a chair and in general 2) lower back and elbow pain greatly reduced and finally 3) faster easier warm-ups. This is the first joint supplement I could feel….im competing on August 24 and August 30 and will be taking it religiously. Btw Cannibal Ferox is also AWESOME!!

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