tagline Honduran Black Gold Coffee!

1lb High quality whole bean Arabica Lempira coffee from Honduras.  Lempira is a mix of the nutty, herbal coffee from Timor, and the rich, chocolate beans of Caturra.


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Honduran Black Gold Coffee!


Central American mad scientists have produced the baddest varietals to create intensely delicious coffees, and the best of the bunch is Lempira.  A combination of nutty, herbal coffee from Timor and the chocolate-y goodness of native Honduran Caturra, our Honduran coffee is strictly high grown to ensure the most robust and intense flavors without the bitterness of inferior quality coffee.
Ditch the garbage you've been drinking and join the elite coffee drinkers in enjoying some of the best coffee the world has to offer- straight out of Honduras!
The best, highest quality, 1lb whole bean Arabica Lempira coffee, straight from Honduras.

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