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Hypnos, the best sleep aid and natural GH recovery formula.

Hypnos Sleep Aid

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The Best Sleep Aid
The Best Sleep Aid
Supplement Facts


Do you like to be awesome all of the time, even when you are asleep? Can’t wait to slay monsters with Santa Claus in your dreams? If so, Hypnos if for you! Crammed full of sleep goodness, Hypnos will body slam you into the ring of recovery!There weren’t enough capsules to contain this explosion of awesomeness, so we had to make Hypnos into a powder!

Each serving has:

  • Phenibut – 500mg: An analog of GABA. It has the awesome power of being able to cross over the blood brain barrier! Phenibt doesn’t pay any tolls!
  • GABA – 500mg: A calming neurotransmitter that is also responsible for muscle tone regulation. Turns off the brain’s light switch, while toning up your body!
  • Magnesium Aspartate – 250mg: Vital for GABA receptors to function properly. Helps you get the most out of Phenibut and GABA.
  • Valerian Root Extract – 200mg: An herb used to battle insomnia to the death, while bringing forth Lucid Dreaming!
  • L-Dopa 98% - 50mg: Precursor to dopamine, a neurotransmitter that plays a vital role in sleep, sexual desire, memory, mood, motivation and attention. I once knew a friend who completed a “Hat-Trick” by using L-Dopa!
  • Hops – 50mg: Makes your favorite “Happy Hour” beverage taste awesome, and aids with sleep.
  • Passionflower 10:1 – 30mg: An herb that fights for your right to sleep, without any hangover effects!
  • Melatonin – 5mg: The king of sleep supplements. This hormone is released by the pineal gland when it is dark outside! Don’t be “3rd Eye Blind,” take your Hypnos tonight!


Take 1-2 scoops in 8-10 oz of water 30 minutes prior to bed to ensure deep, dream-filled sleep. Warning: WILL CAUSE DROWSINESS. Do not take before operating heavy machinery.

Hypnos, the best sleep aid and natural GH recovery formula.

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82 Reviews

  • Erich Haanpaa

    Posted on 17 Sep 2018 5

    "I've struggled with sleeping for many many of years. Trying plenty of different sleep aids some working better than others but this one is by far the best I've come across. It's not just that I get a full 8 hours of sleep but I feel more rested and ready when I wake up. Once again chaos and pain knocks out of the park with fantastic products."

  • J Daniel

    Posted on 27 Jul 2018 5

    "I've had trouble sleeping since my first child was born. He's now grown and let me try his hypnos one night. I slept until my alarm woke me for the first time in forever. I had to buy myself some. I took a one-scoop dose at 2 am one morning after forgetting to take it before bed and was nodding off at work, so it lasts a good eight hours. I highly recommend this to anyone with chronic insomnia. "

  • Alec

    Posted on 23 Jul 2018 5

    "I have been prescribed various things over the course of several years of insomnia. The prescription I am most used to is ambien, which is great for getting me asleep (sleep latency), but bad for keeping me asleep longer than 4 hours or so. Hypnos works well to reduce my sleep latency and allows me to sleep for about 8. I think the metabolic half life is longer than the other substances I have been on. No hangover."

  • Edward Haberek Jr.

    Posted on 10 Jul 2018 5

    "I saw the information about the product online and wanted to find a product to help with sleep since I workout late. I started taking the product and its awesome. My body feels totally relaxed and calm and not too long after I'm dozing then asleep. I wake up in the morning refreshed and no drag. Terrific product"

  • Jeffrey Garcia

    Posted on 10 Jul 2018 5

    "Not going to lie. This stuff is amazing. Not a fan of the taste of the Elysium fruit, but I'm picky so that's that. I wake up so relaxed and refreshed when I drink this before bed. Great great product!"

  • Jaymz Neumann

    Posted on 09 Jul 2018 5

    "I got turned on to this product from a buddy of mine at work and we're both college students so sleep is hard to come by with working 30+ hours a week and being in school. I've had little luck just taking melatonin or other sleep aids but hypnos always gets me a solid night of deep sleep. Even if it's only a 4 hour night before having to get back up for work or class I still wake up feeling good and ready to go when I use Hypnos. Lemonberry nectar is by far my favorite flavor but the Elysium fruit isn't too bad either, neither of them taste bad whatsoever. I love the few C&P products I've used so far and I hope to continue trying more as I progress at the gym "

  • Eric

    Posted on 09 Jul 2018 5

    "Hypnos is fantastic because it improves the quality of however amount of sleep you can manage. I like to take it on an empty stomach so it will kick in as fast as possible. About 15 minutes after taking Hypnos I start to feel very relaxed. In 30 minutes I hit the sack and fall asleep within minutes. After hours of dream filled sleep, I wake up so alert that I really don't even need coffee. This is one of the best supplements i've ever used."

  • Michael Stojanov

    Posted on 04 Jul 2018 5

    "best natural sleep aid out there, even better
    than what me and my doctor have tried to give me a good night sleep, no hangover and I actually feel like I slept not just nocked out."

  • Jake

    Posted on 26 Jun 2018 5

    "Fantastic product! Works exactly as advertised. So happy I finally found a sleep aid that really works. "