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Hypnos Sleep Aid – New Formula


(91 customer reviews)

Hypnos Sleep Aid – You grow while you sleep, and if you’re not hitting that deep sleep stage, your GH and testosterone levels will reflect it.  That’s why Chaos and Pain has introduced Hypnos, a sleep aid so potent you’ll have to peel the pillow off your face every morning before you head to work.


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Hypnos Sleep Aid – New Formula

You grow while you sleep, and if you’re not hitting that deep sleep stage, your GH and testosterone levels will reflect it.  That’s why Chaos and Pain has introduced Hypnos, a sleep aid so potent you’ll have to peel the pillow off your face every morning before you head to work.
Hypnos contains potent sleep aids GABA and Theanine, which have been shown in a 2019 study to work in concert to reduce time to sleep, increase sleep duration and sleep quality.  It also contains Mucuna Pruriens, which has been shown in studies to reduce cortisol levels in chronically stressed men and to improve their testosterone levels.
The next hyper-potent combination of sleep aids is  Passion FlowerHops, and Valerian, which is a long-used homeopathic aid used to reduce anxiety and promote restful sleep, in addition to being used to induce vivid dreams.  Additionally, an Indian study in 2013 showed that this combination was as effective as the most popular prescription sleep aid on the market in reducing insomnia.
Lastly, Hypnos contains both ZMA and Melatonin, a combination of minerals and a hormone that has been long used as a sleep aid, and L-Tryptophan, which helps to reduce the occurrence of sleep disturbances once the onset of sleep has occurred.

Hypnos Sleep Aid – DIRECTIONS

  • Use 1-2 scoops in 8 ounces of water, 30-60 minutes prior to desired sleep.  Shake well.
Hypnos contains no habit-forming substances, so there is no need to “cycle” it. It will, however, cause drowsiness, so the operation of motor vehicles and other machinery is strongly discouraged after taking Hypnos.
The TLDR?  Babies don’t sleep this well.  Hypnos will put you to sleep quickly, keep you asleep, and ensure that you’re dreaming so vividly you might as well be hitting the movies every night for eight hours.
Kim S, Jo K, Hong KB, Han SH, Suh HJ.  GABA and l-theanine mixture decreases sleep latency and improves NREM sleep.  Pharm Biol. 2019; 57(1): 65–73.
Maroo N, Hazra A, Das T.  Efficacy and safety of a polyherbal sedative-hypnotic formulation NSF-3 in primary insomnia in comparison to zolpidem: A randomized controlled trial.  Indian J Pharmacol. 2013 Jan-Feb; 45(1): 34–39.

91 reviews for Hypnos Sleep Aid – New Formula

  1. Steve Austin

    You will be knocked the f*ck out because Stone Cold Said So…


    Best sleep product on the market

  3. Steve O’Rin

    So many have tried to copy this product. IT CANNOT BE DONE!

  4. Thomas Kelsey

    Keep your gains

  5. SleepSleepSleep


  6. Henry H.

    Sleep is so undervalued by people who work out you need to sleep to get your life in order. To keep your gains.

  7. Patrick F.

    The best sleep aid on the market. Nothing competes or even remotely compares

  8. Lenny (verified owner)

    This is a amazing product. I’m using this for 2 Months now and got very realistic dreams everytime i used this. It’s little bit expensive, but would recommend it
    anyways 10 / 10

  9. Mike (verified owner)

    Best sleep aid I’ve ever used. I always “tweak” off of pre workout and this stuff always helps me get quality deep sleep at nite. Excellent product,I also use it for time zone changes, as I consistently travel overseas for work as an overseas contractor.

  10. Erich Haanpaa (verified owner)

    I’ve struggled with sleeping for many many of years. Trying plenty of different sleep aids some working better than others but this one is by far the best I’ve come across. It’s not just that I get a full 8 hours of sleep but I feel more rested and ready when I wake up. Once again chaos and pain knocks out of the park with fantastic products.

  11. J Daniel (verified owner)

    I’ve had trouble sleeping since my first child was born. He’s now grown and let me try his hypnos one night. I slept until my alarm woke me for the first time in forever. I had to buy myself some. I took a one-scoop dose at 2 am one morning after forgetting to take it before bed and was nodding off at work, so it lasts a good eight hours. I highly recommend this to anyone with chronic insomnia.

  12. Alec (verified owner)

    I have been prescribed various things over the course of several years of insomnia. The prescription I am most used to is ambien, which is great for getting me asleep (sleep latency), but bad for keeping me asleep longer than 4 hours or so. Hypnos works well to reduce my sleep latency and allows me to sleep for about 8. I think the metabolic half life is longer than the other substances I have been on. No hangover.

  13. Edward Haberek Jr. (verified owner)

    I saw the information about the product online and wanted to find a product to help with sleep since I workout late. I started taking the product and its awesome. My body feels totally relaxed and calm and not too long after I’m dozing then asleep. I wake up in the morning refreshed and no drag. Terrific product

  14. Jeffrey Garcia (verified owner)

    Not going to lie. This stuff is amazing. Not a fan of the taste of the Elysium fruit, but I’m picky so that’s that. I wake up so relaxed and refreshed when I drink this before bed. Great great product!

  15. Jaymz Neumann (verified owner)

    I got turned on to this product from a buddy of mine at work and we’re both college students so sleep is hard to come by with working 30+ hours a week and being in school. I’ve had little luck just taking melatonin or other sleep aids but hypnos always gets me a solid night of deep sleep. Even if it’s only a 4 hour night before having to get back up for work or class I still wake up feeling good and ready to go when I use Hypnos. Lemonberry nectar is by far my favorite flavor but the Elysium fruit isn’t too bad either, neither of them taste bad whatsoever. I love the few C&P products I’ve used so far and I hope to continue trying more as I progress at the gym

  16. Eric (verified owner)

    Hypnos is fantastic because it improves the quality of however amount of sleep you can manage. I like to take it on an empty stomach so it will kick in as fast as possible. About 15 minutes after taking Hypnos I start to feel very relaxed. In 30 minutes I hit the sack and fall asleep within minutes. After hours of dream filled sleep, I wake up so alert that I really don’t even need coffee. This is one of the best supplements i’ve ever used.

  17. Michael Stojanov (verified owner)

    best natural sleep aid out there, even better
    than what me and my doctor have tried to give me a good night sleep, no hangover and I actually feel like I slept not just nocked out.

  18. Jake (verified owner)

    Fantastic product! Works exactly as advertised. So happy I finally found a sleep aid that really works.

  19. Callista (verified owner)

    Hav trouble falling asleep and staying asleep? Plagued by morning anxiety? This is the best thing you can do for yourself! Helps you fall asleep peacefully and stay asleep for ultimate restful mornings. I would recommend getting both flavors, as you can get bored of one about 3/4 of the way through the container 🙂 I love all of the Chaos and Pain supplements because they actually work and their formulas are A+

  20. Jesse (verified owner)

    I recently started school again and wasn’t getting much more then 4-5 hours, coming from a background of using diazepam and other potent sleep aides, at about 2 scoops this stuff packs a real whallop!! Even if I woke up I was in zombie mode still and could fall back to sleep easially Impressive to say the least.

  21. Jimmy (verified owner)

    I’ve used this twice so far, once with a level scoop, once with a heaping scoop. I didn’t see a benefit with the larger amount so I’ll be sticking to just a level scoop. Flavor is pretty good for the lemon, haven’t opened up my elysium yet. I have problems with waking up multiple times a night and my head constantly going. The two times I’ve taken this I haven’t woken up as often or for as long which is more than I can say for even rx meds I’ve tried.

  22. Charles (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this product. I’ve been taking it for about a week, and already I can tell a huge difference in my sleep.

  23. Kyle (verified owner)

    As far as making me tired in order to fall asleep, it’s pretty great for that. 30 minutes after consumption I get drowsy and clock out. As far is keeping me asleep, that works for about 6-7 hours. Which is great because I’ve had other stuff that will keep me out for 10 hours and makes me miss my alarm for work. As far as lucid dreams…3 nights in a row so far I’ve slayed 4 different women. This stuff is awesome!

  24. Carmen Di Mino (verified owner)

    I cannot stress this enough that this product works off the Phenibut which does miracles for the body, mind, and sleep. However, exercise caution and take the appropriate dose you’re in for a dream land experience. Perfect for the guys who work all day and need to shut down their eyes from distracting cell phones on social media in bed. Elysium Fruit is a delicious concoction that is great addition for your nightcaps. Don’t sleep on it!

  25. Ryan (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this for around 9 months now. This stuff definitely works. I work shift work and switch between days and nights every week. It was killing my sleep until I tried this stuff. My sleep is deep. It definitely works best when breaks are taken. It loses a little bit of its effectiveness if taken straight with no breaks. I believe I did that for one month. I try to give several days a week where I am not using it and that seems to work best. Highly recommend this product.

  26. Capt.Hooligan (verified owner)

    I am hard to put down and this stuff did just that. I take two scoops… fell asleep and did not wake up once. No dreams yet but I do not mind. I can wake up to an alarm in as little as four hours and am primed for the day. The Elysium flavor is great too. My search is over and this will stay part of my arsenal. 5/5

  27. Brad (verified owner)

    I feel like I’ve tried them all, and this is the best supplement for sleep out there. Two scoops and I can fall asleep fast, I stay asleep, and no groggy feeling in the morning. I make sure I am never out of this stuff.

  28. Jerry (verified owner)

    I purchased HYPNOS on the recommendation from a friend at work. As a pharmacist, I have a healthy skepticism for all supplements. With that said, I decided to give it a try. I have to say, it really works. On different nights, I experimented by taking HYPNOS or not. There is a difference. I sleep better, deeper, and longer when taking a scoopful about 30 minutes before I retire. The flavor isn’t bad either. A bit of an “artificial taste” to it, but overall it’s pretty good. I’m satisfied with the product.

  29. Dev (verified owner)

    As a lifelong insomniac, I am slowly developing a resistance to ambien. This happened when I NEED sleep…. (new job) so I couldn’t afford poor sleep. HYPNOS came to the rescue. It isn’t anything that will force you to sleep if you are riled up. It is more for that last little bit to get you over the finish line. It is a huge help for me. I have had a few odd dreams, but nothing I can remember much of.

  30. Anonymous

    I have a sleep disorder that almost caused me to drop out of school at one point. After 6+ years of trying different therapies and sleep meds, nothing worked and I was literally relying on people to call me and wake me up because I would fall asleep so late and rarely wake up on time. I received Hypnos as a gift from my boyfriend, and one week later I’m on a regular sleep schedule, for the first time I can remember. I woke up this morning an hour before my alarm went off, which has never happened. I can take a half scoop and go to sleep at night, and not have to worry about sleeping in and missing work anymore. An actual life saver.

  31. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I was given my first run of HYPNOS as a gift last year from my wife’s MMA gym. I am very much a big supplement person so naturally i gave it a shot. Nothing short of excellence here. Taste is top notch and honestly this stuff has me looking forward to going to sleep. First review I’ve ever written about anything figured I’d take the time.

  32. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Hypnos is the best sleep aid I’ve used. I feel rested when I wake up and don’t get that groggy feeling like I do when I use Benadryl.

  33. Richard

    Before trying out this product i was only getting about 3hrs of sleep daily. Working 12hrs shifts and hitting the gym my workouts and work performance weren’t the best. After trying out this product i am able to get about 6-8 hrs of sleep. I feel great when waking up no groggy feeling I feel happy and energized. I’m sure there will be different results for different people I’m just stating my results. And it takes less than 30 min to feel relaxed and ready for bed. Again my results.

  34. Chris (verified owner)

    Ptsd, Anxiety, Insomnia, Sleep Apnea and Restless Leg. I have them all. 1st of all, trying to fall asleepwith a mask on your face sucks regardless. Add in the others and my sleep habits are the worst it gets. 1 Scoop of Hypnos and I’m out for the night within 30 minutes of hitting the rack. Don’t waste your hard earned money trying anything else. C&P is where it’s at!

  35. BirlyMan (verified owner)

    Wow! Do you have trouble falling asleep and staying there? This stuff is legit! I can’ t even take a full dose I take about a 1/4 of it. I don’t use it all the time but if I need to settle down and am in need of a deeper recovery sleep after a major training session I take this. When I felt an illness coming on and need to sleep I take this. No hangover the next day, if you take to you much you may find it hard to get out of bed the next day so play w/ the dosage.

  36. Dee (verified owner)

    This is the first time I’ve tried a sleep aid supplement. I work shift work. With hypnos I’ve turned 4 hours of sleep into what feels like 8 I’m very impressed and amazed. You can feel your self go to sleep and that is where you are about to lucid dream. I woke up with so much energy and I was excited for my day. I used cannibal riot right after and I had my best workout ever I felt amazing all day at work …
    my Lord. You guys figured this out!

  37. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Definitely the best stuff I’ve ever used. Been having the best sleep ever with Hypnos and don’t feel cruddy or drowsy when waking up.

  38. Neli Jackson (verified owner)

    Let’s just say when you’re a person who struggles with occasional (pretty frequent) insomnia and you’ve exhausted melatonin and ZQuil then Hypnos is for you. You feel it within 20-30 minutes and instantly you know it’s time to lay down. Waking up feeling rested is the best part! I love this stuff–repeat buyer.

  39. Lynn Sponholz (verified owner)

    I average an hour more sleep per night, and feel more rested when I wake. The only down side, need to eat more fiber when taking, in order to avoid constipation.

  40. Brad (verified owner)

    I have a hard time getting to sleep, so I’ve taken a ton of different sleep aids over the years. Hypnos is BY FAR the best. I fall sleep easily, I stay asleep, and Imnot groggy in the morning. Elysium Fruit is the best. I now make sure I never run out of Hypnos!

  41. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great sleep, but I build up a tolerance pretty quickly. I have found that if i use it during the week and take the weekends off. It is extremely effective. Overall, awesome product!

  42. Flossy (verified owner)

    Police officer that works night shift. Day sleep is the worst and very hard to do. Tried lots of other products but found that Chaos and Pain hypnos works great. Puts me to sleep and when asleep it’s that good night feeling sleep like I miss so much. Wake up not groggy and feel very rested. Will continue to use this product and all other products from these fellas!!!

  43. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I have suffered from insomnia and overall sleeping difficulty for years. As weed is both degenerate and estrogenic, I tried other options, such as melatonin, but none of them proved particularly effective.

    Thankfully, with Hypnos Elysium Fruit, I am able to sleep deeply, with no interruption, and feel completely refreshed and ready to dominate the next morning. I would recommend this product not just to folks looking to improve sleep to aid workout recovery, but to anyone who has experienced sleep difficulty in the past.

  44. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Knocks me out. Sleep all night without interruption. Vivid dreams. Love this stuff!!

  45. vincent (verified owner)

    This plus my cpap is giving me great gains. I stay asleep longer and deeper. Rather this than my sleep pills.

  46. Anonymous

    Best for sleep and help performance for next day

  47. Joshua Fuller

    I work a weird schedule alternating between late nights and early mornings with workouts inbetween. Sometimes sleep is hard to get when it’s during the day but this stuff definitely helps. Works almost as soon as you take it with no groggy feeling when you wake up. With the purchase.

  48. Caroline

    I have used this product to fight off jet-lag, and I have to say that I’m amazed. Deep sleep and no sense of drowsiness in the morning. It takes about 1/2 to work. Quite amazed!

  49. Mando

    both my girlfriend and i take Hypnos about 30 mins before going to bed and we just get knocked out and wake up feeling refreshed. Fair warning, make sure you have at least 8 hours of sleep time because this is some powerful stuff. Definitely recommend to all my strength brothers needing a good night sleep.

  50. Anonymous

    Hypnos it very good.

  51. Anonymous

    Definitely helps with the Zzzz… catching, but have found the level of its effects to be variable. Sometimes its almost prescription level and other times it seems to only just barely get me off to lala land. It’s mostly the former so gave it a 4 but because of the former just couldn’t justify a 5.

  52. TC

    Have you ever had a beer an hour before bed just to calm down? This is much better. For less cost per serving than a typical nightcap, Hypnos will allow a level relaxation that makes drifting off to sleep easy. Sweeter than a pixie stick in my opinion (I’ve only tried Elysium Fruit), but I would imagine it has to be, but there’s no taste of valerian. I started taking this to cage the midnight monkey mind, and it is so relaxing that I hope CnP starts making a daytime equivalent. I have found no morning sleep hangover associated with most things taken before bed, but these things tend to vary to the individual.

  53. Jamie N Casey

    After struggling with insomnia for a very long time my husband (a retired police officer) found Hypnos. This potent formula helps my husband relax, and within an hour he is sleeping! It’s easy to mix, has a flavorful taste and void of a nasty or bitter after taste. As an added bonus, he doesn’t wake in the morning with a groggy hungover feeling. He’s actually refreshed and ready to tackle his day. We have tried other formulas because our local store sales out of Hypnos so quickly but NOTHING compares to Hypnos. We have started just ordering it online now to make sure he gets THE BEST. This product cannot be imitated!

  54. Anonymous

    The only downside has been sleeping too much

  55. Robert Mark

    An excellent and potent formula to assist with relaxation and sleep. It’s worked well in helping me unwind from a busy mind, late evening workouts, and perhaps preworkout stimulants. Have been a repeat purchaser of the product for those reasons.

  56. Kimmy Victory

    Hypnosis was the only reason why I was able to sleep during the day on night shift when my ship was deployed. I tried some other brands of sleep aid, valerian root, ZMA blends with no luck. It does not knock me out so much as it helps me get a solid decent sleep throughout the day or night but I wake up to my alarm or any other ones that might go off. I need 2 scoops but it’s great stuff!

  57. Jessica Fuller

    Reminds me of that stuff I used to drink while watching Saturday morning cartoons. So it not only helps me get to sleep and sleep thru the night, it is also a soothing memory just before bed as well.

    I only take one heaping scoop and not two. I don’t need two. Which is awesome. Once I woke up in the middle of the night, and it was like autopilot: pee, wash, decide to change sleeping positions, sleep more. I’ve also been waking up easier and easier each day. Usually I sleep thru my alarms and my boyfriend has to keep an eye on getting me in the shower before he leaves.. . . . I just love sleep so much.

    So yeah, love sleep, start earlier = wake up less crabby and get up easier. Yay

  58. Shaun Milnes

    I was having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I bought this and, although it doesn’t knock me out the way I was hoping, but within an hour I’m out and I’ll be comatose for about 8 hours. I wake up a few times after that but I fall right back to sleep and when I finally get up I feel rested and ready to get shit done.

  59. Jordan

    Can’t say enough good things about this! LIterally knocks me out after a half hour of taking it. Even after taking a strong pre-workout at 5 or 6, I’m also to pass out by 10:00. One scoop is usually enough to the trick, but sometimes two is needed (usually if I workout later in the evening).

  60. Anonymous

    Title says it all. I work 12-14 hours a day, combine that with a toddler and infant on the way, means I am usually stressed and can’t fall or stay asleep. Using hypnos has been the best way for me to fall and stay asleep.

    On top of the great product, I received the wrong flavor on my order. I let the guys know and within 30 min I had a response and 24 hours a new product was on the way. I can’t recommend the product or the team enough!

  61. Brett

    I love this stuff. I sleep ridiculously hard and whether it is 5 hours or 12 hours I wake up feeling like a champion. When I take it my wife says I never move and sometimes she watches to make sure I’m breathing. I wake up in the morning and my wife is amazed. She usually informs me that my 2 year old and 4 month old were up multiple times throughout the night screaming and crying. She also mentions the two dogs were fighting and barking on the bed. I have no idea all this went on and she looks like she hasn’t even slept. I generally work 6 12 hour shifts, so I sleep during the day. I usually double up on scoops the one night I sleep at night and usually within 45min I am out and gone to the world. I keep buying and I haven’t built a tolerance or anything.

  62. Anonymous

    I couldn’t tell you the last time I actually had good deep sleep. I got this and I can go to sleep easier, actually sleep deep, and have lucid dreams. I still wake up around 2am, but am able to go right back to sleep. I’ve needed this for a long time.

  63. Peter O’Reilly

    If you get that reference you are a legend.

    Hypnos is one of the best products I have ever tried. I am currently juggling a masters degree on top of an strict diet, an intense training regime, and dealing with the pressures of life we all experience. And as someone prone to anxiety and stress, I needed something to aid my sleep. Enter Hypnos from stage left. It might not knock you the f*ck out, or give you the greatest dreams. But it helped me to relax, clear my mind, eradicate nighttime anxiety, and gave my some of the best nights sleep I’ve ever had. The sleep is deep, but you wake feeling quite alert and ready to go.

  64. Aaron

    Could be stronger (not sure if they can)…I do enjoy its great taste and easy mixing. I need this to tone down the Ferox pre workout!

  65. Justin

    I love this stuff. I have to say that it doesn`t knock me out the way other sleep aids do, but I sleep way better and feel way better in the mornings. Elesium fruit is the best taste ever!

  66. Brandon Hewitt

    Much sleep, such dream!

  67. Jason barry

    The mix is magic– think the phenibut is the key, but the mic reacts differently than phenibut one and no noticeable tolerance as I have with phenibut. Definitely worth a buy!

  68. Matt Larsen

    This stuff is the best sleep aid you will ever purchase. I’m knocked out within 20-30 minutes of taking it and I get a nice, long and uninterrupted sleep. You feel really rested when you wake up too. I’ve bought this product 3 times and will definitely be buying again!

  69. Tracy

    I have tried absolutely everything to make me sleep with no success (even some prescription meds) It’s almost impossible to lead a productive life and workout when you are dead on your feet from lack of sleep. Love, Love, Love this product! I sleep great and wake up feeling great (no grogginess)!

  70. Anonymous

    I was worried that I might have trouble waking up for a meeting, etc. Also concerned about brain fog the next day. I finally gave it a whirl because of the importance of good sleep. I didn’t sleep like a baby all night. But when I did wake up to pee or to help one of my daughters, going back to sleep was effortless! I’ve gotten more hours of great sleep even with occasional interruptions than I ever have – or at least that I can remember. If you want to sleep better, give it a try.

  71. Anonymous

    Before purchasing this product, I would wake up at 0300 every morning and stay up for about thirty minutes. I also had trouble falling asleep. I take this product when I get home after my evening workout (2000) and have been falling asleep with no trouble by 2130-2200.

    Sometimes I still wake up at 0300, but not as often.

  72. Ben

    There is nothing better than buying something really hoping it will help you with a problem, and it just works. I work nights and sleep from 1pm to 8pm, and sometimes my sleep schedule is completely jacked up on days off.

    I needed something that works to help me sleep regardless of what time of day it is, and Hypnos makes a huge difference. If you want a supplement to help you sleep or even if you just don’t feel rested. This is the shit you need. I prefer Lemonberry Nectar.

  73. Lan

    This stuff actually works, I’ve been having trouble sleeping and staying asleep for years. My daily average for sleep went from 4:45 mins to 7:55 mins (got it off my fit bit)
    Been using for about 3 months now and it still works. Just bought another 9 tubs!

  74. Anonymous

    Almost scary how good this stuff works! All I ever really remember is taking a good scoop with a bottle of water and then waking up the next morning.. no complaints about that though. Doesn’t really “knock me out” but once I’m asleep it’s no waking up until morning.. Since I’ve been using it I do find it’s a little hard to want to wake up and get moving (I could easily keep sleeping all day) but once I do get a move on, I feel great and well rested. Dreams have been pleasant. Elysium Fruit flavor is good and easy to drink as well.

  75. J.J.

    The first night I thought “damn. You could tranquilizer a rhinoceros with this stuff!” Turns out I was desperate for a good nights sleep and Hypnos helped tremendously. Haven’t had that “knocked out ” feeling since the first night, it just helps me get & stay asleep. Lack of sleep was causing a lag in my Crossfit training & now with some quality Zzzzzz’s my weight lifting game is back on target. When we travel my boyfriend reminds me “Don’t forget your Hypnos!” I think he’s pretty impressed with its effects too. The Elysium Fruit is by far my favorite. So happy to have found this product!

  76. Patrick

    Hands down the best sleep aid I have used. Sleep has been difficult for me at times and I really don’t like prescription sleep aides. Most OTC sleep aids just make me groggy in the morning but I wake up feeling rested after sleeping when taking Hypnos. One of the cool things I actually began to like was how vivid my dreams are. I’ve only had one bad dream, but rather then waking up with a racing heart rate or feeling anxious I was able to move past the dream. Craziest thing that happened while taking this was that in one of my dreams I realized I was dreaming and was able to control the dream a little.

  77. Anonymous

    This is without a doubt the greatest sleep supplement I have ever taken. With two scoops I’m out and what’s the best is that I stay asleep!

    When I wake up I feel refreshed and not sluggish at all !

  78. William Payne

    I can’t say I’ve had the lucid dreams, but I can say that I haven’t slept this soundly in years! I am on my 3rd tub of the stuff already. Hypnos is a fantastic sleep product and I am thankful to Jamie for creating such an excellent sleep aid.

  79. Anonymous

    This product works exactly as advertised. Two scoops and I sleep like a baby.

  80. Matthew

    I have trouble sleeping almost everynight. Bought this to help. Tried 2 scoops and didnt get the best results. Tried 3 scoops and boy did it knock me out. Most likely due to my bodyweight haha. All in all it works, I just needed a bigger dose.

  81. Grimmtano

    Unless I’m purposefully trying to stay awake, Hypno knocks me right the fuck out. I’m not saying it’s going to cure insomnia but it’s worth a damn shot. At the least, it makes the few hours I get to sleep these days much better.

  82. James T

    I usually toss and turn when trying to sleep. After hypnos I’m out and stay out and now I wake up an hour before my alarm is supposed to go off.

  83. Tonee Hurst

    Worked for me the first night. I awoke well-rested from a deep, wild dream-filled sleep to a bohn-aire of epic proportions. It’s magical boner powder. I have enjoyed this stuff and will continue to use it.

  84. Russ Taylor

    Getting to sleep has never been a problem for me. But staying asleep has recently become a big issue. I wake up after 3 or 4 hours of sleep with my mind racing. Or I would wake up, have to take a piss, and once again, my mind would be racing. Thinking about everything from work to horror flicks and samurai movies. I would normally just lie there for a few hours until just getting back to sleep about 10 minutes before my alarm would go off. It sucked. I tried things like Melatonin, breathing exercises, reading, walking, and Nyquil but usually would either end up having little to no effect or in the case of Nyquil, promptly knocking me out but leaving me feeling bleary and out of it for most of the next day. So, I tried Hypnos, and I’ll be damned if this stuff doesn’t actually work like it says it does! I tried it the first night with just one scoop. It definitely got me into a calm/relaxed mood but I still ended up waking up and having trouble getting back to sleep. So the next night I took two scoops, and yeah, complete sleep coma! It was great! Even if I get up to take a piss in the middle of the night, my mind is calm and I’m able to climb right back into bed and get right back to sleep. At this point I’ve been using it for about a week and have noticed no degradation in the effects. For how potent it is and how well it works, I almost don’t even care about the taste. But it actually tastes great, as well! I got the Elysium Fruit flavor and usually mix it with a scoop of vanilla protein powder. Very, very delicious. And then I sleep like I slept when I was a teenager on the weekend. If you’re having issues with going to sleep or staying asleep, I would highly recommend this product. I could not be happier with it! As an aside, I took some Hypnos one night after smoking a fair quantity of marijuana, and the feeling was very unique and not at all unpleasant. So I recommend trying it if you are of that persuasion.

  85. JG

    When my shift rotates from days to nights and then suddenly I’m stuck trying to fall asleep at 10am and get some decent Zzzzz’s before doing it all over again, I either lie awake and toss and turn and am generally a miserable zombie afterwards, or I would take an OTC sleep aid that would allow me to sleep but leave me feeling groggy and like I was walking through mud. So I gave Hypnos a try…can fall/stay asleep easily but when it’s time to get up & function, I’m good to go – able to wake up and be alert.

  86. Tom

    Having been an actual insomniac my entire life (not, I-had-trouble-getting-to-sleep-one night), with a cyclical sleep schedule as a result (sleeping during the day, etc.), my lack of sleep, and my attempts to cure it (alcohol, ambien, etc.) have all interfered with my training, and often made me get weaker whenever it kicked in hard.

    Hypnos is the only thing that has ever put me to sleep without major side effects. Ambien made me feel awful and nauseous, alcohol interfered with the quality of my sleep and made getting up difficult, ZMA and melatonin did nothing, and Valerian root, while helpful to a degree, required progressively larger doses with progressively less effect.

    With Hypnos, I can drink two scoops 30-45 minutes before bed, which gives me the opportunity to slowly wind down for sleep (read a book, other calming activity, etc.). By the time the drowsiness kicks in, I’m completely ready to crash, and I don’t feel sick, drunk, or drugged.

    I can now sleep with distractions around me (television, etc.) I wake up in the night less than I used to, for a much shorter duration (5 minutes as opposed to an hour or two), and I can get up to an alarm easily without any negative side effects. My sleep quality is high, and I can pick the duration with a good degree of accuracy.

    Hypnos mixes well, tastes awesome (mostly, it’s a bit bitter when you get to the end, but that’s to be expected), and works. If you have any trouble sleeping at all, ever, buy some and use it religiously. It’s worth every dollar spent.

  87. Aaron

    I usually have a terrible time getting deep sleep or sleeping for more than around 5 hours. Most of the time every little noise wakes me up and just recently being married and having somebody constantly in bed with was making sleep difficult to get. With Hypnos I have been able to sleep through the night and get good sleep. Even slept through a thunderstorm blowing a door open. It is non-hangover which is nice so I can wake up with a few hours of sleep if I need to for work and not be very drowsy. The dog will now have to work a bit harder to wake me up to face shoot intruders though.

  88. TheBear

    Not only does hypnos taste amazing, it flat out works. Ive tried dosing melatonin and zma among other things to help get a more restful sleep since i usually take my cannibal ferox around 4pm (thats a whole different beast though), and hypnos puts you in such a deep sleep youd swear you were in suspended animation and going to wake up in a different year. 10/10, will be buying this as frequently as I can, just be aware that you may need a new haircut when you wake up.

  89. AB

    As usual, you guys have delivered. Like Patrick I’m a borderline insomniac, and like him I’ve tried plenty of other shit (from Zzzquil, to a couple good old fashioned shots of vodka, to Musclepharm’s Bulletproof, may it RIP). Hypnos hits on all cylinders: while most sleep aids do in fact put me to sleep, none have allowed me to wake up without grogginess like this one. Plus, over the last week or so I’ve been remembering my dreams, which is unheard of for me. Its mixability isn’t 100%, but it tastes pretty damn good (Elysium Fruit) and I’ve only stirred it, so it’s a minor gripe that isn’t even a real gripe. CnP is gr8.

  90. Aaron

    The Hypnos sleep aid definitely helps you sleep. After taking pre-workout with stims (i.e. Ferox), Hyns is perfect to help bring a sense of calmness before he lights go out! So far so good!

  91. Patrick

    I have been using this product for about a week now, and it is nothing short of amazing. I have been searching for a product to help me deal with my borderline insomnia for years now, and the only products that really work always leave me feeling like I downed a handle of Jack the night before. Enter Hypnos. About 45 minutes after consuming a one-scoop dose I find myself gently drifting off to sleep, which is much different than the tranquilizer-type effects of other products. This helps me to relax and achieve a much deeper, more restful sleep than I have experienced in years. When my alarm goes off I wake up clear headed, well rested, and ready to take on the day. Product tastes great, mixes well, and has exceeded my expectations just like everything else in the CnP line up!

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