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Issuance of Insanity 3.0 Nutritional Psycho


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Issuance Of Insanity 3.0 Nutritional Psycho

Exactly one year after the publication of Destroy the Opposition, Jamie Lewis is back with the third installment of Issuance of Insanity.  Inside you will find completely revamped and rewritten nutrition articles and also an appendix on finding the best protein.  True to form, this ebook is not only terribly hilarious but filled to the brim with expert knowledge on sports nutrition.

11 reviews for Issuance of Insanity 3.0 Nutritional Psycho

  1. Joseph Ortiz (verified owner)

    In this book you will learn all sorts of things that completely contradict what many other people (whom Jamie Lewis would likely call “fitspo” retards and then proceed to outlift them with one hand whilst putting their physique to shame) abide by and preach. An example of this is how little protein most people usually recomend to eat throughout a day which is usually agreed to be like 1-1.5 per Kg of body weight which Jamie would say isn’t nearly enough. The book is also hilarious and will keep you motivated to eat better thanks to How it seems like Jamie is belittling you and calling you out on poor dietary choices in the text with his straightforward and vulgar style of writing. I highly recommend this book.

  2. Matt

    Hilarious, offensive, informative, and get’s you hyped to destroy in the gym. It’s significantly changed my perspective on diet and nutrition, especially the modern dietary conventions. Applying the ideas and recommendations in the book have me losing fat, gaining muscle, and feeling fantastic. It’s worth it simply for it’s entertainment value. But there’s so much more value than that. If you want to get on the path of becoming superhuman, this book will set you down the path. Get it.

  3. Brian Miller

    I recently purchased issuance if insanity, a nutritional book wrote by Jamie Lewis. I’m very pleased with the purchase. I’ve been a fan of Jamie’s blog, and this book is a collection of all his nutritional info from those blogs, plus a load of new info, unlike what you’ll find else where. If you’re looking for some no BS nutrition info, this book is more than worth it.

  4. kefcorp

    Worth buying for the Stewroids series alone, but every article in here is worth reading. Very entertaining and fun to read, while still backed up by plenty of research. If you have a query about what to shove into your face, you’ll likely find your answer here.

  5. Cory Black

    Mr Lewis is a modern day genius. With quick wit and a sharp tongue residing in a foul mouth he has blown my mind on nutrition. From stewoids, paleo, and the Apex Predator Diet. I have not only learned volumes worth but enjoyed and laughed doing so!
    Extremely well written and hilarious insults are wrapped in solid research and will blow your mind. I’m on my 2nd week of APD and though minor tweaks are needed am seeing good results.
    By it, live it, and don’t be fat.

  6. James

    If you’re doing the above you’re an idiot! Stop it. Look around you in the world, obesity has risen with the consumption of shit carbs, Jamie gives you the outline to follow to fix your nutrition problems, but you have to take some damn responsibility and act, or stop acting by eating crap! Buy the book, it will be money well spent and you will be entertained as well.

  7. Mark McGuigan

    Lots of good info on low carb diets. I used Jamie’s nutritional ideas to cut weight for wrestling recently and it worked really well.

  8. Anonymous

    Well researched. Written in his usual pull no punches
    style. Lot’s of info on several diets, intermmitent fasting, high protein – low carb , high protein – low fat.
    How he derived at his diet, how others can implement it.Cheat meals,cheat days – what to eat at these times. Mentions some suggested protein powders and bars.

    Good book to help you understand all this. You could research some of the other diets if you want more details.

  9. Stuart Young

    Explains a ton of elements of nutrition in a simple, easy to understand way while backing up the points with relevant citations. All while making you realise you’re not working hard enough at life and giving you a motivational kick in the nuts.

    Great read, and for those with a darker sense of humour it’s funny as hell. Loved it.

  10. Viorel P.F.

    This book is a great wake-up call for anyone wondering why we lift, why we struggle with diets and strange techniques and protocols: Because we were made to be awesome specimens of strength and utility, not fat pathetic slobs. The diet info is intuitive and clear; and shows that you CAN lose fat while gaining strength and reaching your goals. A Recommended read for anyone aspiring to be… Awesome.

  11. andrea meyer

    Had a lot of information from his blogs, some rewritten for this product, plus a few extras that I don’t remember from Jamie’s blog’s like some details about the diets of some of the strongmen. Overall, handy because if I had a question about my diet, I can use the “find” feature of adobe and find the answer pretty quick. If you are going to buy a book on diet this is better and cheaper than most of the crap out there. If you can’t figure out your diet issues with this ebook, you are probably screwed. 🙂

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