Chaos and Pain Issuance of Insanity Training Ebook.

Issuance of Insanity Training Ebook 2008-2010



Issuance Of Insanity

In the beginning, there were weights.  Those weights were lifted and studied by jamie Lewis, and Issuance of Insanity is a compendium of all of the training articles published on Chaosandpain.blogspot from its inception through 2010, revised and edited.
Chaos and Pain Issuance of Insanity Training Ebook.

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  • Cory Black

    Posted on 12 Apr 2014 5

    "Mr. Lewis is a very unique individual. He is certain in his thoughts and feelings and clearly has no quorums reciting both completely.
    Solid out of the box training philosophy with so much to utilize and adopt. Why not? He's a world record holder! It's different and has well sited research to support it.
    Best of all, I laughed out loud while reading this! I couldn't stop! He hates everyone and with his quick intellect no one is safe from his barrage of insults. No one but him anyway.
    This and volume 3 are my new bible. Well done Mr. Lewis. Well done. "

  • James

    Posted on 26 Mar 2014 5

    "For years we have always heard the same tired old strategies: workout three says a week, use multiple exercises for each body part and use 8-12 reps once a week. I did this and got crap, nada. Since adopting the strategies outlined on this site and in Jamie's nutrition book, I have increased strength and lost body fat. Overtraining? Bullshit, under training and not enough effort. Quite looking for magic and excuses, get in the gym on most days and work out with heavy weight. Wow, that does not seem too complex."