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Lets Ride Stack



CANNIBAL FEROX Stimulant Pre-workout

Cannibal Ferox represents the natural evolution of our bestselling Pre-Workout. Gone are last years outdated stims, and IN is one of the newest heavy hitting thermogenic stimulants available.

Legendary Mass Builder

Legendary Mass Builder - Have you ever wanted to be a gym Legend? You know, the guy that everyone stops and watches as he effortlessly reps out 315 on the bench? If you want to be one of the select few, then read on. If not, then oh well. It’s not our fault.

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Yohimbine HCL

Yohimbine is the primary alkaloid in yohimbe, an herb that was first discovered by the Pygmies in West Africa.

In stock

CANNIBAL ALPHA PCT Testosterone Booster

Cannibal Alpha PCT is a revamped version of our old Cannibal Alpha- now, instead of simply boosting your natural testosterone levels, it repairs the damage done to your natural testosterone levels.

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Chaos and Pain Tri-Blend Shirt Mocha Brown

Purchase this product now and earn 109.99 Points!

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Many stacks come and many stacks go, but some are just what you need at the time.  This stack is fully engineered to give the user the best of fat burning and muscle growth possibly, at a price that literally can’t be matched in the market.  There is so much horse power here that it needs a dynamometer to even begin to comprehend, now let’s review.

The Cannibal Ferox:  This pre-workout is engineered to be the hardest hitting pre-workout that is offered by Chaos and Pain.  This is the top shelf, high end pre-workout that will have you crushing the gym or dominating whatever activity that may befell you.  This pre-workout also doubles as an extremely potent fat burner and is perfect for individuals wanting a crazy gym session with long last fat burning effects.

The Yohimbine:  This single ingredient is a perfect counterpart to support all day fat burning and overall men’s health.  The ingredient is synonymous with fat burning and with the ability to block alpha-2 adrenergic receptors in fats cells, you can all but assume there will be some accelerated fat burning!  To top off this magical ingredient it also supports an improvement in erectile dysfunction.

The Legendary:  This unique product is the best of all the worlds, it is a perfect stack for both pre-workouts and testosterone boosting products.  Legendary supports a lowering of myostatin in the body which allows for a support in muscle growth.  Also, Legendary supports an increase in protein synthesis while also supporting a decrease in protein breakdown.  Essentially making it a perfect stack with any other testosterone booster.

The Cannibal Alpha PCT:  There are two things that men need to be manly, an increase in testosterone and a decrease in estrogen.  It just so happens that Alpha PCT supports an increase to natural testosterone with a decrease to estrogen.  Making this the most ideal product to take, particularly with Legendary as they are very synergistic.

The Mocha Shirt:  There is nothing better than wearing a shirt that is like butter, just magic.  This cabalistic type shirt will more than likely add 10% to anything you are doing, if you believe it of course.  However, that’s conjecture, but what we do know is that you will be looking fly possible and you will be a shameless plug for the brand, which we appreciate!


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