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Mercury Extended Energy BCAA Complex


(31 customer reviews)

Mercury is the worlds first comprehensive BCAA formula designed to sustain athletes through long workouts, while providing slow carbs and electrolytes to prevent cramping and crash.


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Mercury Extended Energy BCAA Complex

The Olympus Series by Chaos and Pain is an elite line of powerful products that were specifically formulated to stand up to the needs of extreme endurance and strength athletes. Mercury is the worlds first comprehensive BCAA formula designed to sustain athletes through long workouts, while providing slow carbs and electrolytes to prevent cramping and crash.

One of the hardest things to explain to a neophyte athlete is the utility of branched chain amino acids for the average person. It’s not that they’re not useful, but it’s that no one can “feel” them, so they have idea if they’re achieving their desired effect. The time for that is over, as Olympus Mercury is the first targeted BCAA product that does what it says and makes itself noticed the second you glide through the “wall” in your training like it was never there.


31 reviews for Mercury Extended Energy BCAA Complex

  1. Kelly K.

    Underrated like all of the products these guys make. this stuff is pretty amazing

  2. Jack (verified owner)

    I’ll mix one scoop with about 3/4 gallon of water and it tastes great. Overall it’s a great product that works the way it should.

  3. S. Peterson (verified owner)

    I mix Mercury with 32 oz of water and it is still quite flavorful. I purchased they elysian fruit flavor. I am usually exhausted about 45 minutes into my workouts, and am typically checking my watch to see if I’m done. With Mercury, I am going a solid hour which is my goal, and I still have 6 oz or so of juice left to sip on the way home. I suspect that this is helpful to prevent catabolism, as usually I just want to go back to bed when I get home, but now I’m ready to take on the day without the fatigue.

  4. Adam Outen (verified owner)

    I use it both at work and working out and it is outstanding.

  5. Lawdog

    With long bike rides, runs, hikes, weight training etc. this stuff is amazing.
    Great standalone product to use to keep me going. When I drink it during training, it digests quickly, immediately fuels me and keeps my body healing as I go. No stomach cramping or energy spikes/crashes.
    Love the hell out of this.

  6. Sharon OLeary- Martin

    I absolutely love the taste! I also appreciate the fact that it’s clear and doesn’t have artificial coloring. I highly suggest this for helping you recover after a brutal workout!

  7. jason moore

    I’m really enjoying this stuff, I got the cherry lime and it taste great, it doesn’t tell how much water to mix with so it’s by preference. I usually chug my riot and permaswole then fill the shaker up with about 12 to 14 oz of water then add the scoop of this in it. Workouts have been crazy good since I’ve used this combo. Great stuff, and I’ll definitely be sticking up on this company’s stuff.

  8. Nick

    Have been using Mercury for a few months. Very happy with the product. It is not too sweet or packed with artificial sweetener.

  9. Justin Byrnes

    Big fan of having an intra with carbs,bcaa, and glutamine. Taste pretty good also, bought the lemon flavor and its nice when ice cold.

  10. John Burdette

    Love it!!! Energy, Bcaas, etc… What else do you want from a great product!

  11. Jim Thompson

    You will notice the difference in your stamina and power immediately. Must buy for anyone who wants to perform and recover better!

  12. michelle

    I bought this specifically for my Ragnar Relay race. I wanted something that wasn’t a pre-workout, something that would keep me from getting dehydrated or hyponatremia, something that wasn’t just bs sugar & salt with crappy colorings.

    Nailed it. I drank this before my first run & then between runs. I was never dehydrated, never nauseas, never bonked & felt strong during all my runs.

    The BONUS was that I recovered super fast. I believe it helped keep my from getting over exhausted (less physical stress). I managed to finish Ragnar mid-day Saturday & I was happy to do a crossfit 15 min amrap of burpees, thrusters & farmers carry on Monday. I’ll be keeping this for my races & will try for those full day summer competitions!

  13. Calder Cattanach

    Over time I’ve taken different BCAA’S. And every time they taste horrible. Very discomforting. Once I tasted this one it was almost as if I couldn’t stop drinking it. It tastes delicious. Once again I will definitely be ordering more from Choas and Pain.

  14. Jameson

    Picked up cherry kimera Mercury last week. Every day I add two scoops to a Gallon of water and drink it throughout the day. Amazing taste and ensures I get the my BCAA in throughout the day.

  15. Daryl

    This stuff is amazing. I sip it while lifting and follow up with a run. My legs, surprisingly, feel great. Typical leg workouts consist of heavy dead lifts or squats for about an hour and a half, followed by a six mile run. This will stay in main stash of supplements.

  16. Anonymous

    By far the best BCAA that I’ve used. My stamina has increased and my soreness has decreased drastically. I’m new to this product but it has lived up to its name and my workouts will never be the same, and that’s a good thing.

  17. Anonymous

    So far, I have used this prior to a 7.5 mile steady run, a 4 mile tempo run, a lower body lifting session and a 10K race (which I negative split and placed 4th in while weighing 225lbs). I felt great through every single session, energy was high and consistent and soreness following each was definitely less than normal. For normal lifting sessions, I’m not sure there is a whole lot of extra advantage over normal BCAAs, but for any sort of endurance event – – this is my new go to, hands down. Cherry Lime flavor is also pretty tasty.

  18. TG

    Tastes great and makes a difference in my training.

  19. john

    the mercury has a decent taste but it’s the effect i’m after not to worried about the taste as long as it works.i find it helps with endurance and with recovery.

  20. Jake Morris

    I’m an amateur yet consistent lifter of about 4 years. I keep the supps to a minimum as my goals are to get more nutrition from real food, however BCAAs are one I regularly take. I was a fan of other products prior to my introduction to CnP. I met Jaime in Pittsburgh and was introduced to the company. Some fellow lifters tried CnP products and recommend I give them a shot. I ordered Mercury and it’s history from there. This is my go-to BCAA supp, hands down.

    1). Best tasting BCAA I’ve tried. It’s like a fruit drink. No aftertaste or grit. Mango is the flavor I like the most.

    2). Soreness is at a minimum. The penguin walk that ensues a couple days after a brutal leg day is reduced 75%.

    3). Energizing. The tryptophan-reducing properties of BCAAs help keep fatigue at bay. Mercury does this very well. I get a little more bang for my buck and get a couple extra reps before failure.

    4). Superb customer service. I have my products within 3 days of purchase, well packaged, and easy to place orders. If an issue does arise, I’m notified immediately.

    This isn’t an ass-kissing session. Mercury has helped me get positive results in the gym, tastes good, and is made by a company that knows their shit. I recommend everyone try it. I thought I’d never switch off Scivation Xtend but Mercury pwns it.

  21. David

    I have used several other bcaa products. This by far is the best I’ve used. I feel like my energy stays up through the toughest of training sessions. I will definitely be re-ordering this when my current supply is out. Actually, before so I run out.

  22. Josh

    Hands down best bcaa I’ve had. Most bcaas you have to trust it’s working but this one I drink while working out and just feel better. I feel less tired and feel like I have more energy to hit 2 or 3 or 10 more reps. Awesome stuff. Must buy.

  23. Jennifer

    Fantastic product that doesn’t taste like crap. Follow the directions. SIP! helps me get through brutal jiu jitsu rolls. Love love love this product.

  24. Tim

    I purchased this to test during a hike up Mt. Whitney. It’s my third time doing it, going up the Mountaineer’s Route, up and down in the same day. So it’s a sprint-hike. I took it before and a few times during the hike. My energy levels had never been better! I had no fatigue, muscles felt great, and NO muscle soreness afterward. I even hit the gym the very next day! Like I said, this was the third time doing the hike, first time using Mercury and there was a very NOTICEABLE difference in performance and recovery. Get it if you’re serious about endurance activities, or just don’t enjoy performing like a pansy.

  25. Lewis

    Do you like going harder for longer periods of time? Do you enjoy not getting fatigued during the middle of your workouts? Well this shit is for you. Being that this is the first BCAA I’ve used, I can’t see myself using another one. Like she always wants you to, you can go forever on this stuff.

  26. Matt in Oahu

    Ive been using Mercury for 6 weeks. I live in a warm, humid climate (Hawaii) and it doesnt take much to get a sweat going. Every Friday I do a 6.5 mile run, 2 miles of which is up and down a mountain (Halawa Heights). I lose roughly 8lbs of waterweight by runs end. I sip (drinking too fast upsets my stomach) Elysium Fruit in a 32oz. bottle. This is by far the best recovery/pre/intraworkout Ive used. I have no effects of dehydration at all…none. I drink water the rest of the day, over 100 additional oz’s. Ive used during lifting as well, but I get the best results when using it after long cardio. I take Ferox version (2) (1 full scoop/230lbs) prior to the run and holy crap….Im addicted. That stuff is a whole different animal…In the gum it makes me feel like face pushing people into the mirror when they stand to close to the rack and while running it makes me want to keep up with the occassional passing cyclist.

  27. Anonymous

    Awesome product. My strength felt good in the gym and afterwards my runs felt amazing. Highly recommend this product to hybrid athletes.

  28. Anonymous

    For years I’ve struggled with hydration before, during and after drawn out workouts. I live and wok at altitude (9k-14k ft) and my energy levels would plummet on long hikes, runs etc. I’m taller and heavier (6’4″ 230lbs) than most of my constituents and found myself bonking while they were still going strong. This is the first product I’ve used that has provided me the energy and stamina provided by proper hydration. On long hikes I put it in a hydration pack and drink along the way. For shorter runs of 3-6 miles I’ve found that I can drink a liter with two scoops mixed with water pre-run and have had more than enough energy to keep my legs spry and not get dry mouth throughout. On occasion if I feel dehydrated later in the day a single scoop in a liter of water brings me back to normal levels. I’m not suggesting that it’s an end all for hydration. I’m still drinking over a gallon of water daily on top of these servings, but the difference in overall performance when combining the Mercury has been substantial.

  29. [email protected]

    This is awesome, best intra workout I’ve ever used. Not annoyingly sweet, not bland and shitty, good taste (I hate fruit elysium which tastes like pink bubblegum kinda).

    Good endurance, helped stave off my insane hunger pains I get throughout training for hours on end, which is the main reason I wanted to try this anyway.

    Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because you get a big container, which isn’t close to full. Only 20 servings I don’t think is enough for the nature of a product you’re supposed to smash down through many/large sessions.

    However, the product itself is awesome.

  30. Nate

    Tried this product out during several high intensity interval sessions. Works great. I don’t tend to use these products regularly, but do appreciate the taste (mango flavored) and also the better mental acuity during sprint sessions/high intensity work and more power output than on average. I would start sipping on a 24oz water/1 scoop mix about an hour before working out and through the workout. As far as longer endurance race stuff, I would advise finding some pouches or some sort of mini container to store this stuff in……since it comes in a rather large bulk bucket and not individual pouches. All in all, glad I purchased!

  31. David Fells

    Comparing to my previous go-to, Scivation Xtend, Mercury is fairly similar. It’s better in a few ways. First, taste. The taste is definitely better. When fasting, Mercury doesn’t make me nauseated the way Xtend does. Lastly, I’ve never noticed any sense of having more in the tank while lifting taking Xtend, but definitely do with Mercury.

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