tagline Time to rage!
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Morgus Mad Scientist Stack- Genius and Aggro

Morgus Mad Scientist Stack- Genius and Aggro

Time to rage!
Supplement Facts


The masterfully magnificent mad scientist Morgus brought the ruckus for years living on naught but horror movies and whatever he could whip up in his lab to expand his already voluminous brain.  Chaos and Pain is of a similar mind, though with a lot more metal, lifting, and protein- you can never be too jacked or too intelligent.
To that end, Chaos and Pain has created the Morgus Mad Scientist Stack, which is specifically designed to increase your focus, reduce recall times, and improve both short and long term memory.  This stack includes the following intellect intensifying products:
PWND Aggro- enough caffeine to get you moving without giving you the shakes, plus Orchilean for longer-lasting energy.  Backing that up are blend of all-natural brain boosting ingredients that aid in everything from focus to memory.
Cannibal Genius- the most powerful nootropic blend ever created, this brutal brain booster is based on noopept, a Russian compound designed that has been clinically proven to raise IQ, increase focus, and improve recall.
Snag this stack if you're serious about dominating your competition as intellectually as you do physically.  Channel your inner Morgus and show the world what's up.
Morgus Mad Scientist Stack- Genius and Aggro - Chaos and Pain

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