Chaos and Pain Prepare For War  Competition Prep Ebook.

Prepare For War Competition Prep Ebook

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The ultimate in competition prep, Prepare For War is the sum total of powerlifting world record holder Jamie Lewis's knowledge on the subejects of cutting and training for meets.  Inside, you'll learn how to diet during meet preparation, alter your training to maximize your total, cut water and then recomp to be at your biggest and strongest, pick your attempts, and what to expect during a meet.  Additinally, you'll learn from Jamie's mistakes and successes as he takes you through some of his own meet preps and identifies what could have gone better.


Crush your competition.  Prepare for war.

Chaos and Pain Prepare For War Competition Prep Ebook.

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  • Tom

    Posted on 30 Jan 2014 4

    "This is the 3rd book I've purchased from Jamie after Destroy the Opposition and the Nutritional Psycho IOI.

    Overall I found this to be another good piece of information from a crazy strong person. I have competed in 2 meets thus far and continue to learn each and every time I'm at the gym. With this in my collection I feel that I am better prepared to leave it all on the platform when the next meet comes.

    My only gripe is that I wish it was longer. I want to learn as much as possible from someone who I look up to, but I should probably just sign up for personal training sessions from Jamie if I'm going to demand more content. "

  • John

    Posted on 27 Jan 2014 5

    "I have yet to compete in a meet, although I do plan on doing so in the future. This book seems to be a very comprehensive guide for anyone looking to compete in any strength sport, of course replete with citations and typical Jamie Lewis-style humor. This book is definitely worth it, so throw Jamie your shekels and learn from the best out there."

  • Will

    Posted on 23 Jan 2014 5

    "It's hard to find a complaint about any of Jamie's published works. They're always fairly priced, packed with content, and from a reliable source. One of the few e-book authors where you actually get your money's worth. This book is really everything you could need/want to know about preparing to do a strength sport meet."

  • Chaz

    Posted on 06 Jan 2014 5

    "As always, Jamie brings to the table an entertaining, useful and unorthodox tomb of strength knowledge. Thankfully, "Prepare For War" does not take after the "Issuance of Insanity" series in being blog rewrites, and long time fans of Chaos and Pain are guaranteed plenty of new reading material. At 62 pages, PFW is concise enough not to drift into monotony, but packed full of useful tips on how to cut weight, recomp, and dominate the competition on the platform. A must read for any powerlifter who does not want to slip into the denizens of the participation generation. "