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Maximum Gains


Punisher Skull Shirt

Chemical One Lean Mass Gainer × 2

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Legendary Mass Builder

Legendary Mass Builder - Have you ever wanted to be a gym Legend? You know, the guy that everyone stops and watches as he effortlessly reps out 315 on the bench? If you want to be one of the select few, then read on. If not, then oh well. It’s not our fault.

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CANNIBAL ALPHA PCT Testosterone Booster × 2

Cannibal Alpha PCT is a revamped version of our old Cannibal Alpha- now, instead of simply boosting your natural testosterone levels, it repairs the damage done to your natural testosterone levels.

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Blender Bottle

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In the pursuit of the glorious gains an individual will find many obstacles in the way.  Everything from family, friends, works you name it, it never seems to stop.  So, you ask yourself, how do you simply make thing far easier?  The answer is the proper stack to take you to the moon.  As you are probably undoubted already crushing the gym, then incorporating a little Maximum Gains Stack action will support your goals going to that next level.


To start the stack off Legendary will be your right-hand man.  This product is fully designed to support an increase in protein synthesis in the body.  This is the foundation and building block of muscle growth in the human body.  The supported increase to protein synthesis will allow the body to not only support better muscle growth but to also repair and recovery faster, thus allowing for more increases in training frequency as well.  This conglomeration is essentially the holy grail of athletic performance improvement.

Chemical E

Too follow up Legendary in the stack we will go with Chemical E.  This product holds two main functions in this stack, to support the lowering of myostatin and supporting nitric oxide production.  These two elements are key to the function of the stack and moving the user to a critical state of gains.  Myostatin is a compound in the body that hard codes the amount of skeletal muscle mass an individual can gain naturally.  Thus, lowering or inhibiting myostatin to a degree helps to support greater muscular gains in the body, very ideal for any strength related athlete.  The second major aspect of Chemical E is an increase to the overall nitric oxide in the body.  This will support desired pump effect and allow the body to recover far better.

The Punisher Shirt

There is probably no better way to preform at a far more superior level to that of competition than by looking fly.  With this shirt you will be ready to ride all over the gym or anybody bad mouthing your mom.  If you look good you lift good, that is science.  Also, you will be a shameless plug for the brand, which we approve of!

How to take the stack for Optimal Gains. 

Month 1:

  • Chemical E
  • Legendary

Month 2:

  • Chemical E
  • Legendary

Month 3:

  • Alpha PCT


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