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Predator – Glucose Disposal Agent


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To unleash your ultimate predatory instincts, you have to eat like a predator! Apex predators, sitting atop the food chain, fear nothing…Stop acting like a simpering [expletive deleted] who wets their pants in fear when entering a pastry shop. Start using Cannibal Predator to unleash your full potential!

The Glyco-Insulin Sensitivity blend starts the battle by helping to regulate the body’s responsive reaction to carbohydrates and insulin! Super Berberine, Banaba Leaf Extract, and Chromium Picolinate have been extensively used to aid in blood sugar balance. When your blood sugar is balanced, your insulin levels stay consistent, and you don’t have to worry about storing any “unnecessary baggage” around the midsection. Eat your carbs for performance, not storage!

The Antioxidant/ AMPk Matrix then takes over. Pterostilbene and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid are two of the most potent antioxidants known to man. Pterostilbene has been linked to higher levels of AMPk. When AMPk is present, several indicative markers of longevity and slower aging are more highly present! Now you can be a predator forever!

Then the Absorption Blend finishes it off. Capsorb® and Bioperine are widely used to enhance the absorption of nutrients, and Capsorb specifically targets herbs to unlock their full potential. With this improved absorption, you will see and feel the effects of Cannibal Predator almost immediately, with better results that you can see and feel faster. Look as dangerous as you feel!

Bare your teeth and show the world the face of a true Predator!

11 reviews for Predator – Glucose Disposal Agent

  1. Mark Castille (verified owner)

    By far the best GDA I have used. Comes in handy especially for the weekends when diet is not as tight and will have a couple big meals. Keeps me looking lean and full.

  2. Grant Mapes (verified owner)

    I love this gda. It works. Plain and simple. This is the only product I’ve used from C&P besides preworkout samples but I plan to change that in the near future.

  3. Kris Keesee (verified owner)

    This stuff is awesome…Taking these before a large meal, I wake up the next day with a flat stomach and looking jacked! It definitely works!

  4. Brett (verified owner)

    Yeah, this is a definite reorder. AT 48 yrs. old I started losing a little of my edge, this put me right back to my peak form.

  5. Rocket (verified owner)

    I put on weight very easily, and am very carb sensitive, Since I bought Predator, I take one with a light carb meal or two with a heavy carb meal, Next day No weight gain. It Works !!

  6. Tank

    In other words – the stuff works! I just bought another 6 bottles…
    I’m really a low carb kind of guy. Predator allows me to loosen up on the carb count and still feel great afterwards.
    I’m loving this stuff!

  7. Fred rutherford (verified owner)

    Not much i need to write about predator. I currently have 10 bottles on hand, so that alone tells you how much I love this stuff. You can eat and eat and still lose weight, obviously keeping in mind I work out 6 days a week with 30 min of cardio too. But I never feel guilty for grabbing that extra donut anymore and can see that it shuttle what I need to muscle instead of fat stores, which is what this is really all about isn’t it

  8. Marty Nemec (verified owner)

    Predator is pretty powerful. I don’t always eat the way I should and when a cheat meal or family forces you to partake in a carb-filled feast, two of these make it go away. You don’t get how incredibly useful it is until you try it for yourself, but I strongly recommend it. Thanks to Anabolic Minds because I may have never tried it without their input.

  9. Shawn (verified owner)

    It’s actually amazing the extra carbs you can eat when using PREDATOR. After having some large meals and going over my macros I’d expect my weight to go up but it would stay the same or even drop. Also used for some serious cheat meals and I didn’t get the bloated heavy feeling at all! Code Fire20 gets 20% off!

  10. tony (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Helps you process your food intake. Don’t feel boated food goes to muscles. Actually helped drop some weight despite not dieting.

  11. jason moore

    I’ve been taking this product about a week now. Not gonna say I can completely give it a complete review yet but so far so good, around the holidays I ate horrible at least once a day. Took one of these a little before those meals, absolutely no bad feelings, no insulin crash, muscles felt good and full. Weighed myself daily while eating horrible and with the cardio I was doing absolutely no weight gain, actually went down. Suprised me, luckily got 2 bottles so going to continue my mild bulk and keep an eye on my bf %. Great work chaos and pain, you’ve got a costumer for sure. Not one of the 6 supps I’ve tried has let me down yet. Thanks

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