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PWND Gamerz – Aggro


(58 customer reviews)

PWND Aggro is a high-octane, hyper-driven, focus-laden energy drink that works just as well in the gym as it does in the office or on the couch while gaming. Aggro fuels your ways other energy drinks cannot- it fires you up while chilling you out, so that your reflexes stay frosty while your attention is at razor-sharp focus.


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PWND Gamerz – Aggro Pre Workout

PWND Aggro is a high-octane, hyper-driven, focus-laden energy drink that works just as well in the gym as it does in the office or on the couch while gaming. Aggro fuels your ways other energy drinks cannot- it fires you up while chilling you out, so that your reflexes stay frosty while your attention is at razor-sharp focus.

Building off a base of 250mg of caffeine, this delicious, sugar-free manna from the gaming gods contains a full gram of L-Tyrosine, which reduces stress in high-tension situation and helps to prevent stress-induced memory deficits- critical for remembering those tiny details that mean the difference between winning and losing in high-stakes battle royal situations.

Aggro is also jammed with 750mg of Lion’s Mane, an Asian herb that reduces stress and improves cognition, 500mg of Ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic herb that aids in stress reduction, helping to keep you cool and collected whether you’re battling it out in a gore-filled fighting game or just trying to stave off permadeath one more day when doing some sandbox gaming.

And if that wasn’t enough, Aggro contains Zeaxanthin and Lutein to keep your eyesight sniper-sharp, Bioperine to make the caffeine hit harder, and a badass little ingredient called Stearoyl Vanillamide, which enhances your adrenaline output without making you sweat like a fat kid standing too close to the mixer in a soap factory.

Best of all, PWND Aggro contains no ingredients banned by the competitive eSports leagues, so there’s no need to sweat it when it comes time for testing- PWND Aggro is the legal nuclear option in competitive gaming.

Aggro Pairs great with Bacchus – get the stack with both at an incredible discount by clicking here.

58 reviews for PWND Gamerz – Aggro

  1. Blessed

    Heard about this product. Gave it a go. Will never try other.

  2. stevepickles (verified owner)

    I have two preworkouts. One for smashing weights and bitches. The other is this shit. It’s fucking awesome. It’s calm and mellow but makes me feel like a super human. Whenever I need to smash the brain skills I pop a scoop of this and kill everyone intellectually. Honestly, it’s a hard stim to describe but I really enjoy it. Make more fuckers I’m almost out.

    PS people pay me for my decision making ability and technical expertise.

  3. Hank (verified owner)

    I’m a slightly out of shape mid 20s guy who is going to the gym now for 3 weeks now and I combine aggro with titan and it gives me just the right level of energy to let me get up early and power a workout in before I go to my physically demanding job I fully recommend it if u need a bit of a pick me up and don’t want a monster or redbull

  4. blake (verified owner)

    Awesome versatile supplement. Workout, long drive, fishing and heck even a night out this can work many ways. Cool switch up from the normal supplements around.

  5. Marty C (verified owner)

    Good evening stim, cherry lime is ok…. Green Apple is phenomenal. Hoping the have a Blood Orange comeback!

  6. Anonymous

    I do a lot in a week: I have a day job, I teach a bit, I spend a ton of time making music and practicing instruments, and recently I picked up gaming to reconnect with old friends. I felt able to make the time to do all the things I want to do- the problem was energy. No matter how good my diet and exercise, I need to be on pretty much all day every day to do what I want to do.

    So, having been a fan of Genius since I first tried it, I decided to turn to CnP again for a little help and found Aggro.

    First off, this is the best-tasting stimulant cocktail I’ve ever had- not even a hint of the bitterness that was present in even the first run of Ferox (which itself tasted a hell of a lot better than most preworkouts).

    But that wouldn’t matter if it didn’t work the way it does. A half scoop mixed into hot water and chugged makes an instantly noticeable difference. If I combo it with Genius and some lion’s mane mushroom tea, within one hour I’m in a great mood, as energetic as I’ve ever been, focused, and able to clean up handily in Overwatch or learn new songs at a highly accelerated rate. The best part is, it just keeps going- expect a good 6 hours of increased energy, reduced reaction time in gaming, just the barest touch of euphoria, with no comedown. Will be ordering this monthly all summer to help me finish projects and crush other teams with my buddies.

  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’m a loan consultant at a financial institution so a major part of my day is spent on the phone in front a computer screen closing loans. Days get pretty arduous. First thing in the morning I get down on a small glass of aggro and I’m dialed in for at least 8 hours. I’m a fan and order it monthly to help keep me dialed in.

  8. Kevin Johnson (verified owner)

    I am a college student and have trouble staying awake at the end of the day in long lectures, so I always have this with me. This shit keeps me up and focused like you wouldn’t believe. I also use this before a long study session and I went from shit grades to great so honestly I believe that it improves memory. I have tried every flavor and all of them are great just like any other CNP product!

  9. Dave (verified owner)

    Once Aggro kicks in, you are Neo in the Matrix when he realizes he is The One and he goes inside that other dude and makes him explode with light. It’s just that good. Focus, Energy, Power to defeat machines that want to harvest your body heat for energy…this stuff has it all.

  10. Adrienne Lee

    Taste amazing, gave me a rush of energy and made my workout so much more intense.
    Hulk juice is one of the best I’ve tasted

  11. Anonymous

    This works great! The difference was almost immediately. It helped with brain fog and definitely makes me more focus. Very Impressive!

  12. Frank

    I’ve been taking a rigorous course where they don’t provide information of any type. My practice test I scored a 58. Passing is 70 which is incredibly hard to achieve. I used this combined with genius and davinci! Wow! I memorized everything I’ve learned. Passed my final course and will be graduating! Thank you chaos and pain! Can’t make this stuff up! The products just work!

  13. Jesse

    Just love it. Great energy and focus.

  14. Valerie

    I bought two flavors to try this after reading the reviews. Hulk Juice, which is my favorite and Strawbloody Kiwi, it’s okay flavor wise. I use 1 scoop and it helps with concentration. I have no jitters or racing heart etc. I have always been pleased with every product I have purchased from this company. They work!! Thank you Chaos and Pain for high quality and effective products.

  15. ryan

    I have a sales job. I talk on the phone all day trying to close deals etc. Its hard to make 300-500 calls daily but I sip 1-2 scoops daily and I keep going and going, Kinda like the energizer bunny, but I get no crash or jitters. Just straight focus and consistent energy. I highly recommend this stuff, I cant live with out it.

  16. Josh

    A buddy at work had a coupon code for me to use so I gave this a try after wanting to try another similar product for gaming. It works as advertised. I’m more focused, and attentive. I haven’t tried gaming with it yet but using it as a replacement for coffee and it’s been great. Watermellon flavor is the best.

  17. Steve

    Nice smooth energy, no jitters and no crash, perfect for me at work and my wife who’s in school.

  18. Steve Jr

    I am an automotive mechanic so sometimes it gets stressful and tiring. I ALWAYS have this AGGRO at the ready. If you aren’t using it…. WHY?????

  19. Anonymous

    Daddi likes his aggro a lot. Makes him alert during gaming and lifting. He recamends it. Takes it before work he likes it more than Starbucks helps him focus on the tissue @ hand.

  20. Rick

    As a quick preamble, no nootropic or even stimulant comes close to solid work habits. I’m talking uninterrupted (no phone checking, no email, no internet if possible) deep work for several hours at a time.
    Aggro is the kind of product that will take your work to the next level once you’ve got that down.
    My workflow pretty much consists of taking this and proceeding to crush whatever task I isolate myself with. I stopped gaming since last month but when I used Aggro before playing some shooters; my reaction time and dexterity were amazing. The ingredient profile is solid enough to double for a pre-workout, and it tastes perhaps a bit too sweet but really refreshing (just use more water).

    I used to fiddle around with individual nootropics and combos but eventually I realized trying to get the exact dosages of a million different products just made me really OCD rather than get things done and the result never tasted good. As a standalone product, I don’t really think there is a nootropic energy drink anywhere that compares to this in both effectiveness and price.

  21. Valerie

    I use this for work. It elevates my mood and focus.

  22. RUK Dusty

    I use this as my morning wakeup for work. Provides an,energy boost and improves my focus for the morning. I don’t miss a day taking this.

  23. Anonymous

    Does the job. Elevates my mood/focus, and helps me makes correct decisions quickly and more effortlessly. I use it for gaming/studying.

    Why no mango flavor?

  24. Ville

    Insane focus for 2-3 hours. Good for studying and for gym.

  25. Michael Horton

    I have been a Chaos and Pain customer for a long time now. Ferox, Ferox with AMP, Ferox with AMP and Permaswole. I have stacked it all and loved every minute.

    I lift on another level when I use Aggro as my pre-workout. I understand that this is not necessarily it’s purpose but I think that it’s power to create the environment for great training sessions speaks to the potency of this product. The mix of ingredients gives me the perfect boost of energy, and perhaps more importantly, provides me the laser focus I need to do work in the gym.

    I have never used a product, pre-workout or otherwise, that has allowed me to train on such a high level day after day.

  26. Stephen Peterson

    I recommend mixing a serving of this in about 64 ounces of water. It is VERY strong, especially if you guzzle it all at once. I prefer to sip it over a longer period of time and enjoy the effects that way. I use it at work to stay alert and focused on boring crap.

    I got the Pink Mist flavor. It is strawberry and quite good.

  27. Ryan

    I have never tried a product quite like this before. Ive used many stimulants in my time(legal and illegal) and I gotta say this stuff is ON POINT! No jitters, just clean focused energy. I have a tough time getting out of bed in the morning, when my alarm goes off I get a nice full scoop pour the powder in my mouth and chase it with some water. Within 2 mins I’m out of bed ready to go! Ive even used this prior to the Gym and it was phenomenal!

  28. Brian

    This product is awesome in the morning even when you’re not a gamer!

  29. Anonymous

    Very good product for almost all uses. Does not have the aggressive feel of Cannibal ferox so it always you to work with strong focus and a recall of memory in almost all tasks. I play alot of starcraft 2 and regards to my performance in the game my apm has increased throughout most of my games. Also is a great pre workout especially for activities which dont call for the use of creatine or any sort of pump. Good for skill based work for sports too.

  30. Dan

    Bought this primarily as a milder pre-workout and for the occasional gaming night. I was surprised at how good it was for general day to day use. One scoop in the morning gets me through school, studying, and a workout with consistent focus and energy. The energy is smooth and tapers off without a crash, and the focus is subtle, but noticeable. I find I can consistently get “in the zone” when studying, gaming and training. When it comes to gaming, I have noticed a definite improvement, getting more consistently high K/D ratios and making less mistakes in matches.

    One last note, it tastes great. Throw a scoop of it in 16 ounces of water and you’ll never want an energy drink again.

  31. Lan Thai

    Use this when I need to stay awake at work. 2 scoops makes work fun again.

  32. DDT

    I use this product as a midday pick me up or whenever I need some extra energy. Its less expensive than buying monsters, etc. and works better too.

  33. Karl

    The best “PWO” on the market. Just like Cannibal Ferox❤️

  34. Mike

    Coordination & Focus Hyperdrive? Understatement.

    That’s like saying a Lamborghini with a Flux Capacitor “might” do scary things.

    I took Aggro before sitting down to some tedious computer work. Not once did I get bored or vacant. This is not to say that suddenly my work was all kinds of fun for me, but that I remained focused the entire time I was working.

    Stack Aggro with Cannibal Genius and you can probably take over the world!

  35. Argon Leech

    I bought this in an attempt to wean myself off the sugary teat of sodas like coke & dew. So far it’s working. Pink Mist flavor tastes like strawberry koolaid but better. I dump 1.5 scoops in an icy 32oz nalgene bottle en route to work & chug it on my 1st break @ 4:15pm. I work until 1am & it feels like Aggro is helping me get through ten hour days without ramming my fists & feet up the asses of the lousy attitude depressed bastards that I’m blessed to work with. It powers me through “lunch” (dinner break) & enables me to both lift heavy shit & do intense paperwork. I work in a manufacturing environment in which product is packed & shipped as soon as it is manufactured. I deal with stressful time sensitive shit & also palletize heavy boxes, train n00bs & deal with lots of people who need a punch in the back of the head. I take kratom for pain, & Aggro seems to be the missing energizing link in my daily supplemental intake of non-food chemicals.

    I’m down to three scoops, so I just ordered another tub in “Hulk Juice” apple. Aggro has pretty much killed any desire to drink the poison that the major soda conglomerates produce. I’m digging the lack of carbonation cuz I can slam it down my gullet without workplace rattling belches. The nooptropics seem mild, but cumulative & I feel clear headed drinking Aggro with zero caffeine or sugar crash. Well done Chaos & Pain.

  36. Kingy

    Bought this for myself to push on through for some business projects. Liked it so much that I shared some with my nephew (21) and a business colleague. Starting working well for all of us especially when we added in a complimentary flavor packet! Then we were all off and running! Running out of product since everyone else ran out of theirs! Ordering more and will have to send a care package of this (and probably other items from the C&P catalog) before he heads back to school. Great stuff indeed!

  37. Anonymous

    It will give you the focus to procreate like Genghis Khan with nothing more than your dirty thoughts.

  38. Mike Klug

    Grabbed this as a study aid to pay attention in a 3 hour orgo-lecture. Makes it a cake walk. Complete homerun of a supplement.

  39. Kris

    Im a competitive Call of Duty player so i take aggro right before i play and it definitely helps.increased focus,reaction speed and with the nootropics it helps keep you in a good mood if you have a couple of bad games. if you’re a gamer or just need something pick you up in the middle of the day you definitely should try it.

  40. Johnson

    This is the best sustained energy supplement I have ever used. Period. Straight up. I take it post lunch everyday at work, to get past the monotonous slump of office/computer drudgery.
    I am able to zero in, survive the work day, go to the gym and go home and kill running my small business.

  41. Zack C

    To start this off. I would like to first Thank Chaos and Pain. For never ceasing to amaze me. As well as aiding in my ability to control my ADD once and for all. I work in a warehouse. So being alert and remembering delivery numbers is absolutely essential. This stuff has helped me completely crush all of my opposing slackers. By not only being faster and better. But my accuracy peaked to a point that my own boss. Was baffled that I did more work than 5 people combined. I also have a few friends whom play League of Legends. I can’t really say they suck, because I pay little to no interest in that realm. But from what I hear they are definitely not good… So I fed them this incredible piece of work. Minutes later, they are making the other team cry. With how merciless their actions were. If you need something to make you so focused. You feel like Henry Cavill when he pulls out the cheating lazer beam eyeballs. As well as a hold a second thought for more than 5 seconds at a time. This product has what the witch doctor ordered. Get Some!!!

  42. Michael Donnelly

    I’m using Aggro primarily to study for a variety of Cisco & CompTIA certifications and high-level networking classes.

    This FUELS my studies, and this is coming from someone who takes strattera (for adhd), and has tried “legitimate” focus agents such as adderall, modafinil, and armodafinil. This TRUMPS all that shit, and doesn’t give you the shitty crash or headaches.

    I use secondarily as a pre-workout, and mixed with permaswole, and about 5 minutes later, I’m primed and ready to attack every last set with intensity and focus.

    I’ve never gamed with it though, so I cannot speak for its effectiveness in that arena.

  43. victor chaitram

    Awesome product, great to take right before you grind on the books. Also awesome if you mix with swole!

  44. Devon

    Aggro might just be my favorite new daily product. A definite slam dunk from CnP. I’ve tried it in both daily life situations as well as long gaming grinds. The energy and focus it provides is fantastic with no noticeable spike followed by the inevitable crash. I would just realize following a few kick ass rounds how completely engrossed and switched on I felt.

    As for just the day to day I sometimes toss a scoop into the morning water bottle and I’m pretty well set for the rest of the day. Lots of energy and intensity for whatever the day brings but not crashing through the walls and completely unable to sit still.

    One of the things I love most about Aggro is tailoring it to various situations with little mixes of other CnP products. Little extra kick? add a bit of ferox. Got a class or big presentation? down a genius or two. And my personal favorite these days, scoop of Aggro along with a scoop of Olypus Mercury for some especially long crappy bag drive workouts like an extra long circuit or a crossfit style competition.

    Overall, it’s exactly what I would expect from CnP and an incredibly versatile product.

  45. Anonymous

    Nothing but good things to say about product. Primary use as an energy drink replacement on way to work. Gets me in a kick ass state of mind and helps me power through my day. Only complaint is mixability of the agmatine.

  46. Suicide Mike

    First of all, hulk juice tastes fucking banging. Sour apple flav is tasty as hell. Good, clean energy and focus. Nothing crazy because it’s only caffeine for stims, but stack with ferox and genius pre-w/o and stand the fuck by.

  47. MadMick

    The anwser is yes, when you decide to chuck on the ol’xbone and play some oldschool Zombies on Blackops 1 and the kids are screaming at you to revive them because they rapped the mystery box and finally got a thunder gun and ray gun and then go down….well…..I say finish your Aggro, do a lap, and teabag them on your way past. Theres no stress, the Picamillon takes care of that!

    10 out of 10 for flavour

  48. Steve Buccilli

    I use aggro and ferox on alternate days as a preworkout drink. I love the increased attention and focus without the jitters. I also love the taste. And for someone who is dieting the taste is a pure bonus!

  49. Texian

    As a disclaimer, I do not play video games, so I cannot comment at all on that aspect.I tried it as a PWO, based upon some speculation and other reviews.

    For me, it has delivered well. The caffeine content is low, at 200 mg per serving, but I am not looking to get jacked up when I train. I suppose you could double dose, or add extraneous caffeine, if needed for a big energy rush.

    The caffeine content, for my needs, is just right. Alertness is up (at 3 AM, when I start), and focus is good. Clarity of thought is increased, and motivation improved.It is all subtle and without extreme aggression or intensity.

    Strangely enough, if one was going to spar, or even fight, this might be something to experiment with…..

  50. Anonymous

    Great taste and smooth energy, I don’t feel jittery at all afterwards. Helps me focus during long game times and in the gym. Better than drinking some mtn dew to keep my energy up. Definitely recommend!

  51. Dustin

    However, if you enjoy smooth energy and extra ability to concentrate, this is your product. A month’s supply cost about as much as one week worth of 12oz redbull. Double win.

  52. kefcorp

    I primarily bought this to use as a study aid, since I (probably) have ADD but can’t be arsed to get an addy script. Anyway, it’s similar to Ferox, something I’ve used since v1: by itself as a pwo, and stacked with Genius or some other nootropic for school. Aggro definitely keeps me focused, though, which all I wanted out of it. When they were the same price Ferox would have been a better pick for sure, but at a lower price point this is a solid product that will definitely keep your mind on whatever you need to do, whether you’re fragging scrubs or cramming for finals. Another solid product by what’s becoming the only supp company I buy from anymore.

  53. Anonymous

    I purchased this primarily for work and due to the sale.

    Agreeing with the review below, it helps remove anxiety and increase focus. I’ve noticed an improvement in composure during corporate meetings and presentations.

    Only been using this for about a week and a half so I’m curious to see what kind of cumulative effect the noopept has.

    Thanks C&P!

  54. Synchronist

    The combination of Picamilon and Oxiracetam with the interesting caffeine blend make for a very smooth ride which feels more relaxing than anything.

    Definitely as advertised, my focus and coordination is amazing with almost any task I use it for.

    I would say it’s good till the last drop but noopept is barely water soluable so expect a bitter last swig (important one too) if it’s settled.

    Also just a word of caution for those that work out with it. I experienced some pretty bad nausea fairly early in my workout. This led me to order Ferox which has blown my mind.

    It does seem to lack the kick I was hoping to get. Maybe it is due to the fact that this product is all ages.

    Keep up the great work on these cutting edge products.

  55. Innis

    does exactly what it says it should. doesn’t feel chemical or jittery. comes on and falls off smooth. Only gripe I have with it is personal- I found the flavor to fall a little flat. some acid in there would be great for a sour finish.

  56. John

    It fills me with an incredible amount of energy. Also I struggle with social anxiety, and drinking some makes the mind strangling fear disappear. I tear up weights like a demon and don’t care who stares when I drink this shit. Rawr. devour the souls of unicorns! Woot for pwnd aggro, as it owns your soul. Also delicious and as soon as you open it, it fills the air with a delightful smell.

  57. Roman Castro

    Holy. Crap. This stuff is probably one of the best pick me up’s that I have ever experienced. The feeling you receive from this is indeed euphoric and being someone who kinda goes through mood swings and lathargy, it is a life saver. The clean energy comes in waves and I’d say I felt the effect of this stuff for at least 3 hours. Did I mention I only took about half a scoop? I took a scoop before my college test and my cognition and mind was sharp! Finished it earlier than most people too!

    Just buy it. It’s way better then Focus XT or any “energy” crap because Chaos and Pain and are in a league of their own!!

  58. Tano

    After spending a day slamming back 3 scoops over the course of a long gaming session, I can safely say that I no longer have any interest in buying another sad energy drink again. My K/D ratio was highly positive, I wasn’t as frustrated with the random mishaps of online gaming, and I just felt zoned in. When I offered it to the guys on shift, they would tell me how much more aware they were of their environment and clarity of thought.

    If you’ve been looking to try nootropics out and the pricetags on genius or davinci have been holding you back, this is a bona fide steal at $23 bucks. At the least, a serving a day is cheaper than buying an energy drink a day and you get far more beneficial ingredients than you ever will in the stuff coming out of your local gas station. The taste is great, it’s cheap, and it may just help you dominate your gaming, homework, pistol shooting or any other activity where a degree of focus and coordination is required. Run it.

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