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Protein and Boosters



Cannibal Kraken 2lbs Whey Protein Blend

Cannibal Kraken 2lbs Whey Protein Blend

Citrulline Malate

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Beta Alanine

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Chaos and Pain Tri-Blend Shirt Mocha Brown

Blender Bottle

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The world is full of products and stacks and all kinds of useless garbage that you don’t really need.  This however is a stack that you very much need and your gains and lifts will thank you.  This thing is packed with protein and single ingredients specifically designed to support any other product you may be taking or to just support your overall performance in the simplest ways.

The Protein:  Kraken is a blend of whey concentrate and whey isolate protein, the only one that has been studied and supported to show that it covers a full spectrum of all the needed items in a protein.  Where one is lacking the other is there to pick it up, almost like double dragon.  Let’s also not forget that protein is the building blocks of life and really the essential essence of the gains that you are looking for in life.  This protein is perfect from everything from meal replacements, cooking, or a post workout.  Also, the flavors are out of this world good as we know everyone cares more about flavor than anything else in life.  As the studies show, a single solid protein rich meal can lead to hypertrophy and increased strength.

The Citrulline Malate: This novel ingredient is one of the best sources of a simple nitric oxide on the market.  To keep it simple the ingredient helps support blood flow in the body which in theory leads to better nutrient movement which supports the pump, endurance and overall faster recovery.  This ingredient should be incorporated heavily into everyone’s daily regime because along with all of those good aspect it supports blood flow to the genitalia leading to a higher quality sex life if you can catch my drift, more blood equals more fun.

The Beta Alanine:  Most everyone is familiar with this ingredient as it is generally one of the first 3 ingredients in just about every pre-workout on the planet nowadays.  However, would you believe me if I told you that’s not really how it was studied and clearly a single massive dose isn’t actually how it supposed to be used?  Yes, that’s is right, it is supposed to be taken 3-4 times throughout the day ranging from 400-800mgs which was how it was done in the study.  This will also keep you from having the feeling of your skin falling off as well.

The Mocha Shirt:  Yes, another shameless Chaos and Pain shirt plug in a product stack.  What can we say, we need you looking cool in our swag so we can sell more swag and supplements to everyone around you like some kind of supplement selling virus swag machine.  Also, you’ll look cool and that adds 20 lbs. to any lift, look good lift good.

The shaker:  Another beautiful exam of Chaos and Pain forcing its merchandise on you so you can shamelessly promote our products in the wild.  Thanks!


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