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Red Sky Quick Release Tablet Thermogenic

Red Sky Quick Release Tablet Thermogenic

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Time to Burn!
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Do you like it Fast and Hard??

Who doesn’t! 

Chaos and Pain is giving you what you want.  A fat burner that gives it to you FAST and HARD!  No more waiting around for that invincible feeling to come back.  Just pound 1-3 quick DISOLVING tablets in the morning, or before your workout, and YOU will pass life by.

Unique blend that delivers!

Red Sky has something unique.  A 250mg Phenylethylamine Alkaloid blend that when combined with 2-Aminoisoheptane, Halostachine, Higenamine, and Synephrine ,will make you see the light!  No more wondering if your Fat Burning is going to hit you harder than your Grandmother.

It’s all about how long you can last.

You may carry a big stick, but if you can’t close the deal, what’s the point?  If you want to be a winner, your Thermogenic needs to last longer than a couple of hours.  Let Red Sky help you seal the deal with the endurance to cross the finish line.

Gain muscle and burn fat, while feeling great?

We all know looking great takes sacrifices.  The biggest being your ability to hide your need to kill your idiot co-workers.  Red Sky uses Halostachine to maximize the effects of the most popular neurotransmitter food, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, to ensure that you’re at the top of your game and can successfully hide your psychopathic tendencies.

How long can you take Red Sky?

We recommend cycles of 8 weeks Maximum.  It isn’t fair to the “ordinary people” for you to be awesome all the time.

What can you Stack with Red Sky?

  • Carnage:  Before workouts, or mix with water and sip throughout the day.  Forces nutrients from food into your muscles, not your fat deposits.
  • Chemical One:  Anabolic, lean gains. 
  • Predator:  Makes your food anabolic.
  • Claw:  Keeps your Thyroid sharp, and effective.
  • Chemical X:  Anabolic, keep your gains.

Make Life your Bi**h with Red Sky.



Red Sky Quick Release Tablet Thermogenic - Chaos and Pain

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5 Reviews

  • Gabe

    Posted on 25 Mar 2018 5

    "After spending days reviewing and looking at several options for a kick ass thermogenic, I decided to give C&P a try.

    God damn I havent been disappointed. I have been on Red Sky for 10 days and already feel (and my gf says she sees) the effects.

    The first few days I felt almost high but I think it was from other nutritional issues...that subsided quickly. But I did have some sleep issues the first few nights which I expected.

    Stacked with ChemOne hasnt brought weight off...which wasnt my goal...but the change in my definition is already taking place! Love this shit. I will be reaching out to the sales team (who are great at discussing options and regimines) to see where to go from here. "

  • Sergio Romero

    Posted on 23 Jan 2018 5

    "First day of red sky was intense to say the least. I felt like I could fight 10 men!! Feeling unstoppable !! The following days aren't as intense as the first, but the energy feels clean ,no Jitters, just focused and ready to go. And the energy last ALL day .and didn't interfere with my sleep. Also been using for about a month dropped at least 5 pounds in the first two weeks of use (eating clean and exercising) been combining this with cannibal claw."

  • Brian Yohe Jr

    Posted on 18 Sep 2017 5

    "Ok this stuff works great. In just 2 weeks I'm seeing amazing results and I've only been taking 2 pills a day. Definitely a must use for anyone who's trying to shed unwanted pounds or show prepping. "

  • Shawn

    Posted on 04 Jun 2017 5

    "Wow this stuff works! I've used many stimulants in Pre workouts and fat burners but the energy from Red Sky was the cleanest smoothest I've experienced! One aspect of Red Sky I didn't appreciate during my cut was the appetite suppression!!! Now that I've stopped I realize my appetite is so hard to control! This stuff is the best I've used! I enjoy C&P products so much I've joined the ambassador program. Use the code Fire20 to get 20% off the best supplements!!"

  • Ken M.

    Posted on 15 Apr 2017 5

    "Took 3 tablet as directed on an empty stomach and waited. After about 15 minutes or so, I felt a pleasant warming sensation in my stomach. It's been about 1.5hrs since I took my first dose and as a stimulant junkie, I can tell you that this stuff is top notch. I have nice clean energy, no jitters and just an overall, "Happy/Energized" feeling. Thanks C&P for yet another awesome product!"