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Riot Apparel Stack



Cannibal Riot Pre Workout

Cannibal Riot Pre Workout

Violence Over Virtue Shirt

Chaos and Pain Logo Hat

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Well it is pretty straight forward with this one ladies and gentlemen, behold the Riot Apparel Stack.  This is simple, start a RIOT anywhere you go with this powerful stimulant and matching swag to top it off.  As with most thing via Chaos and Pain we specialize in two things, making awesome products and looking cool this stack has the latter.  These things are basically like sweet tea or lemonade, you can’t have one without the sugar and spice.

The Riot: Riot is a pre-workout that is designed to make someone a one-person riot in the gym.  Literally the embodiment of destruction unto weights, will figuratively speaking, then yes carry on with your riot.  This is the physical aspect of this stack and riot will have you just that, a physical specimen in the gym ready to crush anything in sight.  To make this the best of both worlds we have thrown in two riots, one of each flavor into this master piece.

The Gear: The other half to all of this and the only proper way to really begin blast weights is by looking cool, what’s the point of hitting PRs if you look like a bum?  This stack has just what you need in this punisher shirt that is baby skin soft and ready to hug your arms harder than a first dance on prom night.  To top off this cake of awesome we have thrown in the official Chaos and Pain hat to make sure everyone knows that your drip is official from head to toe, I think that is how the kids say it now a day!


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