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Get the rest your body needs to achieve it's optimal performance, every day. You don't sleep, you don't function. It's really that simple. With Chaos and Pain's Sleep Aid formula, you get real sleep. Deep sleep. The kind of dream filled rest that leaves you waking up the next day feeling not only relaxed, but ready to attack the day. Get your body and mind on the same page. It starts the night before. We know it, and you should experience it for yourself. 

  • Hypnos Sleep Aid
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    Hypnos Sleep Aid

    Do you like to be awesome all of the time, even when you are asleep? Can’t wait to slay monsters with Santa Claus in your dreams? If so, Hypnos if for you! Crammed full of sleep goodness, Hypnos will body slam you into the ring of recovery!There...

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