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The Fire It Up! Stack



CANNIBAL FEROX Stimulant Pre-workout

Cannibal Ferox represents the natural evolution of our bestselling Pre-Workout. Gone are last years outdated stims, and IN is one of the newest heavy hitting thermogenic stimulants available.

Cannibal Permaswole Preworkout (Non-Stim)

Cannibal Permaswole Preworkout (Non-Stim) - We jammed every badass Nitric Oxide inducing ingredient into this beast of a stim-free pump pre-workout to assist in better workouts, bigger pumps, and improved nutrient delivery.  Cannibal Permaswole features the following rogue’s gallery of swole-producing compounds...

Blender Bottle

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Chaos and Pain Tri-Blend Shirt Mocha Brown

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It doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict that there are gonna be days where you’ve got absolutely nothing in the tank for the gym. We all have those days- they suck, but that’s life. They’re days you need a little extra kick in the ass to slam weights and heave that iron around, and that’s where the Fire It Up! Stack comes in. It’s everything you need to attack the gym like you’re getting paid to (though hopefully without the endless injuries that seem to plague everyone’s favorite Instagram lifters lately).

The Fire It Up! Stack includes one of Chaos and Pain brutal stimulant-based pre-workouts, Cannibal Ferox or Cannibal Riot. Then we add our skin-splitting pump pre-workout, Cannibal Permaswole, to ensure that the energy you get from Ferox or Riot is properly applied both to the weight you move and the tightness of your sleeves. Throw in a shaker cup in which to mix your pre-wokrouts and a shirt to rep sickest supplement brand on Earth and you’ve got the formula for defeating gravity even when your brain and body have no desire to do so.


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