tagline Time to rage!
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The Five Fingers of Freddy Stack with Cannibal Carnage, the best non-thermogenic powder glucose disposal agent, and Cannibal Inferno, the best, quickest acting, high focus, energy boosting thermogenic fat burner available.

The Five Fingers of Freddy Stack-Cannibal Carnage and Cannibal Inferno

Time to rage!
Supplement Facts


Life's too short to be fat, and so it it's time to get your physique so sliced and diced it looks like you tangled with Freddy through all of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  Chaos and Pain's Five Fingers of Freddy stack is exactly what Wes Craven ordered- two products that work synergistically to shred your physique so you look like a walking anatomy chart every time you pop your shirt off for a set of Hercules Curls in the gym. The FFF stack combines:
Cannibal Carnage- the most powerful non-stimulant fat burner on Earth, this incredible formula combines nutrient repartitioning agents with a blood sugar stabilizer and a mitrochodrial production agent to ensure you get the most out of what you eat while burning bodyfat for energy.
Cannibal Inferno- a brutally effective, heavily stimulant-based fat burner, Cannibal Inferno does exactly what the name impies- it combines the most effective fat burning stimulants to turn your body into a raging inferno from which no fat will escape.
Slaughter your fat stores just like Uncle Freddy would want, and keep the fatty boogeyman in the closet where he belongs.
The Five Fingers of Freddy Stack-Cannibal Carnage and Cannibal Inferno - Chaos and Pain

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  • Evan Bell

    Posted on 06 Dec 2018 5

    "I have to say this stack works!!!! I’ve used a lot of supplements over the years from different brands and had little to none results but this stack really does its job. It gives you plenty of energy through the day and last long enough to get me through work and the gym. I’m down 34Lbs in 2 months!!! "