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The Team

The Owners

Wayne Banks “Nutritional Mad Scientist”

Wayne is the hyper-motivated, bloody thirsty capitalist behind the company as it exists now. Upon hearing Jamie’s ideas for a protein based on the amino acid profile of human flesh, Wayne took it upon himself to incorporate and get the ball rolling, gathering financiers and reining in Jamie’s natural impulse to wander off and do whatever he feels like, whenever he feels like. Having met Jamie in the gym, Wayne is an avid lifter himself and intends to compete in his first powerlifting meet in the coming months at 198 lbs.

Like Jamie, Wayne is hardly a brainless gym monkey. He holds a Bachelors of Science in Sports Medicine and Nutrition from Averett University and a Master of Business Administration from Virginia College. When he’s not telling twelve year olds that their parents hate them while blasting their butt cheeks off in Call of Duty or day trading, Wayne serves as a managing member of Chaos and Pain, LLC handling operating systems, accounting, logistics, and generally being awesome.

As he shows every weekend in COD, Wayne lives by the motto “No Survivors, Just Examples”, a platitude he intends to introduce to our competitors shortly.

Best Lifts:

Squat: 455 lbs.

Deadlift: 615 lbs.

Bench Press: 405 lbs.

Straight Bar Curl: 175 lbs.

Jamie Lewis

Jamie is the brain and brawn behind the Chaos and Pain brand. Chaos and Pain began as a blog intended to be used as a means by which to disseminate the information he’d compiled on strength training and nutrition for his friends and rapidly grew beyond that. In response to internet critics who claimed that Jamie’s unconventional methods for strength training and nutrition were scientifically and anecdotally unsound, Jamie began competing in powerlifting. Though he was ranked #2 in the country after a single competition, Jamie continued competing to further reduce his critics’ arguments to rubble and managed to break a 40 year old world record after only three competitions. Now, as the holder of the raw total record at 1705 lbs., Jamie continues to assert his dominance over the powerlifting world.

Far from being a brainless meathead, Jamie holds a BA from the University of Arizona with a double major in History and East Asian Studies, has completed graduate work in both History and Law, and holds an MBA from the Vienna University of Economics (Austria) and an iMBA from the University of South Carolina with a focus in Marketing. A world traveler and modern day renaissance man, he has distinguished himself as one of the premier authorities in strength training and nutrition with his highly influential blog Chaos and Pain, is a certified NSCA and ACE personal trainer, a certified Les Mills BodyPump and BodyCombat group fitness instructor, and an experienced retail salesperson of nutritional supplements. The confluence of those disparate fields of studies, his varied interest, and his background in a variety of career fields, affords him a unique and exciting perspective into the needs of the elite lifter when combined with his lifelong study and practice of sports nutrition and strength training. As such, he’s a managing partner of Chaos and Pain LC in charge of branding, marketing, product formulation and label design, and barroom beatdowns.

It’s not cocky if you know that you’re leaps and bounds ahead of your competition, and Jamie continues to demonstrate this on the platform and with his product design. Elitism has its benefits, and he’s prepared to offer you membership to the elite. The only cost is your soul.

Best Lifts:

Deadlift: 670 lbs. in competition

Squat (no wraps): 650 lbs. in competition

Bench Press (reverse grip): 385 lbs. in competition

Total: 1705 lbs at 181 lbs (All-time, All-Federation World Record)

Front Squat: 535 lbs.

Behind the Neck Push Press: 405 lbs.

Strict Snatch Grip Press Behind the Neck: 265 lbs.

The Ambassadors

Sin Leung

Sin doesn’t even need a nickname, because her name is everyone’s favorite activity. A ballerina of twelve years turned foil fencer turned powerlifter, Sin’s managed to get ranked 11th for total, 5th for deadlift, and 20th for squat on Powerliftingwatch’s all time list, and is 9th in the squat, 5th in the bench, 4th in the deadlift, and 4th in the total according to current rankings despite the fact she’s only competed twice. Lest you wonder how you stack up against our pocket-sized 123 lber.

Though she would have likely been far more comfortable, and completely beseiged by suitors, in early 20th Century Prussia, Sin’s currently a graphic designer with a bachelors of Finance from TUI University and an associate’s in Accounting from SUNY Suffolk. If it makes no sense to you that she’s a graphic designer with that educational background, it makes none to us either, but she’s perfect for this band of misfits. Additionally, Sin’s taking over design duties for CnP, so the stuff you see going forward will be all hers. As such, expect our site to bear hidden Easter eggs of all of her favorite things, namely beer, Hello Kitty, and carbohydrates.

Best Lifts:

Squat: 245 (no wraps, in competition)

Bench Press: 165 (in competition)

Deadlift: 352 (in competition)

Total: 749 @ 121 lbs.

Push Press: 135

Ryan Celli

Ryan Celli is the owner/operator of Celli’s Fitness, which he runs with his wife in Pittsburgh, PA. Ryan is an accomplished geared and raw lifter, and has held the world record raw in the 198 class and held multiple world records in single ply powerlifting as well. After his L5 and S1 attempted a violent jailbreak from the rest of his spine, Ryan switched sports and began compting in bodybuilding, and is now a top NPC amateur masters competitor.

As if that was not enough pedigree, Ryan has been lifting weights since he was 15 years old and entered his first contest at 16 years old, benching 175 at 110. Thereafter, he won countless competitions in two sports.

At the moment, Ryan is training for the NPC Masters Nationals, where he hopes to snag his pro card and fully round out his accomplishments in both powerlifting and bodybuilding.

Best Lifts:

Squat:  625 @ 198 lbs. (no wraps, in competition)

Bench Press: 534 @ 198 lbs. (in competition), 639 @ 211 (single ply)

Deadlift: 700 @ 198 lbs. (in competition), 711 (single ply)

Total: 1840 @ 198 lbs.

Tricep Kickbacks: 35 x 10!!! (he’s very proud)

Dana Celli

Dana and Ryan co-own Celli’s Fitness Center in Lawrenceville, Pa. Dana started lifting when she was 18 and Ryan when she was 20, at which point she started training like her manaical future husband. Once he taught her how to squat, bench and deadlift, she became every bit the gym rat she could with a singular goal in mind- HUGE LEGS.

When she turned 38 she decided to compete to see what, exactly, she’d been f=working towards for all of those years, and her competitive career began in women’s physique. Her first show was the NPC Mid Atlantic, May 2014, where she took 3rd, followed by a first place finish in the NPC Elite Physique on September 2014. Now, she’s on the road to capture her pro card at the NPC Masters Nationals on July 19.

Not one to simply look good, Dana trains heavy as hell, though she’s never really bothered to max out. When she finally hits the platform, however, she will be a force to be reckoned with in the 114s, as her gym lifts would currently put her in the top ten in the country.

Best Lifts:

Bench: 160×2 and 155×4 @ ~120 lbs (raw)

Squat: 275×1 (in briefs) 135×15 @ ~120 lbs (raw)

Deadlift: 305 @ ~120 lbs (in briefs)

Eric Bugenhagen

Eric is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he majored in kinesiology as well as history. A certified personal trainer as well as a USA Weightlifting level 1 certified sports performance coach, Eric was the strength and conditioning coach for the Wisconsin Badgers wrestling team from 2011-2013 where coached a badass team of All-Americans, a national champion, and a world team member. In 2012, Eric also served as the “Wisconsin State Strength and Conditioning Coach” where he designed programs and traveled the state of Wisconsin to teach strength and conditioning clinics to Wisconsin’s top high school wrestlers, prepping them for junior nationals.

In high school, Eric was a two time state champion in wrestling. He then went on to become a four-year letter winner for the Wisconsin Badgers wrestling team and was ranked in the top 10 in the country in 2011. Now, Eric is currently a sports performance coach at NX Level in Waukesha, WI. Though he’s usually in the gym lifting ridiculous amounts of weight, he can occasionally be found playing guitar and listening to music (metal, if the background music in his videos is any indication). Specializing in the bizarre, Eric’s most impressive lifts might also be the most obscure of which you’ve heard.

Though his choice of exercises might seem odd, he’s using them to train around an AC joint injury that’s limited his shoulder mobility. Now that he’s getting healthy, you can expect bigger lifts to come VERY soon!

Best Lifts:

Hack Lift: 785 lbs

Reverse Lunge: 640 lbs

Kroc Row: 260 lbs x 15 reps

Jimmy Dart

Jimmy Dart is an ASC 105K Pro Strongman, Physical Therapist Assistant & D2 All American & Multiple Record Holder in the Shotput & Discus. A longtime member of iconic Iron Sport Gym in Philadelphia, PA, Jimmy’s been competing in Strongman for over 5 years with and is going to begin competing in both powerlifting and Highland Games in the near future. He’s ideally suited for the latter, having competed in Track and Field for 12 years and being well versed in the throwing events (shot/disc/weight/hammer). For strongman, Jimmy’s trained under epic strongman badass LW PRO Kirk Nowak at Iron Sport Gym, which is owned and operated by legendary Highland Games competitor and 1997 World’s Strongest Man participant Steve Pulcinella.

Competition History

  • Seventeen Years of Competitive History
  • Four Years HW/LW National Qualifier NAS Strongman
  • Twelve Years of Competition in T&F
  • D2 All American T&F, Shot Put
  • Record Holder, Discus/Shot Put

Recent Notable Strongman Performances*

2014 ASC 105K Pro Nationals / America’s Strongest Man, 5th Place out of 10.

2014 Fit For Life III First Place, LW – Platinum Plus ~ ASC 105K Pro Card.

2013 Fit For Life II Third Place, LW – Platinum Plus (Pro Qualifier)

2013 Bigg Dogg Strongg Spring Challenge – First Place, HW

2013 Brute Strength Strongest Man – First Place, HW

2012 CT Europa Third Place, LW – Platinum Plus (Pro Qualifier)

2012 Bigg Dogg Strongg Winter Strongman Pro/AM Invite, Second Place

2012 Brute Strength Strongest Man – First Place, HW

*Up to twenty competitions reaching back to 2010

Be on the lookout for training tips, videos, training entries and rehab articles on…

Facebook – Pro Strongman Jimmy Dart

Instagram – JIMDART

Youtube –

Best Lifts:

Bench: 420lbs (raw)

Squat: 600lbs (raw)

Deadlift: 675-700lbs (raw)

OVH Split Jerk: 400# Axle

Circus DB Clean and Press (unilateral): 230lbs 13” DB

Yoke: 900lbs /80’

Farmers: 385lbs /60’

Log Clean and Press: 330lbs

Stone: 430-450lbs / 50” Bar

Matt Faltis

In 1985, 13-year-old Matt Faltis walked into the Prairie High School weight room and began a lifelong journey. Just as many other kids start, he wanted to be bigger & stronger for sports. Following a pretty typical football training schedule most of the way through high school and college, his eyes were opened in 1998 when he read Brooks Kubik’s seminal work, “Dinosaur Training.” It seemed a whole new world. This started a new path. Simple, brutal, compound exercises and odd objects became the focus.

Arriving late to Highland Games and with no formal throwing training, he started competing in 2007 at age 35. He is now an A class thrower in the Midwest and although he qualifies as a Master (40+ years of age) he has not given up throwing against men significantly younger.

He continues to improve yearly and aims to compete 10-15 times per summer.

Highland Games Wins

2011 Shamrock Games – 1st place – C class

2011 Central Iowa Celtic Fest – 1st place – B class

2011 Quad Cities Celtic Fest – 1st place – B class

2012 All Things Scottish Highland Games – 1st place – A class

2012 Iowa Irish Fest – 1st place – Open class

2012 Shamrock Games – 1st place – B class

2014 Shamrock Games – 1st place – A class

2015 Shamrock Games – 3rd place – A class

Best Lifts:

Clean & Strict Press: 275lbs

Trap bar DL: 605lba

Front Squat: 425lbs

Continental to Overhead: 287lbs

Circus DB Clean & Jerk: 215lbs

Squat: 505lbs

Street Team

Brice”Pyrobatt” Allen

This mysterious member of the team who’s as much of a shark in the gym as he is in every aspect of life. Pyrobatt heads up the Chaos and Pain message board initiative, and is on the front lines daily taking shrapnel for CNP on Anabolic Minds and other forums. We’re not showing his face to protect his identity, but this former high school fatty is taking the next 3 years to build mass and will then unleash his physique upon the world when he competes in his first bodybuilding show in 2018.

Best Lifts:

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 215

Squat (gym): 370

Bench (gym): 265

Deadlift (gym): 580

The Contributing Authors

AC “Grimmtano” Kitano

When he’s not torturing random passers-by by playing Myndflame’s song “Razorblader” on repeat, he’s annoying his friends and family by decrying them as fatties and saddies while reading Thus Spake Zarathustra. Fresh off an awesome back surgery, Tano’s still moving enough weight to get his sloppy coworkers to consider shuffling off their mortal coils in shame.

According to the man himself, he’s a pragmatic, sarcastic asshole forged from liquid hatred that recovered from sciatica and a near paralyzed foot to remain a functioning sex demigod and deliverer of asswhuppins’ in most of the endeavors he undertakes. Allegedly an “everyman” (if the “everyman” were to read a couple of books a week),the joe who has to put in 12 hours on the job, barely sleeps before doing it again and has to find a way to keep his inner barbarian happy. His method? Mocking everyone and everything around him.

Post Back Surgery:

Front Squat: 335

Back Squat: 375

Bench: 345

Deadlift: 455

Strict Press: 225

Max James

Max James is a ten year U.S. Army veteran with a penchant for violence, and has since trained privately with both civilians and law enforcement. Hell bent on eliminating weakness from the inside out, he has been lifting for over fifteen years and refuses to let go of the bar, even in the face of chronic back complications. No stranger to MMA, Max has an extensive background in all manner of hand to hand combat and is virtually a library of grappling experience. Moving forward Max continues to integrate weapons into his fighting—from training with the Dog Brothers to Shivworks combative and earning certifications in Kali and Pencak Silat, he is not a man to be taken lightly. Known across social media for his in-depth training logs, prominently featuring artwork inspired by warrior and barbarian culture, Max seeks to make himself into a living Conan, fit for the pages of Robert E. Howard himself. Max is as much of a terror outside the gym as he is in, as a lifetime devotee to horror films, black metal, and the occult.

Best Lifts:

Bench: 325

Deadlift: 450

Front Squat: 315 for high reps


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