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Thor’s Hammer Shirt


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Thor’s Hammer Shirt

Everyone has their own patron god, and it seems silly that in spite of the fact that a particularly popular god found himself hammered to a bit of wood by some mortals no one’s trumpeting the fact that thor is never without his beloved mjölnir.  we figured it was high time we reminded the, so we busted out a communist-propaganda style shirt to that effect, rocking the slogan “my god carries a hammer” on the back. thursday might be thor’s day, but every day is a great day to rock this shirt. 


preshrunk 50% polyester/25% cotton/25% rayon extremely soft jersey

4.3 oz.

1×1 rib-knit satin collar

no-itch satin label


12 reviews for Thor’s Hammer Shirt

  1. Greg

    Pretty bada** shirt and fits great. Lightweight and very breathable. It was perfect for my workout.

  2. Ben

    Soft. Fits good. Looks cool. What more do you want from a shirt

  3. DB

    After loving the look and feel of the Baphomet shirt, I had to pick this one up too. Again, the shirt fits awesome: tight where it needs to be, loose where it should. Unlike your typical band shirt, this is lighter and softer (and therefore more comfortable when you’re sweating up a storm as it doesn’t stick to you as much). I’m 5’11, 225, and the XL is perfect.

    My lifting partner said the shirt made me look huge.

  4. Bryan Needham

    I’m 6’2″ 208lbs, shirt is long enough and doesn’t ride up. Fits tight around my arms and gives me a good v taper. It’s worth the buy and for $20 is a steal…GET IT NOW! !!

  5. Vanilla Gorilla

    I’ve been on a huge Viking kick as of late y’s everything that is chaos andand had to have it you didn’t body’s everything that is Chaos and Pain great job Mr Lewis!

  6. Bobby

    I was hesitant for a while to buy this shirt because 1) I was afraid it would be super thin and 2) that it would fit super awkwardly, which often happens to me with these soft type of shirts. I can very happily say that neither of these fears came to be true. The shirt is super soft, but definitely not thin. It held up well after its initial wash, and I hope it stays up after a lot of use. As for the fit, the XL makes me look like I have lifted a weight before but will keep fitting well after I add some more pounds (currently 6’3 ~215). And it’s long enough so that my entire stomach isn’t exposed doing pull-ups. It also definitely got me some curious stares and hopefully scared people away from my squat rack that I hogged for a good hour.

  7. Benjamin

    First just let me say that if you are worried your new shirt might offend someone, you are absolutely right. I live in a city with a total population of 3,000 that is divided evenly between Mormons, Christians, and Catholics (some of whom are those weird Amish motherfuckers). After purchasing this shirt, I can honestly say that everyone in my city (excluding my mother, bless her heart) hates me. And you know what? I don’t give a fuck. Because when I go down into the weight room, no matter how many people are in there when I arrive, by the time I’m on my second set of rage-fueled deadlifts, it is always empty. It’s just the weights, my bad-ass shirt, and me getting my swole on.
    On a more serious note, it really is a high quality shirt. The material isn’t that normal cheap-as-fuck stuff that feels like tree bark, and it won’t stretch out and leave your arms feeling like a limp dick hanging down a drain-pipe. It is the perfect shirt for the gym, home, or church ( if you don’t mind the pastor glaring at you during his sermon or the prayer meetings he will hold afterwards which will most likely focus on some sort of deliver-that-pour-man’s-soul-from-evil bullshit). I could go on, but the title says it all… Don’t be a pussy. Buy one.

  8. Vikki

    One of my favourite shirts I now own. Fit is perfect, looks hectic as fuck and hugs da figure perfectly.

    I’m 5’9 and 82kg and wear an XL, I like my shirts a bit loose but it still fits perfectly. Fuck yeah.

  9. Jason Kasdorf

    I’m 6’4 205 fits great and is long enough, comfortable, soft and badass. Great quality material. worth the 20$

  10. Jensen

    There is not too much to say other than it’s a great shirt that is only slightly antagonistic to most of the general population. Very soft feel to the shirt. Fit is normal. Higher than average quality material.

  11. John Petruzzi

    This is not a cheap gillian tshirt. This is a high quality tshirt. Has a comfortable form fit very soft and thin, forms well to your body. I love this tshirt. The logos are badass. I’m 5’7 215 and the XL fits perfect!

  12. Butler

    The shirt subtely says, “I will smite your ass with a heavy, blunt object then drag you off to the Gulag”. Sheeple will flee before you.

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