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Chaos and Pain

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Addicted to Failure: Part 2

Whatever your goals, they will inevitably take time and effort. This misconception is something most people fail to understand due to the need for instant gratification. No one who has left a legitimate, and worthy mark on this world, did so overnight. More than likely it took years until others noticed. Nowadays, with the onset of technology, this process may be quicker, however it will fail to have a major impact. If you were to ask anyone who has made their passion successful, they did so by focusing strictly on the love and happiness it gives them. If you’re going into it with your first thoughts being the money, fame, or how long it’ll take you to get there, you’re doing it solely out of greed. You will quickly find out that success will intuitively find its way to you as long as your heart stays in the right place. The moment you allow your desires to wander to gluttonous intentions, it will be the moment you lose your “why.” Keep true to yourself and your purpose by asking yourself if you would you still do it for free. Yes, you read that right. Would you still go through the heartache and toil of doing what you love every single day without the ability to have income?

If your “why” is true, then the money and fame shouldn’t even be part of your mindset. Instead you need to stay true and honorable with your cause, while spreading the message to the masses. No one will trust you if they sense even a hint of phoniness. In today’s age, social media will be your catalyst to market your brand. You need to understand that once something is posted there, it will be around forever. Regardless if you deleted it or not, everything can be made into a screenshot. Think long and hard when spreading the information of your brand, and make sure it has purpose behind it. Beyond all else, you need to stay consistent with growing your passion into a reality.

Things that usually involve consistency will in turn take time. Being consistent for a week means jack shit in the long run. You may inadvertently break down small amounts of consistencies as short-term goals, but you need to also focus on the macro. Succeeding at your passion should be everyone’s end goal, but it may take you years, decades even, to get there. Staying dedicated day after day, week after week, and year after year, is what truly matters. Even during those weeks, or months, of failures, you still need to be pushing forward. Consistent forward momentum is what will carry you in those moments of self-doubt. This movement is the only way to build self-dedication to your cause. Dedication cannot exist without an excessive amount of prior consistency. And quality consistency can only exist with worthy dedication behind it. Your dedication is fueled by your passion. Your passion is fueled by your purpose. And your purpose solely exists because you found your “why.” If any of those fail to exist or become corrupted, you will easily lose your bearing and be blown off course. Stay true regardless of the temptations ahead of you, and allow your success to be shown to the fucking haters, and doubters, through the tenacity of 100 percent dedication to your life’s purpose.

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