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Basic Biology – Hormone Control: Get the Body You Deserve, Part 1

For Ian

Part 1:  Overview:What are hormones?

If you have ever taken a high school biology class, then you
are familiar with the term hormone.  However, you may not be exactly sure HOW
or WHY the human body uses
hormones.  If you want to take a scientific
approach to maximize your genetic potential in the most efficient means
possible, then I suggest you apply the principles that we will discuss in this
series on Hormone Control.  In other
words, if you want to get big, ripped, or both, in the shortest amount of time
possible, then you need to be in control of your hormones.

Chemical Messengers:  The most efficient form of communication

The human body prides itself on being efficient.  It wants to conserve energy whenever
possible.  By being efficient, the body
can focus on the really import things in life.  Like breathing. And one of the
ways the body increases its efficiency is by using a combination of electrical
and chemical impulses to communicate with the various organs, cells, and other
parts of the body.  By using both types,
it is possible for the body to respond quickly to different stimuli.  If sh*t goes down, your body can react quickly,
and get you the F out of Dodge.

Hormones are what?

So if you haven’t put it all together by now, then please
let me be of some assistance.  Hormones
are Chemical Messengers!!  After being released by various organs, they
float around in the blood stream until the bind with a receptor site on a cell,
or a receptor site on an enzyme.

So, what happens
after a hormone binds with a receptor site?

Once a hormone and a receptor site meet, magic happens.  First, they fall in love, then they get
married, and then….

Seriously, once the hormone and receptor site are locked
together, the hormone’s job is done.  It
has passed on the message to the enzyme or the cell.  Each type of hormone has a specific type of receptor
site that it can join to.  An Androgen hormone,
such as testosterone, will join with an Androgen receptor, and will tell the
muscle cell to repair itself, grow, and get stronger.  A Thyroid hormone, such as T3 or T4, will bind with a Thyroid receptor,
and tell the body to release its stored fat (triglycerides) into the blood
stream, where they are more likely to be used for energy.

Can Hormones give you
the body you have always deserved?

Yes!  Hormones can
give you the body you have always deserved!  One factor more than any other will affect the way your body looks.  Your hormone levels.  Luckily for you, there are specific
supplements that you can use that will make your hormones work better, faster,
and stronger!

Stay tuned as we expand our understanding of hormones, and
how they can be used to manipulate specific systems to give you the body that
you have always deserved!

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