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Basic Biology – Hormone Control: Get the Body You Deserve: Part 2, Where do Hormones Come From??

For Ian

Part 2: Where do Hormones Come From?

Getting the body you deserve is not impossible.  It’s actually very simple.  Use your hormones!

When specific hormones are activated, you can gain muscle,
lose fat, run faster, jump higher, grow bones, etc.  In the first part of the series, we uncovered
the truth about hormones.  Hormones are
just signalers.  They tell your body what
to do.  And the best part?  When they are
activated, you don’t have to do ANYTHING for your body to change!  Don’t believe me?  Did you have to think to grow taller when you
were a kid?  Were you able to eat
anything you wanted, in any amount (high calorie or low calorie) and STILL make
the BEST gains of your life when you were in your late Teens and early 20s??  Besides putting in a little bit of work (the
body still operates on the principle of use it or lose it), 4-5 days a week,
you could make MASSIVE changes in your body in a SHORT amount of time.  Not to sound redundant, but the reason you were
able to make those amazing changes, and the reason you still think back to that
magical time in your life and wonder why you STILL can’t attain those kind of
results, is because of the effects of HORMONES!!!

The Endocrine System

The human body secretes and circulates over 50 different
hormones.  These hormones are made by the
body’s endocrine cells.  Most of the endocrine
cells are in the endocrine glands found throughout the body.  The endocrine system is tightly linked to the
nervous system.  Your nervous system
tells the endocrine cells when and what number of hormones should be released.  Your Endocrine system controls the following:

  1. Metabolism
  2. Growth
  3. Homeostasis
  4. Contraction of cardiac and smooth muscle tissues
  5. Sexual Activity

The Endocrine Glands

The Endocrine system is made of nine glands and a several organs
that release hormones for specific purposes.  Here are your Endocrine Glands,
and other organs that produce hormones:

  1. Pituitary
  2. Thyroid
  3. 4 x Parathyroids
  4. 2 x Adrenals
  5. Thymus
  6. Pancreas
  7. Heart
  8. Kidneys
  9. Ovaries
  10. Testicles
  11. Intestines
  12. Hypothalamus (Nerve Center, not a gland)

Control Centers of
the Endocrine System

Your Pituitary Gland acts as the master endocrine
gland.  It releases 10 different
hormones, some of which activate other endocrine glands.  The substances produced by the Pituitary gland
flow easily through the blood system, and as a result act faster within the
body than other substances.

The Pituitary Gland may be the master endocrine gland, but
without the proper instructions, it can’t do its numerous jobs.  Enter the Hypothalamus.  The Hypothalamus is located underneath the
Thalamus, and controls the autonomic (automatic, without having to think)
nervous system.  It regulates thirst,
hunger, sleep, body temperature, sexual behavior, and controls emotions like
fear and anger (fight or flight).

Can Hormones give you
the body you have always deserved?

Yes!  Hormones can
give you the body you have always deserved!  One factor more than any other will affect they way your body looks.  Your hormone levels.  Luckily for you, there are specific
supplements that you can use that will make your hormones work better, faster,
and stronger!

Stay tuned as we expand our understanding of hormones, and
how they can be used to manipulate specific systems to give you the body that
you have always deserved!

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