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Do you Dream in Color?

Do you ever have
dreams of smashing weights around while flying?  Or eating the biggest cheat meal of all time and not getting fat?  If not, then you are missing out!

Sleep, one of the most important parts of our daily
routines.  However, if life is getting in
the way of you getting enough shut eye, then you might want some help.  That’s where a sleep aid, like Hypnos, comes
in handy.

As you know, the body goes through sleep cycles throughout
the night.  Each time you go through a
cycle, your body responds by releasing hormones, like GH, that help in
recovery.  Basically, you are highly
anabolic while you sleep.  The combo of Phenibut,
GABA, and L-Dopa was used to help elevate GH levels, while getting you into a
deep sleep! This combo is also great for
Lucid and Vivid dreaming.

Ever feel like you
can punch through a wall?  Do you need
something to take the edge off?

Hypnos to the rescue again!  Hops and Passion Flower are great for helping your body and mind to wind
down.  Maybe you train at night and need
help falling asleep quickly.  Maybe you
are too stressed over the idiots at the gym not putting their weights back in
the right spot.  Whatever the case may
be, Hypnos can help you get into a calm, restful state, so sleep can come whisk
you away!

When you don’t get enough high quality sleep, you run the
risk of not being as awesome as you could possibly be.   Just one scoop of this potent
powerful powdered product, and you will be smashing weights while you vividly
fly through the sky.

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Now, and reclaim your Dreams!

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