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Chaos and Pain

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Execution Through Visualization

Ian Strimbeck


Runenation LLC

I hear people all the time proclaim that they want to
complete something, yet they quickly brush it to the wayside because “it’s
hard,” “it’s heavy, “I can’t do that,” or “what if someone laughs at me?” What
many fail to comprehend is how powerful the human mind is. Extreme examples of
this can be found in Netflix’s newest mini-series “Medal of Honor.” This show
depicts various stories from American conflicts ranging from WWII, Korea,
Vietnam, and Afghanistan. A large majority of these individuals appeared
aesthetically as nothing out of the ordinary. Some of them even appeared weak,
meager, and some were even medically disqualified before finally being able to
enlist. The tales of heroism, courage, and utter tenacity depicted in this show
is something to be marveled at. Their un-relentless drive to continue the fight
in order to survive and save their brothers in arms, shows what occurs once you
set out to conquer the task at hand.

Now why would I even bother bringing this show up? To help
you understand you are more powerful than what you give yourself credit for.
All of the people in these stories come from average homes in Average Anytown,
America. You just have to learn how to unlock that mental grit in order to
attack anything that comes your way. With that being said, this is no easy
task. There will be times when it’s just straight easier to get on your knees
and beg for it to stop. There will be times where you fail over and over and
over again with no hope in sight. Surrendering may seem as the only option.
There will be times where it hurts so bad, you’d rather die right here than
continue another step. You must avoid these temptations at all costs. They are
nothing more than cheap solutions for a never-ending problem.

So how does one get to the end state? How does one set out
to complete what they said they would do? As the old adage goes, “Talk is
cheap.” Anyone can get away with saying they’ll do something, but to actually
execute on previously made statements is something entirely different. We’re
living in an era where anyone can be anything they want on a digitally designed
construct that can connect them to other humans across the globe. I’m of course
talking about the Internet, but also more specifically the “un-realities” of
social media. You see, on social media you can pretend to have the money you
don’t have, the body you don’t have, the life you don’t have, the friends you
don’t have, the cars you don’t have, or the company you don’t own through
simply creating a façade. For the most part, no one “needs” to be tested
anymore. Anyone can get away with saying anything through the internet, because
they know no physical harm can be done do them. Now if you tried the same shit-talking
a century ago, you’d get your teeth kicked in. The times may have changed, but
that doesn’t mean you have to be a statistic.

Fight the norm every single day by envisioning what you wish
to accomplish, it’s as simple as that. By utilizing this method throughout your
life along with physical action, you’ll see your goals materialize. Nonetheless,
there will still be hard work involved. With an unbreakable mindset. However,
nothing will ever dare stand in your way. So, stop waiting around for “the
right time” and stop caring what your friend Bobby will think. There is no
right fucking time and who gives a flying shit what Bobby thinks. Do you have a
magical crystal ball to know when the “right time” is? Does Bobby’s opinion buy
you happiness? Now go forth to be mindful in your thoughts and purposeful in
your actions.

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