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Fat Burning Pre-Workout??

Pre-Workouts and Fat Burning:  The Truth Exposed!

It was just another day.  A day like hundreds before.  The
Sun was creeping up slowly on the left side of the house, and I could hear the
birds chirping from atop the trees in the backyard.  Little did I know that everything I believed
as a truth would soon come into question.  My fundamental values were about to be shuck at the core.  And the worst part?  I was helpless to do anything about it.

And there is was.  A
small extract, from a small health and fitness forum.  I have been using my pre-workout supplement as a FAT BURNER!  Does anyone else do the same thing, or am I
just weird?  Maybe that’s why I’m still
single?  Oh well, my mom still loves me.

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While sitting
there contemplating the feeling of deep despair in my gut, a thought began to
resonate in my mind.

can’t you use your pre-workout supplement as a fat burner/ thermogenic?

The truth is
that you CAN use your pre-workout as a fat burner!

Caffeine is
one of the main ingredients in most fat burners.  It just so happens that it also one of the
main ingredients in most pre-workout supplements.  Caffeine excites the Central Nervous System,
and increases our metabolism!

The moral of
the story is that you can use your pre-workout supplement in place of one of
your thermogenic daily servings.However,
I would only use it before your workout.  There are some ingredients in most pre-workouts that are solely intended
to aid in your physical performance.  It
will not harm you to take your pre-workout when you aren’t training.  You just might not get the full benefit of
all of the ingredients.  We here at Chaos
and Pain think that it is best to stack your pre-workout with a
thermogenic.  Just don’t take them at the
same time!

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