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Halostachine- This Kitten Has Claws

The FDA is the bane of the supplement industry- everyone who’s been taking supplements for any period of time knows this. They will ban any supplement they consider to be too “dangerous” (read: effective), which makes supplement formulation difficult at best and intensely frustrating at work. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the stimulant field, where the most effective ingredients are forever being banned and changed. First, ephedrine was ripped from the clutches of wide-eyed psychopaths rampaging through gyms around America, leaving them more distraught than a white chick at Starbucks after they’ve run out of Unicorn Frappuccinos. Ephedrine was replaced by DMAA, which the FDA banned without any more real justification than “because eff you, that’s why.” After DMAA, the industry scrambled to find a replacement that would satisfy an increasingly dissatisfied audience, knowing that with the ideal of ephedrine in the heads of supplement buyers, replacements had better produce or be considered bullshit. Basically, the industry is stuck chasing the dragon.

It’s no Bugatti, but at 450 hp, it’s no slouch either.

Meet halostachine, one of the newest forays into filling the gap left by DMAA and ephedrine. At this point, one of the best things the industry can do is replace one of those two venerable ingredients with two or more separate ingredients that will match to total profile of DMAA and ephedrine without mirroring the originals too closely- to do so would just get the new ingredient banned. Halostachine is chemically very similar to ephedrine, which as everyone knows is the Bugatti Veyron of the fat burner world, but like the Bugatti, it’s tremendously difficult to obtain, and has enough speed to kill you if you fail to respect it. By contrast, Halostachine is milder, but safer- picture a Volvo Sports Coupe. It’s got a lot of get up and go, but you’re not nearly as likely to die in a horrible accident and it’s much, much easier to obtain.

Halostachine, also known as N-methylphenylethanolamine, is an alkaloid found in a plant so brutal it can grow in worst growing environments. It’s a beta adrenergic agonist like ephedrine and DMAA, though it’s not got the powder keg stimulant. Instead, it acts upon the body more like synephrine, so it raises thermogenesis without raising your blood pressure and heart rate. Instead of simply sending you around the gym like a Jack Russell terrier who’s gotten into your No Doz, halostachine increases cAMP accumulation, and the only thing that can trigger lipolysis is cAMP.  Lipolysis then leads to thermogenesis, and thermogenesis is important because it means burn more fat for a given amount of food.  More cAMP, then, means more fat burning, and more fat burning is what we all need. 

So there you have it- when you look at the label of a product like Titan Energy Boosting Preworkout and you think to yourself, “what in the sweet hell is halostachine?”, you will know- halostachine is a fat burning kitten with claws.

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