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Chaos and Pain

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I Refuse

When seeking to accomplish anything in life, you must also
be willing to refuse many things. Sometimes the offer to accept such things may
be extremely difficult to pass up, but to flourish you must refuse. Saying no
is a lot harder than you think, especially when saying yes can make things
easier. What is “easier” though? Does it mean a shortcut to get to a goal
quicker? Does it mean to trim unnecessary fat off a process? Sometimes it aids
in our health and benefit. Obviously if there’s a safer and overall easier way
to deadlift 600 pounds, than go do that. There’s nothing “tough” about pulling
that much weight with improper form strictly because it’s more difficult. If
anything, you’re going to potentially damage something and be out of lifting
for some time. Speaking on the topic of overall personal development, refusing
an easier way of life and embracing the more difficult one can be used to your
advantage with the correct mindset.

Refusing something comes with the ability to have choices.
Too many people get wrapped up into believing they are stuck wherever they are,
instead of understanding there’s always a way out if you’re willing to put in
the work. If you believe that you can never say no and accept all the bullshit
that comes into your life, you have no one to fucking blame but yourself. You
can blame your boss, co-workers, friends, wife, kids, genetics, whatever. In
the end it will still be your fault for not putting the fucking effort in to
change it. There is zero disagreement in the fact that standing tall and
saying, “I refuse,” is difficult at times. To be unwavering in your efforts
against the current trend of mediocrity and stagnation means embracing a taboo
lifestyle in the eyes of the meek.

Now they will say you’re crazy, nuts, a freak, childish,
dumb, immature, and foolish. However, the reality is that you had the strength
and mental tenacity to say, “I refuse.”

I refuse being average

I refuse staying idle

I refuse ordinary

I refuse the bare minimum

I refuse embracing excuses

I refuse being comfortable

I refuse living in the past

I refuse resting on my laurels

I refuse deviation for money

I refuse the “high” of being content

I refuse to solely just “exist”

I refuse fakeness for “likes”

I refuse to be weak

I refuse “this is the way it’s always been done”

I refuse talk over action

I refuse the term “I can’t”

I do accept however that perfection is unattainable, yet I
strive for it daily.

In your journey there will be times that will test your will
to endure. You’ll be tempted by the Sirens of Mediocrity to come lay with them,
and ultimately never return. Your potential lies directly in your ability to
refuse any/all things that will divert you from your end goal. You may lose
friends and isolate family members during this process. In the end if they
aren’t there to fully support you in your cause, then they ultimately don’t
want you to do better than them. If so, this will force them to take a long,
hard look at themselves and they must realize that THEY are the cause of all
their failures. If you are to take only one thing from this understand truth,
no matter what pain, struggle, heartache, injury, fear you are going through,
let it be this. If you stay true on your path, you will emerge on the other
side reborn, strengthened, and changed because of your willingness to scream “I
REFUSE!” at the Demons of Stagnation.

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