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Passion Drives Success

What’s a life worth living, if it’s not lived passionately every single day? Whether attacking the weights, working your way up the corporate ladder, sludging through your first small business startup, fighting on the mats, or crushing standards at the shooting range, there is always a way to succeed in reaching your goals. What it comes down to, is allowing your passion to be the driving force behind your success. For those with no background in business, you may perceive this as easier said than done. Instead of looking at all the variables of what you don’t know, look at what you can learn. It relates to your general perspective on things. If you come into a challenge with a pessimistic and downright negative attitude, then all you’ll see is the bad. On the other hand, if you come into a challenge with an optimistic and overall upright attitude, and know you can get better, the rest will be a cakewalk. Now let’s not be ignorant of the fact that completing these tasks on your path to your success doesn’t come without struggles, heartaches, failures, and self-doubt. The key is to view them solely as stepping stones on your journey.

Before you can even start on your journey to success, you need to first find your purpose. There is an unlimited, and infinite list on what you can do, but it shouldn’t only be about the money and fame. Your “why” needs to come before anything else. It needs to be your guiding light. Like the beacon in a lighthouse. So that when you’re in those rough seas and your ship is adrift, you have the beacon to give you direction. “Things” like money, social status, and fame will come and go. Your “why” needs to be bigger than yourself. The light that it gives off needs to shine past space and time. It needs to be something that will continue to have life long after your rotting in the ground. Now that may seem like a big bite for most to swallow, but that’s the type of power your “why” needs to have. So, on those bad days when you just want to say, “Fuck it!” and quit, your “why” keeps driving you forward without question.

Your “why” could be becoming a national ranked powerlifter to instill the virtue of never giving up to your children. It could be owning your own business of manufacturing miniature dinosaur toys to bring production back to the US. It could be becoming a teacher to educate others and make them smarter, stronger, and more confident. Whatever your purpose is, it needs to have a “why.” If it takes effort to think of one, it’s not your purpose. It can’t only be about you. Without a “why,” you will lack passion to cut through the thick groves of doubters, haters, conflicts, and failures that are bound to come your way. Once you find the “why” to your purpose, the passion for your purpose will take over, and ultimately drive you to success.

Your passion may not initially allow you to be a millionaire with a Lambo or Bugatti in the driveway of your gold encrusted mansion. But with a powerful enough “why,” that’s all you’ll need to keep driving on. In the infant stages, you may only be able to do it as a side hustle. You still might have to work at the job you hate to support yourself, or your family. Every day at that job should be looked as another piece of fuel to add to the fire of your passion. It should be the reason why you wake up to fulfill orders before driving into the cubicle farm, or why you stay up to 2 AM to answer emails. If you’re not willing to go the extra mile to make your dreams into a reality, then the job isn’t really that bad, and you only want the dream for the “things.” If you only take one thing from this article, please remember this. The “why” drives the purpose, the purpose drives the passion, and the passion drives the success. With enough passion, any level of success is possible. It just comes down to how hard you’re willing to fight for it.

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