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Strength and Muscle Gaining Tips: 99 Problems, but Morning Wood Ain’t One

I got 99 problems, but morning wood ain’t one.  If you ain’t poppin tents, I feel bad for you
son.  I got 99 problems, but morning wood
ain’t one.

You may be asking yourself how morning Wood and gaining
muscle are related.  If you aren’t
experiencing the joy of waking up with Thor’s mighty hammer between your legs, then
you aren’t maximizing your gains.  And
more importantly, something serious could be wrong with your health.  For men, waking up with morning wood is a
strong indication that the vascular and hormonal systems of the body are
working properly.  These two systems are
directly related to how fast and how much muscle mass you gain.

1.Your hormonal balance (Estrogen,
Testosterone, DHT, Prolactin) is off

When you fail to get morning wood, the first item to check
off the list is a hormonal imbalance.  Most people think that if you just increase
the amount of testosterone your body makes or the amount of testosterone you
put in your body (TRT Therapy, Steroids), all issues will be solved.  WRONG!!  Any increase in testosterone also increases your estrogen levels. Increasing Testosterone is half of the
equation.  The other half is to decrease
your estrogen levels.

We keep discovering the negative effects of high Estrogen
levels.  Fat gain, water weight gain,
strength loss, muscle loss, male shrinkage, etc.  However, it appears to be worse than we
thought.  There are now several leading
researchers that think high Estrogen levels, not DHT, are leading to the increase
of Enlarged Prostate/ Prostate Cancer occurrences in America.  Estrogen production is directly related to
the release of SHBG (Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin) and Prolactin (Bitch Tits).  SHBG
is most commonly associated with free testosterone.  The less SHBG you have, the more circulating testosterone
you have.  However, SHBG is not only
found in circulating blood, but also in human tissue.  One of those tissues is the prostate.  With the help of SHBG, sex hormones (androgen
and estrogen) can penetrate the cells of the prostate faster and easier.  What does it all mean?  High levels of Estrogen, NOT DHT, are responsible
for some of the worst side effects for men.  And if you keep making more SHBG, you won’t have enough testosterone to
grow, and keep, any new muscle.

2.Your Vascular system isn’t working

If you aren’t waking up
with the crown jewels of Asgard at full attention, and your hormone levels are
balanced, there is a strong possibility that there is something wrong with your
vascular system.  Your vascular system
includes all your blood vessels, arteries, capillaries, and any organs that
help your blood circulate.  However, most
people don’t include NO, NOS, and any other enzymes that aid in
circulation.  They should.

If your vascular system
isn’t functioning properly, your gains will slow down.  Your body uses your vascular system to remove
waste materials from working muscles, and to deliver nutrients and hormones
required for recovery and growth.  Over
time, our body’s ability to turn Arginine into Nitric Oxide is
down regulated.  The enzyme, NOS, is
easily down regulated.  When NOS gets
down regulated, eNOS doesn’t work like it used to.  eNOS is directly responsible for causing a
relaxation in the blood chambers of your manhood.  Once they fill up, boom, Thor’s legendary


Morning Wood is one of the most accurate ways to determine if
your body is in muscle building mode.  If
your hormone levels are off (testosterone too low, estrogen too high), or your
vascular system isn’t working to its best ability, good luck trying to gain and
keep any new muscle.  Even if you are “supplementing”
with testosterone, your body is still going to make too much estrogen (have fun
when your cycle ends).  No matter what
cycle you are using, it is always a good idea to use a supplement with
something that can help your body make more testosterone, while eliminating
excess estrogen.  If you haven’t tried
Alpha PCT, you should.  It is a staple of
all my cycles.  When on a cycle, I take
Alpha PCT 5 days on, 2 off.  Also, two
weeks before my cycle ends, I stop using Alpha PCT.  I give my body a slight break to make sure
that Alpha PCT kicks in strong once my cycle is over.

Click Here for more info on Alpha PCT.

For vascular support, I have been using PermaSwole.  The formula includes Agmatine, and not
Arginine.  It is extremely easy for too
much Arginine to down regulate NOS.  However,
Agmatine is a byproduct of the conversion of Arginine into NO.  By taking Agmatine, your body works less, and
gives you a stronger Vasodilatation effect than Arginine.  Also, PermaSwole has Norvaline.  Norvaline inhibits Arginase, the enzyme
responsible for capping the amount of NO your body can make.  By inhibiting Arginase, Norvaline allows your
pumps, and other vasodilation effects, to be stronger, and last longer in the
body.  I use PermaSwole 4-5 days on,
followed by 2-3 days off.  Cycling helps to prevent the effects of PermaSwole from diminishing.

Click Here for more info on PermaSwole

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