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The Right Whey Supplement to Get Stronger and Leaner

Whey Supplement

Protein shakes. We all know about them by now. Whether you drink them or not, there are some things you need to consider if you don’t. And if you do, are you drinking a whey supplement that will actually get results, or just following some empty promises on a label? 

Why Whey Supplements Aren’t All the Same

Drinking a whey supplement shake is certainly a good start to reaching your goals, whether it’s losing weight, building muscle, or both. But the difference between regular supplements and the best whey supplements, is what kind of whey that’s used. By using a whey concentrate, instead of whey isolate, you’re getting the best of both types.

It starts with using the highest quality whey protein. That part is easy to figure out. But the reason we like whey concentrate is because of the added benefits of IGF-1, TGF-1, and TGF-2, which supplies your body with the ability to improve hypertrophy and strength. Plus, there are much higher levels of body boosting bad-assery such as conjugated lineolic acid, immunoglobulins, and lactoferrin. The combination of these ingredients in higher concentrations means you get a faster recomposition of your body.

This isn’t to say that whey isolate isn’t good too, but concentrate has that extra stuff your body needs to become the monster you want to be. Or the trim and healthy individual that isn’t self conscious about that protruding waistline anymore.

The Only Way to Go

Is by taking a whey supplement that is proven to get actual results. Check out the reviews page and see why some whey’s are better than others. Get lean, get fit, and get awesome!

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