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Top 10 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

You have been dieting for weeks, but you haven’t noticed a
change in your appearance or weight.  Before you drown your sorrows in the most epic cheat day of all time,
take a look at the top 10 list below.  Chances are that you can make small adjustments to start seeing results!

1.  You Daily Calorie Intake Is Too High

If you are eating too many
calories, it doesn’t matter what type of food you are eating.  You won’t lose any weight.

2.  You Don’t Realize That You Are Overeating

This one gets people all of the
time.  Little snakes here and there and
not calculating the right amount of calories per day will prevent you from
making any progress.

3.  You Aren’t Eating Enough

If you aren’t eating enough, then your
body will tend to hang on to extra fat for survival.  Your body doesn’t care what you look like, it
just wants to survive.

4.  You Aren’t Eating Enough Cheat Meals

If you don’t shock the body, you will
stop seeing progress.  Again, your body
only wants to survive.

5.  You Are Eating Too Many Cheat Meals

If one cheat meal is good, two is
great!  Wrong!!  Don’t overdo it.

6.  You Aren’t Adjusting Your Calories as You Lose

If you don’t decrease the amount
of calories you need as you lose weight, you will stop losing weight.

7.  You Aren’t Eating Enough Fat

20% – 25% of your calories should
come from fats.  Fats don’t make you fat,
excessive calories do!

8.  You Aren’t Eating Enough Protein

You should be eating .8 – 1 gram of
protein per pound of body weight, per day.  Protein will help your muscles recover, and will keep you full longer.

9.  You Aren’t Eating Enough Carbs

Your body needs carbs for
energy.  If you aren’t eating enough, you
will be hungrier throughout the day, and you won’t have the energy needed to
fuel your workouts.

10.  You Aren’t Drinking Enough Water

If your body isn’t hydrated, you
will be hungrier, and less likely to lose weight.

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