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Training Tips: How to Build Up Lagging Body Parts, and What We Can Learn from Glute Girls

Everyone has a body part they feel is a weakness, and
needs a little extra TLC.  Calves, forearms,
traps, upper chest, rear delts, just to name a few.  However, most people don’t train their
lagging body parts the correct way.  They
think that just by adding a few extra sets a week, they will have Tom “The
Quadfather” Platz calves in a few short months (if you don’t know about “The
Quadfather,” see below).  However, there
is one group of trainees that have seemed to figure out the lagging body part
conundrum.  Glute Girls!

Tom “The Quadfather” Platz

1.  Glute Girl training frequency

Glute Girls all have one thing in common, and I’m not referring
to their huge amount of Instagram followers.  They train their glutes more than any other body part.  The bare minimum, no pun intended, of total
glute annihilation workouts per week is 2.  The average is 3, combined with 2-3 ancillary training sessions.  I guarantee they are putting more time into
training their butts, than you are doing calve raises.

To put it all in perspective, they are training their glutes
5-6 times a week!  Do you train your
lagging body parts with that amount of frequency?  If you are having a hard time getting your
calves or forearms to grow, start working them out 5-6 times a week.  Contrary to what you have been misled to
think, overtraining is not caused by working out the same muscle group multiple
times throughout the week.  Overtraining
comes from a combination of your nervous system and recovery systems being
overtaxed.  Don’t believe me?  Check out German Body Training.  You train the whole body 4-5 days a
week.  People start becoming over trained
when they add to their workout load, and don’t take any existing exercises/ sets away.  The total workload is increased, and
so is the extra need for recovery.

2.  Glute Girl training volume

Another interesting aspect
of Glute Girl’s is their training volume.  When you work out with 50% of your 1RM (1 Rep Max), you activate 40% of
your MVIC (maximum voluntary isometric contraction).  90% of your 1RM activates between 50% – 60%
of your MVIC.  Most people can bang out
15 – 20 reps using 50% of their 1RM, and only 2-3 reps using 90% of their
1RM.  It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist
to see that training with 50% of your 1RM will yield you faster, and greater hypertrophy (muscle size) gains.  If you just want to be strong, and don’t care how big and ripped you are, then continue to train with 2-3 reps using 90% of you 1RM.

3.  Glute Girl dedication

Glute Girls will do whatever it takes to get their posteriors
to grow.  That often includes traveling
with workout bands, doing crab walks on the beach, and knocking out 100 leg
kickbacks just before they go to bed.  Are you doing 100 standing calf raises before bed every night?  Are you working out your calves while on

And to top it all off, Glute Girls are content that it
might take years for them to see results, unlike most strength training
athletes.  If we don’t see results within
2-3 weeks, we start to freak out, and decide that it would be wise to change up
our entire training program.  Muscle
hypertrophy and neurogenesis take time.  Think
about it, not only are your muscles getting bigger, you are growing NEW nervous
tissue and neural pathways.  Instead of
worrying about results, focus on the daily activities that build up your
lagging body parts.


To build up and strengthen a lagging body part requires a
different approach from most current training protocols.  To see better results, try the following:

1.  Train your lagging body part 2 – 3 times a week,
with 3 days of ancillary work.

2.  Use a lighter weight and perform more repetitions.

3.  Focus on today’s workout, and not your results.

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