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When You Run Out of Napalm, You Might Want to Equip Cannibal Inferno for Your Next War On Fat

We’ve all seen the hippies and the housewives at the supplement store bleating about the necessity of of “all-natural” ingredients (everything in a supplement, by law, has to be naturally occurring) who are most assuredly filled to the gills with every manner of mind-altering pharmaceutical their docs will prescribe them.  They’ll insist they don’t want anything “too strong” and the need for reassurance that all of the ingredients are indeed naturally occurring, then proclaim they want to lose forty pounds for a wedding in three months.  They’ll leave with a cleanse and some garcinia cambogia and will show up at that party at least as fat as they were before, because none of that silly hippie bullshit works worth a damn in comparison to real thermogenics.
Then you’ve got your “normal” thermogenics.  They’ve got about as much caffeine as a Red Bull, plus the hippie nonsense, and perhaps another ingredient or two.  They’re lame, they’re half-assed, and they generally give you the dismally average results one should expect from an offensively uninspired product.  Although they’ll give you a hand losing that spare tire or those saddlebags, it’s not as though someone just hacked that highly offensive adipose tissue off with a machete- that’s more of a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race sort of approach, and few real lifters possess that sort of Soviet-era five-year-plan when it comes to our physique goals.
That’s where the good shit comes in- the stuff that has you ready to learn a new language as you ride the recumbent bike as a warmup for some all-out sparring followed by a heavy lift, after which point you could swear you’re a little leaner.  Well, we’ve once again tinkered with one of our two flagship formulas (Ferox being the other) and given Cannibal Inferno a facelift only Freddy Kreuger would love, because we made it even fucking nastier.
Source: Pinterest

Enter the new Cannibal Inferno.  So named because it turns your body into a raging bonfire of thermogenesis, Cannibal Inferno combines high levels of stimulants to activate your nervous system with other stims that activate the receptors in so called “stubborn fat” to shed those love handles or saddlebags, then backstopped with various other ingredients to give you a full-spectrum thermogenic the likes of which the world has never seen.

Inferno contains:

  • as much caffeine (300mg) as your favorite real energy drinks (I’m not talking about your parents’ weaksauce Red Bull)
  • yohimbine HCl (3mg) to activate your alpha-2 fat receptors and reduce the fat that just refuses to come off unless you’re starving yourself to death (it mobilizes your super emergency fat stores) and additional stimulanty goodness
  • synephrine HCl (75mg) to round out the stimulants with a milder pick-me-up
  • grapefruit extract (200mg) to increase the potency of the stimulants, as it increases the potency of caffeine in particular.
The stimulants are important because as a general rule, raising heart rate raises caloric expenditure, and the added energy allows you to expend even more energy before reaching exhaustion.  Yeah, you can burn fat without them, but like your workday without stims, it will be an endless slog.
Source: Nutrition Review
Adding fuel to the conflagration the stimulants already kickstarted, we have ginger, grains of paradise, and capsaicin, three different varieties of pungent (the correct word for “spicy”) chemicals that possess fat burning properties.
  • ginger extract (600mg) contains 6 Paradol, a compound that stimulates abdominal fat loss (Iwami)
  • grains of paradise (50mg) raises testosterone levels in addition to containing 6 Paradol (Massoma Lembè)
  • capsaicin (3mg) raises body temperature, which increases your caloric expenditure at rest.
Then there are the non-stimulant thermogenics, like
  • chromium polynicotinate (150mcg), which helps control blood sugar
  • acetyl L-carnitine (650mg), also helps control blood sugar and with mobilizing fatty acids
  • green coffee bean extract (100mg), a mild fat loss agent beloved to the non-stim crowd
Finally, Cannibal Inferno includes a revolutionary new ingredient called ProGBB (30mg).  According to one study,
Gamma-butyrobetaine (GBB) is a precursor in the biosynthesis of carnitine, which plays an important role in the beta-oxidation of fatty acids, and is converted to carnitine by gamma-butyrobetaine dioxygenase” (Fujita).
One word of caution regarding this new beast mode ingredient.  For reasons as yet unknown to science, ProGBB makes you sweat like a fattie in a bakery, which is a cool indicator something is happening when you take the stomach- we can just hope the perceived effects match the intention like beta-alanine does.  According to once source,

“We can not find any real science on why this is occurring. One postulation of ours (with zero basis) is that the chemical reaction to get from GBB to Carnitine is exothermic (releases heat), and by triggering the reaction en masse via supplementation, it theoretically outputs the heat. If we stumble upon an explanation that’s based in actual science, we will update this article. Until then, we’ll leave this article at ‘it’s hot and makes most people sweat more for some reason’” (Roberto).

Source: Pinterest
And there you have it- Cannibal Inferno will have your ass sweating like you’re in one.


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