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Vlad The Impaler (Dracula) Shirt


(16 customer reviews)
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In the 15th century, no man was more brutal than Vlad the impaler.  Driven by hate and thriving on the fear he drove into his adversaries, Vlad dominated his opposition and laid waste to his enemies, leaving such indelible fear and respect in the minds of his contemporaries that he’s still feared today as Dracula.  Show the world that you’re out to do the same- dominate the opposition so completely that future generations will concoct outrageous fables about your deeds. There will be no survivors, just examples.



  • preshrunk 50% polyester/25% cotton/25% rayon extremely soft jersey
  • 4.3 oz.
  • 1×1 rib-knit satin collar
  • no-itch satin label

16 reviews for Vlad The Impaler (Dracula) Shirt

  1. Kevin Norton (verified owner)

    I bought this shirt and love it. For those that have more of a v-shape body, you’re going to love it. It fits to your body so it doesn’t look like your wearing a damn trash bag. As for the title of the review, I didn’t look at the back of the shirt prior to buying. When I got it, all I could think was “holy shit, that’s savage and I love it”!

  2. John Petruzzi

    Vlad The Impaler. Historic ruler known to show no mercy and make examples out of all who defied him. Such a brutal monster they took his name Dracula and made it into a monster myth. This shirt represents what your training session should be and how you dominate the competition. No survivors just examples…..

    I’m 5’8 204 and the XXL fits perfect

    FTW- “Those who are, not as others….”

  3. Dave Crole

    People stay out of the way, lest they be made example of. This makes workouts much quicker as I never need to wait for equipment. Also good quality, soft, good fit, doesn’t shrink etc etc

  4. Anonymous

    Stupid comfortable. Fits tight. Buy it and scare everyone at the gym

  5. Anonymous

    Literally Put 50lb on my deadlift

  6. Damon

    Great quality shirt; incredibly comfortable, has a very nice fit, and the looks awesome. The design is pretty badass.

  7. Thor

    Shirt is a little small, so order one size up from the norm. With this type of material, I don’t think shrinking will be an issue anyways. I couldn’t ask for a better design; Vladd is the absolute poster child for making examples of weakness. The back couldn’t be any better!

  8. Jdogg

    I owe this review for such a top draw product and service. Firstly, the price and shipping was solid. It cost $12 dollars to ship to Australia and it was here in 2 weeks at most. I’ve had stuff take longer coming from New Zealand. Some people are slack when it comes to getting orders out. Not here. So top marks for that.

    Second, I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my package (LOL). The material of the shirt itself is super light and stretchy. I thought, “sick, this was meant to be worn at the gym”. I was expecting the normal, heavy material of band merch t-shirts you get which are thick as fuck compared to this. This is going to be a nice upgrade in comfort from the usual attire I get around in.

    Finally, I put the shirt on as soon as I got it. It smells really nice. Whatever that is, it’s a nice touch. It may not be intentional but I like it. My only regret is that since the XL size was sold out so I got the XXL. This shirt is made to be worn tight and lean, not free flowing. That was my choice, and I’m happy with it, but in the future my approach would be to order a size smaller than you usually have. Keep the brutal designs coming and I’ll definitely be ordering more.

  9. Ben

    Really fucking comfortable to wear and soft to the touch. Which is at odds with the imagery, which is delightfully violent.

  10. Lucifer

    But this shirt’s material is soft as fuck, it’s like being hugged by a velvet vagina.

    The design is sick too, I just hope the art lasts longer than a couple washes.

  11. Austin

    At least, the people I hang out with do. It may scare animals and small children, but that’s what it’s there for, right? The only downside is the giant Vlad logo feels like someone taped plastic to the front of the shirt, so it feels weird and it’s kind of hot. The shirt material is awesome, though, and the back kicks ass.

  12. Tyler

    Like the others, I love this material.
    it fits great, looks badass, and lets you catch uncomfortable side glances in the gym. The press on design is a little weird, but it still looks epic.

  13. Anonymous

    I’m a huge fan of this kind of shirt material (stretchy, breathable, soft) however I’m not sure I’m a fan of the rubber press-on designs; they feel awkward on my skin and I’m concerned about how they’ll hold up after a few washes. Not sure why this choice was used as opposed to the regular printing used on the other shirts. That being said, any shirt that makes my people cringe is still a badass shirt.

  14. Marton

    This T-shirt is badass as hell. I love it.

  15. Anonymous

    I thought I was just buying a shirt. I was wrong. This is the soul of Vlad the Impaler incarnate. When I donned this high-quality apparel I was transformed. The blood of a hunter flowed through me. I added weight and reps to every lift. I pillaged. I ate the hearts of lesser men and bathed in the carnage, feeding the internal animal that gnawed on my psyche, begging for blood. The bar become a spike on which I impaled my enemies, the plates were the weight of ages of rage and torment. When I wear this shirt, I eat iron.

    If you don’t get the same results, at least you can rest assured you’re getting a sweet tee.

  16. Jonathan Mielec

    Love the new shirts … they fit great!! Soft as … well they’re very pleasantly soft, and big fan of the art on all of them. Thanks!

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