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Cannibal Genius Nootropic

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Product Description

For when you feel like saying aloud, "I'm so f@#*ing smart that I make smart people feel like they are retarded."

One can never, ever be too intelligent, but this is Chaos and Pain's attempt at getting us all to the point where people start remarking that we might be a little overly intellectually intimidating. Cannibal Genius, one of Chaos and Pain's nootropic supplements, will put your brain on hyperdrive, as the 44 different amines and alkaloids in acacia rigidula will give you a nice little burst of energy to go with the noopept we piled in to improve your memory like nothing ever has. Then, just to add insult to injury for your intellectual rivals, we dropped alpha GPC, gingko, sulbutiamine, bacopa, acetyl l-carnitine, theanine, and vitamin D3 into the mix. Nothing on Earth can touch this blend for focus, memory, and cognition.

Get some.

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  1. Take the blue pill

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Oct 2014

    In one word: euphoric.

    In more: There's this smoothness that I can feel in everything, for example, moving around just feels good.

    Time seems to fly by and slow down at once, I feel like I can get more done and when I complete something I can move onto another without a thought.

    btw the 6x6x6 box was a nice touch

  2. bright eyed

    Posted by Tom on 14th Oct 2014

    I can't put an exact description on it, but it definitely worth trying... i don't use it regularly but on those days when i feel like i need to clear my head. I have taken it before playing softball, before working out and prior to leaving for the office, and it really works for me on all three.

  3. Fucking Amazing

    Posted by John on 9th Oct 2014

    I'm going to echo several others here, in that my expectations were that I'd experience some kind of euphoric high where I'd blast through work and everything would be easy. Not so, you barely even notice it kicking in but this stuff makes you FOCUS. You will run through work, but not like you imagine. For me it just makes me want to do work and able to focus easier, like my brain craves some kind of stimulation. As a college senior, I wish I would've had this shit the past few years. I'm only on my first bottle but plan on re-upping as soon as I'm out. I hope other C&P products work half as good as this.

    PS It's even better stacked with caffeine or EC. I've read that it's great mixed with Da Vinci and/or Inferno and plan on trying those out in the future.

  4. Focus and clarity in a little blue pill

    Posted by Lucien Koefoed on 26th Aug 2014

    I've been taking 2-3 each day along with 2-3 inferno for a couple of months now.
    Initially the effects were subtle, slightly better attention span, short-term memory a bit faster.
    As I look back now I realize that literally all of my thoughts have become significantly more fluid; I can study something for 3-4 hours without a break and still feel fresh.
    Highly recommended, far far better than just noopept by itself.

  5. One cannot be too smart

    Posted by Jae on 19th Aug 2014

    I've been using this nootropic daily for three months and notice a marked clarity and boost in the intensity of my ability to focus. Take this shit and destroy your opposition with intelligence.

  6. Badass - Chaos and Pain Delivers

    Posted by AG on 15th Aug 2014

    In a world of fabled fools and false promise, the more I buy these radically named and meticulously designed products, the more I appreciate the integrity of the Chaos and Pain brand. This product delivers. Period.
    It's not like a magic NZT pill off the movie Limitless, nor will it send your cerebral arteries into spasm and send your heart into rhythmic chaos. The experience can be described as a subtle heightened focus, and enhanced mental state. There is little patience for surrounding idiocy, and maximal drive for getting things done. Over time, there is a cumulative effect of the noopept, and as even minor details are effortlessly brought back into the realm of conscious memory. I have consulted Jamie a few times regarding mega dosing this product, and I agree with him wholeheartedly. If you can tolerate the acacia rigidula, which I can, upping the dose will only serve to make you sharper. Astounding yourself is only the beginning.

  7. Awesome focusing power!

    Posted by Tyler on 17th May 2014

    I had never taken anything for cognitive enhancement or focus before. So I was little nervous about purchasing this product. I am happy I picked it up, though! Genius is true to form and sort of "pulls" you into this really cool focused state where you are on point, on task, and aware of all the variables. You don't just hit a switch and get to work. By the time you realize it's kicked in, you are already blazing through whatever you have in front of you. Get it. Try it.

  8. Clears the cobwebs

    Posted by Unknown on 5th May 2014

    Another great product. I'm not going to jump into hyperbole about it making you smarter as such. I find the effect is more on concentration: this wakens you up, focuses you and stops distractions crowding your thoughts.

    I am >30, married and have an extremely stressful job all of which affect your thought processes more than most people realise. It is difficult for me to focus on one task without becoming distracted and emotional factors like anxiety can bleed into my decision making.

    This gives you your own smarts, but under optimal conditions - like if you were wide awake after a good nights sleep, but also twenty, single and living off your parents.

    About 10min after taking it, sights and sounds shift into clearer focus. Then there is a subtle sense of focus and mental clarity which seems to last for the remainder of the day.

    And like some studies with noopept show, it seems to have a cumulative affect as you keep using it.

    I am going to stock up and pray it never gets banned.

  9. good shit

    Posted by Unknown on 5th May 2014

    This shit is pretty cool.. I've only had it a few days and don't take it every day.. I almost feel mildy lit after poppin two before I do any studying or training. I noticed when training a client I zone in way more than usual and my attention to detail is much better. Also had a rock solid hard on swacking on my chick, good shit

  10. Amazing Product; Great Support

    Posted by Tony on 26th Apr 2014

    First of all I would like to say that C&P support is one of the best I have ever encountered.

    After my original order got messed up in an american post office, they immediatley offered me a refund and resend my exact order without any further trouble.
    (by the way fellow austrians, you can order without having a hard time explaining to border control why you are importing nootropics)

    Concerning Genius:
    It's the first time I have tried out noopept but I am not unfamiliar with modafinil. As you can't really compary the two I'm just going to go ahead and say that I like noopept more.

    It works very subtle, yet you realize how much more focused you are. No tunnelvision or anything crazy, simply steady, calm focus. My mood has been improved greatly and my working moral is through the roof. I get shit done withing a few hours now and spend the rest of the day working euphorically on a few personal projects.

    I have been studying japanese for about a year now and learning kanji as well as japanese grammar is so much easier!
    The first time I thought it was placebo, but my memory and learning ability has been improved SIGNIFICANTLY.
    On top nothing can distract me. I freaking love this stuff!
    I am going to give this to all of my friends going to med school. They need it almost more than I do, I'll let you know what they think about it later on.

    What else is there to say?
    -I sleep like a baby on this stuff. Getting to bed once you are done with everything is alright but if you left something on your to do list which you could do right now you are very likely to stay up all night and get it done.

    -My conversation skills were always great but now they have improved even more.

    Hitting the gym is a little bit strange on noopept though. I feel kind of emotionless except for the slight euphoria that always accompanies the consumption of this nootropic blend. So getting pissed and hitting the weights with vengeance is really difficult. Instead of attacking the iron with the murderous anger of a viking warrior on 1,3 DMAA and angel dust (that'd sum up FEROX) this is more of the cold, calmly calculated approach. You get everything done with ease but at the end of your training session you look back and feel the same. There is no emotional outlet, just this dim feeling of being on noopept.
    Which is fucking great don't get me wrong! I love this shit and just reordered it. But the gym experience is more like a practice session. Not an all out "killing-it" experience.

    Anyway I can't stop talking/writing when on Noopept so I'll just go ahead and say, if you are spending a lot of time in college libraries or are generally in the need of something that makes your office time so much more badass:

    Don't forget to eat. I have to force myself to shovel in food. My appetite is simply gone although it doesn't seem to be that much of a problem. Instead, getting my ass to the kitchen table when I'm busy tearing through biochemistry or languages is!

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