Everyone has seen the ads. Whether you’re looking for them or not, a commercial or pop-up selling Testosterone Boosters or other supplements that “guarantee” to work will be unavoidable. Oftentimes, they have some celebrity endorsement or a clinical study that professes all the marvels of their product. But, in most cases, you’ll find that not only don’t these products work, in some cases they might even do the opposite of what they claim. The truth is, unless you can confirm what you read, through multiple endorsements, through actual testimonials or especially through customer reviews, you don’t really know how good a product will work.


What a product markets itself as, and what it really does are certainly not always the same. The purpose is ultimately to sell you something. But just because an ad says you should buy something means nothing without real proof. Reviews and peers are the key. Ultimately, if people are thrilled with a product, they will let others know. The same applies when they are not happy. Testosterone Boosters are no different. Whether you’re a young rager who wants to get ripped out of your shirt and mind, or an aging stud that wants to maintain that level of virility you’re accustomed to, people prove products.


Again, testimony is key in deciding. However, certain ingredients are indisputably beneficial, and you should keep an eye out for them. They include:

  • Brassaiopsis glomerulata, a tree that contains compounds anecdotally shown to suppress estrogen
    • Curcumin, an herb that improves blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, and prevents prostate enlargement 
    • Indole-3-carbinol, an estrogen blocker
    • Safed musli, an herb that improves erectile function and acts as an aphrodesiac
    • Mucuna pruriens, which improves sperm quality
    • N-Methyl-D-aspartic acid, which gives a mild testosterone boost and improves fertility
    • Capsorb™, (Sodium decanoate) increases the bioavailability of insoluble nutrients that pass poorly through the gut wall

Check out the Reviews. This can’t be stressed enough. Real users of real products that have real results (or lack thereof). Try a legitimate, hardworking testosterone booster, complete with reviews from actual customers.


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