Look. Every preworkout on the market is going to include Creatine to rebuild your muscles and Citrulline Malate amino acid to fight muscle fatigue. This is a given. What we feel separates the men from the boys is the edge.

You get that edge from being awake in every sense of the word. In the best pre workout on the market, the Cannibal Ferox, we pack in the maximum legal amounts of caffeine and yohimbine HCL, then added higenamine, hordenine, acacia rigidula, and synephrine, to provide an the amount of sustainable energy that can only be descibed as “f*cking FIERCE”. This means your mind and muscle will be awake and ready to rock. If you’re serious about lifting, crossfit, running, or getting out of bed in the morning… Cannibal Ferox is your friend.

If you want to dial it back a couple notches from the max, there are some great non-stimulant pre workouts, like the Cannibal Permaswole that will feed your muscles without making you see another dimension.

Whatever supplement routine you decide to implement, lift responsibly and don’t forget to supplement your joints as well. 

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