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CANNIBAL FEROX Stimulant Pre-workout


(325 customer reviews)

Cannibal Ferox represents the natural evolution of our bestselling Pre-Workout. Gone are last years outdated stims, and IN is one of the newest heavy hitting thermogenic stimulants available.


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CANNIBAL FEROX Stimulant Pre-workout

Why did we upgrade Ferox? Because we wanted to knock you on your a**. You hear it all the time. Pre-workouts that claim they will light you up so much that you will need a pilot’s license. Unfortunately, most don’t even give you a bigger buzz than your morning coffee. For all those stim-heads out there, we just released a beast.

The NEW Ferox: The NEW Ferox represents the natural evolution of our bestselling pre-workout. Gone are last years outdated stims, and IN is one of the newest heavy hitting thermogenic stimulants available.

Stimulant Package: This bad mama jamma has more stimulants than we even like to think about.  There is zero percent chance that you will not be raging in the gym or whatever active you will be undertaking after a full scoop of this bad boy.

Fat Burning 101:  The stimulant power inside of this product has a secret purpose, fat burning is a by-product of the ingredient cocktail.  Thus making this Ferox a double edged sword of both fat burning and stimulant focus to get the job done at every level.

Source: AdToms

What about the Pumps and Endurance: Don’t worry your pretty little veins. The NEW Ferox has 6g of Citrulline that will help you get the sickest shirt splitting pump of all time. Plus, there is 2.5g of Betaine to take your Nitric Oxide production to the extreme. And with 3.2g of Beta Alanine, you don’t have to worry about your endurance being crapy.

How long can you use Ferox: If used strictly as a pre-workout, we recommend cycles of 8-12 weeks for maximum performance. If using for fat burning purposes, we recommend cycles of 4-8 weeks, with a minimum of one serving per day. Take before workouts and cardio. On non-workout days, take in the morning, or sip throughout the day for an energized treat!

Can Ferox be stacked with anything else? Yes! Ferox goes great with any fat burner! Just use Ferox in place of one of your daily fat burner doses. For increased workout performance, Ferox stacks well with Mercury. For increased thermogenesis, Ferox stacks well with Cannibal Claw, Cannibal Carnage, and Predator.

Cannibal Ferox Review by The Garage Gym Homie

Cannibal Ferox Pre-Workout Review



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325 reviews for CANNIBAL FEROX Stimulant Pre-workout

  1. Tim Lukky

    You want play the game? Well buy this – nothing compares. I used to take Core FURY that shit is straight a** gas

  2. Keith Kaplin

    The King. I have been taking this since the company first came around. It has changed and adapted and it is the best thing around. This is such an amazing product these guys are just amazing. The products they come out with are just so far ahead of everyone its crazy.

  3. Kelly Ryan

    I used to take Fury by Drug Miller – stuff was absolute garbage compared to this. Unbelievable. Never try anything else.

  4. Andy Carey

    Took the full scoop. F me up famz. Beyond expectations.

  5. NoJokes

    Amazing product. The best taste. Hardest hitting pre. I love it.

  6. Tony Sever

    The ultimate stack with permaswole this stuff is the best no crash sh*t on the market

  7. Kameron K.

    The hardest hitting compliant pre-workout on the market. This stuff is not for beginners

  8. Justin Bucki

    I have not used a PWO in years. I have used Jacked and 1MR when it was pre ban. I was concerned how this would feel as i dont like feeling cracked out or anything that kills my apetite. Im 5 wks out from competing now and i can tell you I feel great on this! I took it about 4 hrs ago now. I had a great workout for the first time in weeks and i have not had any energy crash or negative sides from this. Highly recommend this product!

  9. Nicholas (verified owner)

    Been using this for 4 years now, since the original Cannibal Ferox Amped. Excellent focus, just make sure you start on half a scoop.

  10. Glenn (verified owner)

    Wew lads! This ’ish right here is the reason R. Kelly thought that he could fly! All kidding aside, this stuff is no joke and will have you wanting to EAT those weights! Not for rookies. Will be a staple going forward.

  11. Chris (verified owner)

    I’ve tried many pre workouts but this product is by far the best one available on the market! I highly recommend Ferox to anyone looking for a solid pre workout that really works.

  12. Sophia

    Honestly one of the best pres I ahve taken. Beats out my all time fav of allmax hvol

  13. Kyle Campbell (verified owner)

    Taste is perfect. Never a cringe or BLEH on the way down. Smooth.
    Stimulation is out of this world. Laser focus and mind muscle connection.
    450mg caffeine per scoop will have you wondering where your at if your not tolerant. Killer products. Been using for 3 years now.

  14. Cary (verified owner)

    Tried a lot of different pre-workouts and stim products and this has been really awesome. I will continue to purchase this product in the future.

  15. Caleb (verified owner)


  16. Steve B (verified owner)

    Tried many pre workouts and this is the best thus far! Clean pick me up for the long workouts and no crash!

  17. Ferox is powerful (verified owner)

    Cannibal Ferox is hard hitting preworkout even compared to preworkout with 200mg of dmha. I loved the workout. I recommend cannibal Ferox for stimulus junkies.

  18. Ed Vicario (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff.

  19. Chris (verified owner)

    New formula is better than meth. The old one felt like there was barely any stim in it, but holy shit what a difference. A full scoop is almost too much. LOVE IT.

  20. Ray Rivera (verified owner)

    As a man who trains 2 a days starting at 5:30am I only use high stim preworkout and this is the first pre workout that has topped my longtime favorite. The taste was actually great and I personally had no crash. This is one of 3 preworkouts I have tried that actually lives up to the hype. I definitely recommend.

  21. Chris (verified owner)

    Easily the best preworkout on the market, at least out of the ones I’ve tried (which is a lot). Tastes good, great pump, energy and focus. Because of this preworkout I bought every other preworkout in their line up and I’m excited to give those a test run too.

  22. benya (verified owner)

    Got the Carny Candy, tastes fire. Literally melts your face from the niacin. Gives you a more cerebral kind of energy so nootropic makes sense. Glad I bought it.

  23. Chris

    Great pre-workout, literally the best on the market, no doubts about it. I stack this with the permaswole for that lil extra skin ripping pump. Once again, great products with quality ingredients!

  24. Pascal (verified owner)

    How do you make the worlds best preworkout ? Make it strawberry and kiwi flavour ! Its absolutely killer. Buy some, don’t look any further.

  25. Patrick (verified owner)

    Always great. The new Pineapple Express flavor is by far the best yet.

  26. Boba O’Really (verified owner)

    It works, it works , it works. In my opinion, this is the best of the pre-workouts Chaos and Pain offers. Good energy, focus and feeling. No real crash to speak of. A consistent purchase for me.

  27. Harlan Little (verified owner)

    This preworkout smacked me harder than any pre I have ever used. I’m in love with this stuff!

  28. Joe Warren (verified owner)

    This product was recommended to me by a friend. The pump I got was definitely on par with the big name brands in GNC and it’s price is competitive.

  29. Redline (verified owner)

    I’ve been using stim preworkouts for years and this one stands out! I personally don’t like the tingly feeling in the face and ears, but it goes away as soon as you start working out. The energy is intense and the focus is great. It feels cleaner and more consistent than others ive tried. I can use this on leg day amd my energy is up, but my heart doesn’t feel like it’s gunna pop. Also, the lemon lime tastes good as hell! I’ll be trying Riot next

  30. Jeremy (verified owner)

    I must say as a Caffiend i enjoy a good jolt, and my coworkers were also amazed that this product almost gave me the jitters w one scoop.
    I will definitely be buying this again.
    Thank you Rena for the suggestion!

  31. Matthew D.this stuff is amazing! Out of all the oreworkouts I have ever used, this is a first that t (verified owner)

    Out of all the preworkouts I have ever tried, this is the first time a recommended dosage was legit, I had to dial back the scoop my next time! After the first day I couldn’t wait for my next workout!

  32. John Gibbs (verified owner)

    One of the best pre workouts I have ever had!!! Once you take it you can tell you are going to have a great workout. I am now a loyal customer. Can’t wait to get more!

  33. Shawn

    This pre work out kicks ass best i heve ever used thank you chaos and pain will be buying aging

  34. Marty Nemec (verified owner)

    With 450mg of caffeine and even more goodies, Ferox hits like a truck. You go from tired to ready to lift a car in 10-15 minutes. If you’re into stims, you need to give Ferox a try.

  35. Wade Griffith (verified owner)

    I love outlift but Cannibal Ferox takes the cake easily. I have had most flavors and love them all and the product mixes easily.

  36. Kimberly Shealy (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff here! The absolute best I have had!!

  37. Nathan T (verified owner)

    Currently in the gym using this stuff and I can’t praise this s*** enough. Wicked energy and focus. Usually with high stim pre’s I have no appetite after I’m done working out. But I smash it in the gym then I go and smash it at denny’s.

  38. JV (verified owner)

    This is REALLY good pre-workout. For me, it adds the right amount of stimulant while also helping focus on the session at hand.

  39. Taylor (verified owner)

    Because I workout early in the morning some days just don’t feel energized and focused to get the best performance that I’m capable of. This stuff will make you wake up the neighbors!! I experience a satisfying, heart pumping workout that doesn’t disappoint. All this and and no aweful crash afterwards. If you are looking for something to help you punish that next set look no farther!

  40. Jeffrey Grotpeter (verified owner)

    Best PWO I’ve used!!

  41. Matt mawby (verified owner)

    This stuff is straight jacked with stims and will have you with an overflow of energy. I love it. I have a high caffeine tolerence from all my years of taking preworkout and this stuff felt like the first experience again.

  42. Hashim Ali (verified owner)




  43. Jarrod Hughett (verified owner)

    This is by far the best pre workout on the market. Savage focus with some serious ass kicking pumps not to mention the energy level is thru the roof!

  44. Heidi (verified owner)

    This has been the best pre-workout i’ve ever had. Crystal clear focus and able to pump out a few extra reps.

  45. Marty C (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this flavor. Between this and watermelon, I could eat it for dessert!!

  46. Luke M. (verified owner)

    This PW is legit. Loving it so far.

  47. Joseph Sands (verified owner)

    I was wrong. Ferox is the shit. I had Permaswole before and liked it a lot but switched to a different stim preworkout. Decided to try Ferox, took a scoop for the first time and literally felt like my face was melting in a good way. Will definitely be ordering again.

  48. Drew Pena (verified owner)

    Seriously? “Holy shit” is what I mainly have to say to this pre-workout. If you want to know what it’s like to be Ric Flair, Macho Man Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, and Hulk Hogan fused into one, and given speed, then you’ll want this gift from the lifting gods. First day of trying it, I saw Olympus, and I knew, I just knew that it was going to be a great day for Deadlifts. The extreme energy, the mental focus, the tingling sensation from head to toe was just a whirlwind of awesome. Combined with permaswole, your body will feel like it’s reached the level of a Super Saiyan God ready to fuck up the universe, let alone the gym. The original Jack3d doesn’t hold a match to Ferox. Jack3d is Ferox’ bitch. All pre-workouts are inferior compared to Ferox, and I’m never going back. Trust me, you won’t go back to any shit Preworkout once you’ve had this.

  49. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Tried the new Candy flavor, best there is. Within 30 mins you’ll be out in your gym parking lot deadlifting F350’s and farmers walking your aunt and uncle’s Honda Civics. Highly recommend.

  50. Brian (verified owner)

    This stuff is great! I got the Strawbloody Kiwi Crush and dig the flavor. What sets this pre-workout apart from the others that I have tried is the fact that I don’t want to tear my skin off. It gets me amped for my workouts, and I have yet to experience any negative side effects. I definitely recommend this stuff!

  51. Tyrone Jabrone (verified owner)

    Prepare to have your lil’ baby biscuit boner turned into a swollen Satanic salami stick of sin. Sh*t don’t f*ck around. 2 scoops if you want to feel like you just smoked a burlap sack full of bath-salts while riding 8 seconds on a 6 horned bull with a set of nuts bigger than your Grandpa’s daddy. But you won’t buy it cuz you’re happy with that Walmart brand pump you get after putting up some weak-ass pull ups at your local Crossfit joint. You know, the one that serves f*cking espresso and biscotti nuggets on Tuesdays after you’ve spent the entire morning watching Sex and the City reruns with your post menopausal Mum. So if you wanna shake that sh*t up and get weird, pickup the phone, bubs, she’s for you.

  52. Byron L Miller (verified owner)

    Was recommended this by my brother who is a personal trainer. Doesn’t give me any harsh affects and doesn’t make me too jittery. I’m lifting weights I never thought I could and I look forward to taking it every time before the gym

  53. Chris (verified owner)

    I’ve tried every pre-workout out there! For someonethat wakes up at 4am M-F for fasted cardio this gives me everything I need without any jitters or side effects. If you’re looking for great long lasting energy and no crash, this is it!

  54. Jon W. (verified owner)

    Without a doubt, C&P products are the best for your money. The new Cannibal Ferox formula is great- the original was intense, but it left me feeling jittery hours after the gym. Now, the powder keeps me focused for hours, and I don’t feel like my heart is trying to escape from my ribcage. A side effect is that I never really feel hungry after using it, a definite plus while cutting. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a great PWO, or who needs something a little more enhanced than black coffee to start their day.

  55. Will Jordan

    EVEN hours after working out my Heart rate is still working burning fat, no feeling jittery.

  56. Michael Luttrell (verified owner)

    I have ADHD, so a lot of preworkouts are half ass to me (none have given me focus) this one gives me insane focus and also 5 hours after i take it i could still be working out in the gym! Insane stuff, and no crash!

  57. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This pre workout is amazing I really enjoy the energy it provides. Stay away from the watermelon flavor tho it’s not very pleasant.

  58. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Shout-out to Jim Brakewood for the recommendation! I’m an old guy (41) that’s just getting back into weight lifting after nearly 10 years out of the gym. All we had back in the early 2000’s was stackers, hydroxycut and ripped fuel. That stuff was all caffeine, aspirin and green tea extract. This stuff…holy amaze-balls. Although I do really hate the pins and needles that come with the citriline malate, it fades and you get a hell of a workout. Age and bad habits have really taken a toll on my endurance and energy levels but this stuff makes me feel younger and powerful again. Definitely a whole new level of supplement! Will buy again and again!

  59. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Short Version:

    I would buy it again.
    I would recommend it to a friend.

    Long Version:

    I am a 29 year old raw powerlifter who has been training for the past 10 years. I enjoy preworkouts and as a result I have tried a lot of them over the years. For the past year or so I took a popular pre workout and simply bought each individual ingredient on the list and concocted my own supplement. However I enjoy Jamie’s writing so much that I said fuck it and decided to support his business.

    I received my product quickly in the mail and immediately started with a full scoop, which wasn’t a mistake but I would definitely start with a half scoop if you’re new to supplements this potent.

    What I noticed the most taking this stuff? The focus and the pump. I honestly think this shit would be even better if you were a bodybuilder or focusing on hypertrophy. My mind muscle connection was significantly better while on this stuff compared to other supplements. No obnoxious tingles from the beta alanine, and no stomach upset from the creatine.

    I got the Jungle Warfare flavor and it is absolutely delicious. They were even nice enough to throw in a few sample servings of their other products.

    Good people selling quality products at a fair place. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

  60. Anonymous

    By far the best pre-workout I have used to date. Great energy, but doesn’t make you feel like you are about to crawl outside of your skin.

  61. Carmen Di Mino

    This is a fine example of quality control with Chaotic blends that’ll allow you to deadlift til body hurts the next waking morning. Follow the scoop measurements because going over will set you up for a wakeful event of a whole workday. Clean energy with a kick to the brain in matter of minutes. Highly recommended for the familiar users of preworkout. Not for the faint of heart

  62. Anonymous

    Laser-Cat-like focus blended with the man child of Jimmy Super fly Snuka and all the Thundercats.

  63. James Stafford

    This pre work out is SAVAGE. Everyone thinks C4 is so great. I had it sent hear to me in Afghanistan and I had a bunch of the guys who are stuck on the PX BS and GNC products try it. One of my guys laughed at me when he read the container and it said “it will bite your face off” I gave him a scoop and he came back after his work out and apologized. He said “you where right, that was the most extreme pre work out I’ve ever used.” Everyone know is begging me to try it and words gotten out. Like every other prework out your body will build up a tolenrence. Nothing is ever like your first few times, but it always delivers. I refuse to use any other pre work out.

  64. Kevin Norton

    Ive heard great things about this brand and couldnt reaiat the urge to try it. One of the things that really caught my attention was the use of nootropics in the supplement. When i took it, it kicked in bout 20min later. No jitters but i had laser focus, a pump, on one helluva need to get off my ass and lift something. By far one of the best supplements i have taken!

  65. Anonymous

    If you’re a pre-workout fan, this stuff is for you. It gave me a great dose of energy to power through my workout with no crash whatsoever!

  66. Jordan

    When I purchased this product it did not get to me at first. There was some delivery mix ups and I had to wait almost a month total when it should have been only a week a few days. 2 phone calls later I finally received my order, the customer service gets a 10/10 from me. Super nice and super good phone etiquette. And on top of all that the product gives great energy and makes me feel like a monster throughout my workout. All in all and final verdict, if you are crazy enough not to like the product then you will enjoy the customer service! No survivors…..just examples.

  67. James

    I am no expert, but I know what works for me. I have a bit of a tolerance when it comes to stims, but this stuff is absolutely insane. Nothing I have ever taken has made me focus so hard on my lifts and give me the boost of energy to stay motivated through my builds than this stuff. Chaos and Pain, you have earned a lifer. Will be reordering.

  68. James

    I have used this preworkout for lifting, calisthenics, and breakn. Each time I taken it I have had the same amount of crazy energy and focus. Not only that it carries on even after your work out. If you want to work out and get things done afterwards I highly recommend this supplement. No patty cake here.

  69. Aaron

    I don’t lift anymore, & martial arts is on the backburner, but I do work a job that is both physical and mental in nature. I have to be ready to lift heavy things sometimes for hours, wrap & push pallets around on the jack, sweat my ass off in a clean room under layers of PPE gear, then relay detailed info quickly in a noisy multi-language environment, then bang out very quick basic math (which I’ve always struggled with). I also have to diagnose & repair complex machinery on the fly in between these tasks. I started using C&P with the Aggro gamer supplement, which is very good & quickly replaced soda for me. It helped me knock out 10+ hour days with less fatigue. I discovered C&P while looking for a bootleg copy of the movie ‘Cannibal Ferox’ and I knew I was onto some sort of pseudo magic bullet to help me crush shitty work weeks. I used many bottles of Inferno & Inferno Amped last year to lose a bit of chub after a medical leave & a surgery. The Inferno formulas both are great too. Finally tried Ferox several months ago and used it for days where I slept too little or was foggy headed. The stuff does indeed provide me with a machine-like intensity and focus, far better than anything out of a corner store energy drink fridge. Lawless lemon lime is very good. I just reordered the blackberry this time. I’ll be interested to see if there’s a difference in the formula, as I had bought the “OG” ferox that was available here on the site for a limited time. My new order is the current ferox recipe. I am very impressed with all of the C&P supps I have used and I’ve turned a few coworkers on to the green Aggro. Many of the supplements on the market seem like garbage but Chaos & Pain has consistently delivered quality across a year or so of continued use and different products.

  70. Anonymous

    This pre-workout hits like it should, every product I’ve every read says it does this and that but this product is true to its word. After 15 plus years of lifting its good to see some products work.

  71. Joseph Audet

    I tried blackberry brutality and man it was pretty damn good, I’m 6’4 240 lbs and it made me get up and go, if your newer to pre workouts this would be one of my choices. But if you’ve been in the game a while and want to spend decent money on pre workouts I’d definitely go with the amped version, it just kicks more and gives a way better overall workout, wish I could trade in my ferox for ferox amped, but it’ll do!!!

  72. Franco

    ….was my reaction the first time I tried cannibal pre-workout. I don’t understand why this preworkout is not more popular than it is because it crushes it’s competition. This gets you hyped. This gives you energy. This gives you motivation. This gives you power. You need this for your next workout. Stop reading these reviews because you’re just wasting your time. Go buy this product. I recommend watermelon warmachine flavor, if not the strawbloody kiwi is pretty good too.

  73. Anonymous

    This is the best preworkout I have ever used. I had to start out with half a scoop but I definitely got what I was after in the gym.

  74. Alex

    I’ve tried several different pre workouts throughout the years. Many of which I grew a tolerance to in the first couple of weeks and stopped working all together. This s&$t is for real! Never been more energized and focused while moving heavy weights. Been using cannibal ferox for a couple of years now and still one scoop does the trick. Would highly recommend!

  75. Glenn Sager

    Let me start off by saying I’m not really a lifter, more of an endurance runner if anything. That being said, this is one of the best supplements for energy and focus I have ever taken….. Actually, that was a lie. This is THE best supplement for energy and focus I’ve taken, bar none. I’m not jittery or agitated, just focused and perked up, if you will. Will be telling many a friends and family members about this product and company.


  76. Pascal Brander Lund

    I am very satisfied with the product.

    With normal stims you often build a tolerance and cannot feel the effects as wildly as you wish too. I’ve used Frenzy and Craze before but I prefer this now.

    I’ve been using the Ferox everyday, and I am still buzzing!

    Can’t wait to try out the other products aswell.

  77. Anonymous

    I ws using basic ass C4 from costco for my pre workout. It tasted horrible and the effects were minimal. This stuff tastes great and really gives me that focus and tingles. I needed two scoops of C4, only one scoop of this.

  78. Ernie

    I have used all sorts of pre-workouts and lets just say that none of them have worked like Ferox! Awesome Energy and focus and no crash! I do Jiu Jitsu in the morning and this stuff gets me going and gives me the concentration I need to wok on my game! I have also called and emailed the company just to ask questions and on other stuff and I have to say I am really impressed with their customer service! This the only pre-workout that I use. I have to admit that on off days, I even take this stuff instead of coffee in the morning. I know that different people react differently to stims but for me this is the perfect balance of energy and concentration.

  79. Janel Greo Pregonero Abad

    Pre-workouts have NOT worked for me. I’ve tried MP Assault, C4, Pre-Jym, NO Xplode, and a handful of others. Unfortunately I have received no results from them.

    Ordered Chaos and Pain products after several recommendations through forums and a friend. First order was of Cannibal Ferox and I have to say, it is well worth it.

    I was stubborn and took one full scoop due to no pre-workout working and my heart was racing about 20 minutes after taking it. I was sweating, and I never sweat, I was tingling, and I felt ready to go!

    The only downside is that I did not feel much focus, just an intense burst of energy ready to knock reps out.

    NOW! Combine it with Permaswole and you’ll get EVERYTHING you need to bust through a workout AND SOME!

  80. Anonymous

    I’m a person who uses some pretty stim heavy preworkouts, but cannibal ferox takes the cake! I’ve had the original jack3d and this is just like it, if not better! Great energy and intense tunnel vision that let me crush my workouts day after day! No crash; just great energy and focus! Had the blackberry flavor and it tasted great.

  81. Frank

    Extremely pleased with Cannibal Ferox. No-joke pre-workout. As un-sissified as legally possible. After using for a couple months, I’ve not been disappointed. Also alert the rest of the day without coffee. Lawless Lemonlime tastes great. Also use C&P Helios to good effect. C&P delivery is fast and without incident. Excellent product.

  82. Brent Fonokalafi

    I find this preworkout to be well balanced. I get the extra kick in the a$$ I need w/o feeling like a crack head. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  83. Steve

    I’m a competitive mens physique athlete in the NPC. When prepping for a show energy levels dip low as carbs are decreased, so we rely pretty heavily on stims. I’m a HUGE stim fan even in the offseason, so I needed something that would give me a good push. I’ve been using Chaos and Pain supps since they first came out and I love them. Nothing else compares that I’ve tried.

  84. justin

    Whilst scanning the deep deep parts of the internet, I stumbled upon a forum; rating the best pre workouts out their on the market/online. A handful of people pointed towards products I personally have already tried or have known people who have tried them. I was disappointed with MOST of the ingredients in a lot of these pre workouts. Only until i came across a pretty flash post (big font, colored font, flashing fonts and a picture of a guy with chaos and pains original pre workout. I never heard of chaos and pain so i decided to dive into the rant and everything i read about it peaked my interest. I then looked up a few reviews and more forums on this chaos and pain’s “cannibal ferox” 98 percent of those reviews on this product were really well put together and seemed like some good shit. Me being the curious lab rat I am decided to purchase said Cannibal Ferox. Didn’t really take long to get here, popped open the lid and took a deep breath of the smell of it ” Watermelon War-machine.” Didn’t smell too bad. later that day i decided to follow the warnings on the container and use one levelish scoop in a shaker cup with some water. Chugged it down, taste was so so had better taste but about 20 mins later i got that Beta-Aline itch and a few kilos of good clean energetic energy! i couldn’t wait to get to the gym! I loved the feeling because there were no jitters or the feeling of your heart is about to explode. Clean. Energy. at it’s finest I’d say. Went through my whole workout and i couldn’t lose any focus and pretty much tunneled visioned into lifting my weights and even my muscle wouldn’t get tired as fast. I thought to myself” You sure this shit aint steroids with lots of clean caffeine in it?” haha no but seriously my workout was amazing and at some points during the workout i couldn’t exhaust my muscle at all ha. So overall this pre-workout Cannibal Ferox kicks your ass nicely and if you’re lazy or someone who needs a lil shove to head to the gym take a scoop of this shit and you’ll be benching/squatting and dead-lifting every piece of equipment down there at the gym! YES- i recommend this product to anyone who wants to be a man. If you think you’re a man already and don’t take this stuff than sorry mate but you aren’t a man till u take a scoop of Cannibal Ferox and curl your neighbors car over.

  85. Angel soto

    I’ve grown an immunity to most preworkouts and wow does this one hit me I love it I’ll be coming back for more soon!!

  86. Paden

    Probably my favorite pre-workout to date. Taking these supplements are half mental for me anyway. But this product gives me what I want out of a pre-workout. I take it about 20 minutes before hitting the gym, and by the time I get in there I’m ready to break things (or people curling in the squat rack). So the stimulant is awesome, and not overpowering. My stomach is usually sensitive to stimulants, but I have had zero issues with this. Taste is definitely tolerable (watermelon is my fav). And I get a fantastic pump. I’m not a very vascular dude, but my veins are jumping out of everywhere when I lift with this. Highly recommended, and I have 3 of my coworkers hooked now as well after they got a taste of my first bottle. Do yourself a favor, and get you a bottle of this. You won’t regret it.

  87. Keithw13

    It’s not as crazy as I thought it would be. The energy rolls in smooth and the focus is unbelievable! It’s my new go to when I’m struggling for energy.

  88. Phillip Held

    I ordered the 2016 formula hoping for the best. My hopes were answered. This formula is better than the original. You get the quick, sustained energy as before, but the focus and mood enhancement is a bit better and longer lasting than previous formulas. I was not a fan of the “Amped” formula, but this one is a winner!!!

  89. Bob

    Cannibal Ferox is fan freakin tastic.
    It provides the boost and focus that can take a good workout and make it a great workout.
    As stated in other reviews, there are no jitters and no crash (that I’ve experienced) when using it.

    If I can offer any advice on using this product, it would be READ the LABEL! and…listen to what it says. After reading the directions, I was somewhat hesitant on what dosage to use. I am 200+ pounds and the recommended dose is 1 scoop. I personally started with 1/2 scoop, and moved it up from there.
    Why did I start so low?
    Again, read the label. There is a clear instruction that says..Use common sense when dosing this product, if you abuse it, it will bite you.
    I wholeheartedly believe that.

    You may ask yourself why I care how you use this product? Good question.
    The short answer is, it is a product that works. I would like to see it available for years to come. If some friggin nimrod f**ks himself up by thinking he’s bigger than the recommended dosage, it could go the way of dodo quite quickly. End of Sermon.

    In sum, it works, buy it, use it, crush skulls.

  90. Calder Cattanach

    I’ve been using pre workout for a good bit now but over time I have lost the focus and the energy gained by pre. As of my tolerance had gone up. I even took breaks off of using it. So I tried branching out to find one that worked. I came across this one so I figured that I would test it out. The first time I took it I felt it about 15 minutes afterwards. So far, this has been the best Pre Workout I have ever taken. And I will definitely be ordering more from Choas and Pain.

  91. Anonymous

    I like to drink this during my workout,which is usually around 4:30 am.It doesn’t make me all jittery and anxious like too much caffeine would.It doesn’t take long before my focus is more intense and I can tune out everything else. Definitely gets me psyched and ready.Watermelon war machine rules!!

  92. Ryan J Pitts

    As the owner of the worlds greatest hand crafted strength gear, I spend many, many days that turn into nights and mornings without much sleep sometimes. It’s what has to be done when your standing out in a crowd. You put the work in, Chaos & Pains Cannibal Ferox has fueled countless productive hammer making hours. It’s like it turns off the sleep button in the brain. If you’ve got a passion for something just add CNP Cannibal Ferox and everyone else will be inhaling your smoke from you burning it up. GET IT.

  93. Steve Jr

    I was at a loss for words after my first workout with this one. I loved the original and couldn’t imagine this one being that big a difference. 10 Minutes into heavy deadlifts….WTF JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!!

  94. DKay

    Cannibal Ferox, 1 scoop
    Modfinal, 100 mg
    Ephedrine, 50 mg
    Nicotine, user-preference
    Water, as much as you can get your hands on.

    I call this stack “god-mode”. And it will light your ass up, so use it sparingly. I truly believe Ferox is the mortar that holds it all together. It’s by far the best pre-workout supplement I’ve ever had.

    Stack Side-effects: raping life in the ass, killing it in the gym, high blood-pressure, savant-like focus, dehydration (drink the water dammit), loss of hangover, heart palpitations, being great at everything… etc.

    Thank you Jamie. You’re the best.

  95. Cameron

    Being an avid reader of Jamie’s blog I had wanted to try his Ferox PWO line for sometime and with a discount on the new formula I couldn’t pass it up.

    I will preface this by saying I am a stimulant junkie. However that doesn’t exclusively mean caffeine. I had use PWO that contained DMAA and AMP Citrate in the past and those always gave me much better results than most of your off the shelf brands. Luckily the new Cannibal Ferox formula doesn’t disappoint.

    I feel that the new Orchilean is just as much of a game changer as C&P has reported. You get a tremendous rush that builds gradually and dosent drop but rather tappers off so you can ride it. I’ve experienced less “crash” with this than other PWO that contained DMAA/AMP Citrate and best of all I don’t feel burnt out afterwards.

    As good as the stimulants are what really makes this shine in my opinion is the nootropic blend. Not enough PWO try to build on increasing mental performance. I had been using Noopept about a month before I started using Ferox and typically dosed myself at 20mg per day the same amount that’s in Ferox. Coupled with a choline source (Betaine anhydrous) you have a mixture that you’ll notice all day long.

    Some final notes…the pump is decent for a PWO not explicitly designed for it and I appreciate the addition of yohimbine though some people may not like the way they feel on it. As with most other PWO this contains Beta Alanine so your face tingling is nothing unusual but some may not like it. Whatever more for me.

    I went with the new Blackberry Brutality flavor and it’s fine. Not great but definitely not bad. It has a bit of a medicine taste to it but that’s to be expected. Still better than having something else fruit punch flavored. For people under 150lbs they recommend 1/4 scoop. At 5’2″ and about 140lbs I take a full scoop no problem. In fact I highly recommend taking a full scoop to really get the most out of this product. I usually take it only on my heavy days so about 3-4 times a week. Anything more and I think it would loose of its potency.

    I highly recommend this to anyone who trains hardcore. WARNING: Not Intended for Runners. They would probably die from just inhaling the fumes alone. I plan on always having a container in my stack as this has become my PR Sauce.

  96. Valerie

    This Preworkout is amazing. It gives me energy and focus during my workout. The new flavors taste great. I strongly recommend this. Ferox is amazing.

  97. Anonymous

    I take 1 scoop of Geeox with 1 scoop of permaswole before my workout, and it definitely gives me the ultimate “don’t care” about any pain or tiredness. I think legal coke would be an apt way to describe it.

  98. [email protected]

    I love all of C & P’s supplements, Cannibal Ferox will rock your world… I have used Mercury, Ferox(1 & 2), Claw, Aggro, and Swole more than one time. All are great products!

  99. Anonymous

    I tried a lot of pre workout supplements and nothing compares to CANNIBAL FEROX! It gave me extra focus and a better pump.

  100. Anonymous

    My training partner and I have used pre workouts for a long time, finally found something that finally works!

  101. Chaos101

    The new ferox is fucking off the chain!!! This orchilean version is without doubt the first legitimate pre-workout that lives up to the prior glory of the immortally glorious Craze and DMAA based syrup of the gods. If you cant feel this, you’re fucking dead and if this is too strong for you, you’re a fucking pussy and shouldn’t be reading this and insulting this website with your presence. I seriously just wish chaos and pain would utilize this orchilean ingredient to make a pure nootropic study/productivity aid in pursuit of total academic success. I mean you guys have a gaming supplement (aggro), but something that will make you thirsty for intellectual gains and wreck havoc on your opposition. Kind of like the limitless pill, which for chaos and pain seems quite possible given their refreshing ingenuity.

  102. CG

    Bought this for a 2-month stretch during a “transitional” phase of my life. I had a ton of work, a ton of moving parts at home (finding a new job and moving to another state), and a ton of drinking (all my friends and coworkers knew I was on the way out). As such, I only had time for early AM workouts.

    This stuff works. Absolute focus and energy even with little sleep or when slightly hungover. Around this time I started doing BTPP’s and I repped bodyweight for the first time on this stuff.

    This also helps getting through work on a hangover.

    I’ve only bought it once and I’m itching to purchase it again.

    Thanks C&P.

  103. NastyNate

    You want the best preworkout EVER? This is it. The only thing that will get you more cranked up is crank. Flavor has improved so much from the original. Get a syringe and inject it straight into your balls them go set some PRs. TeamMostHated will continue to be the only supplement company I use for the simple fact that their shit actually works.

  104. Anonymous

    I am a teacher and 3 sport coach, so the only time I have to workout is 5 am. Cannibal Ferox gives me the energy to hammer through a powerlifting/OLY lifting workout without the harsh crash when school starts.

  105. RUK Dusty

    Loved this preworkout. Drove me through my gym time and never quit early. I have recommended this to several people who all agree they love it.

  106. George

    I have both Ferox and Ferox Amped. The Ferox Amped is stronger in terms of energy and the Ferox is better for focus. They are both amazing PWO anyway.
    However, pair Ferox with Mercury for ridiculously INSANE energy, focus and endurance !!

  107. Anonymous

    I drink anywhere between 4-5 espresso + coffee per day. Sometimes I drink coffee as a preworkout, which isn’t the most effective.

    Good, clean energy with no jitters or buzz.
    Typically takes me quite a while to warm up, and this product allows me to focus and warm up fast.

  108. Eric

    Have tried all the flavors, finally came back to lawless lemon. Is there a new recipe? Maybe it’s just been too long since I had it and I forgot the flavor. It’s not as good as I remember though. I drink it very diluted though so it’s. Fine. Again I won’t use any other pre.

  109. Catherine Goicoechea

    I’ve tried a lot of different pre workouts and usually seem to find something that I don’t like about them whether it’s the jitters, I’m too itchy, the hard crash, I can’t focus (wow these make me sound like a crack head). I haven’t found anything I dislike about this product though!! It helps me focus, stay energized for a long period of time, I don’t get jittery, and I have no crash! I have even used it when I’m not working out like if I’m cleaning my house or recently packing for a trip. It’s been awesome!!! Can’t wait to try more!

  110. Anonymous

    Coming from a stim junkie and someone who has experimented with various forms of ephedrine for years, this is one of the most powerful stims on the market. Incredibly clean energy and the solubility is nearly perfect, even into small amounts of water (or straight down the hatch).

  111. Anonymous

    This takes care of business big time! I don’t feel a crash at all. I usually do around 500 push ups per work out, and this makes the first 250 seem like a walk in the park.

    Before I would get distracted and it would take a while to get through my work out. Now all I need is 1-2 minute rests, and I’m all good. a 10 minute rest gets me fully re-charged during a workout.

    It does almost feel like your Einstein face first hitting a coca plant… It gets things taken care of, and you are getting your mind back.

    Like you literally have control of your mind again. Everything else falls to shambles and nothing matters, just what you are doing. This is great if you are moving up to the next level with whatever you are doing.

    The flavors I like the most are lawless lemon lime, and mango.

    I didn’t like strawberry kiwi, it doesn’t taste the best.

    Lawless lemon really hit the spot, what they did with the flavor is perfect.

    Then with mango, you can really taste it and like it. First I didn’t want to have anything to do with it, but now it made me realize that I will probably like watermelon warmachine based on their mango flavor.

    So get Lawless lemon if you are on the fence.

    Next order is watermelon warmachine.

    Oh shizzzz and did I mention perma swole? Their apple green hulk flavor? Its off the hook!!! It tastes like similar to a green apple jolly rancher, or close to a frickin sweet green apple!

    I wish they would make green apple with cannibal ferox.

    This is my first try with nootropics and noopept, and it seems great, I have my mind back and I can focus!

    Plus these guys are your local gym “Death Bomb” powerlifter. The guys that you see all the way in the corner lifting like crazy, and no one knows their name and they don’t talk to anyone, they just come to lift. You can tell by their pics.

    They aren’t a big company out to make a buck, you could tell they wanted to make what they thought was good that would help get them through their intense workouts.

    So these seem like underground products of the elite.

  112. Rob

    This is it guys, the one you were looking for. Get this if you are getting preworkout. Don’t bother shopping around, order this and go lift weights with all the time you saved.

  113. sheila

    I’ve used differant preworkout in my past and this is by far the most powerful stimulate I’ve ever used with almost no jitter or side effect! I love this product!

  114. Anonymous

    Great energy, very intense. Down side, might be made out of people

  115. Joel Mumford

    Yet another Chaos and Pain product to do exactly what it claims, this stuff is awesome. Crazy energy, so much endurance, huge pump, tons of focus.

  116. Danielle

    Love this product. I only take 3/4 a scoop and feel great. I personally can’t take it when I’m doing cardio because I feel my heart rate is too intense. But definitely going to be my go-to product

  117. Connor Black

    Tastes good and got me goin’ in the gym, not much more I can ask for.

  118. Brandon Kamp

    Unlike some others I’ve tried, this product doesn’t give me the jitters. I also haven’t experienced any crashing. A good solid product.

  119. Daniel

    love it iv had almost ever stimulant u can try this is great stuff i will keep using cant wait to try amped next

  120. Anonymous

    Honest product from an honest company. Ferox won’t blow your head open but it will give you solid, steady energy for a long time without a wicked crash. After one week I feel wicked swoll yo’. And, yes, it does give you rock hard wood. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.

  121. Anonymous

    Normal preworkouts make my face itch and I eventually end up crashing after awhile. With Cannibal Ferox that never happens. It keeps me focused through out my entire training and I never end up crashing. Plus the flavors taste like war heads!!

  122. T Sider

    I get up at 4:15 am to go to the Gym. Slam this stuff down and 4:30 and BAM!!! 5:00 am beastmode

    Stronger Longer is all I have to say. I recommened it to my local place to stock it.

  123. Anonymous

    Cannibal Ferox gets the job done, without tasting like garbage or giving me a stomach ache. I typically go with 2/3–3/4 scoop as a 165 lb man, and workout early morning. I have no problems like jitters, just a fuzzy awake feeling that helps me smash the weights.

  124. Conner

    Bought about 5 bottles now. Nothing compares

  125. Adam

    Amazing, never had a bad workout on Cannibal Ferox, and the regular Popeye’s or GNC brands just don’t compare. Bought the Watermelon flavour and it’s absolutely delicious too.

  126. Brandon Sustala

    Best Preworkout I’ve ever tried, other stuff wasn’t cutting it for me and this stuff really works

  127. Zac

    This stuff is not messing around. I tried it before when a friend had it. It’s the best shit I’ve had since CRAZE.

  128. Corey

    This was a great pre workout. It gave me the drive, focus, and intensity in the gym. I was a mad man destroying the weights. Great supplement from Chaos & Pain.

  129. rod

    I stack Cannibal ferox with chaos and pain Cannibal
    Permaswole and I’m dripping in wet in sweat and my workout last longer im a new fan of chaos and pain products I highly recommend

  130. Sam

    I got my product today so i was very glad. so i decided to go to the gym and try this shit out and i got to say the taste was great (watermellon) so i took this shit about 15 min before the gym and after about 30 it kicked in and damn i had 1 of my best arm workouts in a long time i recommend this shit if your looking for a strong preworkout that works. I took about a half scoop little pit less but almost a half scoop. You got to try it out and see how it feels. Way better than craze.

  131. Justin

    Very good product. Best preworkout I have tried and I’ve tried a lot. Other preworkouts give me upset stomach or feel all wired but not the Ferox. Nice smooth energy no jitters or upset stomach plus it makes me feel like I could workout all day I actually have to force myself to stop working out and go make some $$. I would recommend this product.

  132. ty

    I have used a lot of prework .looking for something that wood get me going try 1mr,c4,,bullnox and more this shit is the best hand down

  133. David Weaver

    On the never-ending search for the perfect pump, this junkie found his Grail. From first taste, I could tell when the burning goodness trickled down my throat that I was in for exactly what I sought after. Cannibal Ferox is, and always will be until the next upgrade to the formula, the most intense pre-workout on the market. If you’re like me and are tired of weak little energy drink-esque pitiful excuses for supplements, do yourself a favor and buy this now. As an added bonus to insane energy and fire cow and under your face, you get the smoothest simple nootropic compound to make you lose sight of anything BUT new goals.

  134. Thomas Burnett

    These guys aren’t messing around. Not only is the product top-notch, but the customer service is on point. Put a reasonable request on your order and I’ll be damned if they don’t deliver. Jamie is going to need to change that #mosthated here soon if they continue to treat their customers so well.

  135. eric

    I have used this product 3 times and I cannot believe the results that I obtain my bench press went from 300 to 375 after the first Can. Your body quits before your brain says stop.

  136. Erik

    If this doesn’t work for you, nothing will. Everyone is a little different with how they handle stims so follow the fucking instructions. There is no bullshit to this. It’s just pure rabid animal energy that tastes great.

  137. Centaur Dreadz

    This is the pre workout powder to own.
    No sandy or gritty after taste. Taste is very very nice.
    Long lasting energy with better focusing capability.

    I’ve tried several other products on the market and this one by far exceeds them all in quality and TASTE.

    Please pay attention to the directions, or you will be up all night cleaning your basement. (Just Saying)

  138. Anonymous

    I have been using Cannibal Ferox for quite some time now and I think it is the best pre-workout supplement I have ever used. It ticks all of the right boxes…great taste (watermelon warmachine), mixes easily, lasts a month, gives me tons of energy for training and allows me to have great workouts. I highly recommend it

  139. Anonymous

    I have had the original and now the new formula. All I can say is wow. This has gotten way better and gets you going like nothing else. All you will do after taking this is smash anything in your path including PRs. Be warned, if you take this and watch Vikings or Game of Thrones, you may end up sacking your neighborhood, beheading pedestrians, and impregnating all of the women just with a look

  140. Anonymous

    All I can say is… Holy crap. I took this before my work out, which always consists of a good solid 30 min run (I like to run), and there was no wall of which to even speak of. All it took was half a scoop and I spent pretty much my entire work out nigh on bouncing off the walls with energy. Brilliant product, well worth the price.

  141. Randall Degges

    5.0 out of 5 stars Best Pre-Workout Ever Manufactured (Serious), March 2, 2015
    By Randall Degges (Bay Area, CA)
    This review is from: Cannibal FEROX (Mango Mutilation) (Health and Beauty)
    I’m quite desensitized to caffeine at this point in my life, so I’m typically wary of pre-workouts because they don’t normally have much of an effect.

    I’m not going to get into the ingredients this thing contains, as other reviewers have already adequately covered it, but I do want to say that it is incredibly powerful. Even for someone like me, who is used to taking around 500mg of caffeine per day casually, this pre-workout formula gives me a ridiculous, huge, INSANE amount of energy.

    Within about 15 minutes of drinking this thing I feel like a beast. When I started taking this last week I broke my personal record in almost every lift I did (I train 6x’s per week with weights). I felt amazing.

    This pre-workout gives you an insane amount of energy, focus, and power.

    I can’t recommend it enough for bodybuilders and anyone else into fitness stuff. If you’re not used to taking stimulants, however, you might want to start out with a VERY small dosage, and see how you handle it.

    Also: regarding taste, I like the way the mango flavor tastes. I haven’t tried the other flavors, but I plan on trying the lemon one next time. It’s tasty!

    The only negative thing I can say about this is the awful name / marketing. I’m really into lifting and bodybuilding stuff, but all the marketing for this thing looks like it’s aimed at little kids. It’d be cool to see a really nicely formulated pre-workout (like this one) with a bit more of a clean, modern brand. Just my two cents though.

  142. IsidroS23

    Been taking this stuff for a few months now and man this stuff really does the job and adds great focus to my training. Especially on training days where I’ve had very little sleep or a little too much to drink the night before. It’s also good for after the gym at work if you’re feeling tired. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to take their training to new heights.

  143. Mad Max

    If this stuff was any more powerful I would only believe that it was brought into the United States in a condom in the rectum of a desperate Columbiana.

    Be careful taking it late in the day, if I take a full dose after 10am it pretty much assures no sleep. 6am then straight to the gym and KA_POW! I also loved the youthful zest it seemed to bring with the stim, if I left the gym before reaching complete exhaustion I felt like I wanted to climb every tree I saw.

  144. Jamie Brown

    This hits as hard as the previous version but with the benefit of Noopept to really dial in your focus. The watermelon flavor is amazing as usual.

  145. Andrew

    Up until i took a chance on Cannibal Ferox it didn’t take long dor othe pre-Workout powders to have me up to two or more scoops just to get something out of them. My ridiculous tolerance of caffeine always made me feel like pre-workout was a near-worthless investment.

    That feeling of waste fled me immediately upon trying my furst half-scoop of ferox. Cannibal Ferox still gives me a rock solid hit of insanity and i rarely need a full scoop to get on the crazy train. I can’t wait to get my next delivery (and use cannibal swole with it).

  146. Anonymous

    Really good stuff here. Keeps your head clear and focused while giving you enough energy to power through your workouts.

  147. Anonymous

    I didn’t listen and took a whole scoop my second time using it. It’s now 2:45am, it was kicking me in the butt for 3 hours. I was over-stimulated and had to lie down and roll around in agony. I didn’t even finish the rest in my cup. But it’s no fault of the product, just user error. Great stuff for the gym, if you haven’t bought it yet you should. The mango flavor is great. They weren’t kidding about the effectiveness of the product, give it the respect it deserves, this is serious stuff.

  148. Anonymous

    The best pwo to get. Focus is Good you feel good youre workout is going to be just fantastic.

  149. Nick

    Was a little skeptical about the hype I heard from this. Was surprised about the amount of energy I got. Great rush and it lasted forever would definitely recommend.

  150. Anonymous

    This is probably the most intense pre-workout I’ve ever taken. I have used Muscle Pharm Assault for the past 6 months, and I’ve used BSN NO-Xplode and DS CRAZE in the past. This is so much more intense than any of these (maybe on par with Craze but that shit had amphetamines in it so…). The first time I took it I took just one scoop barely filled to the brim and I flew off the walls. I did 3 or 4 extra sets of each of my programmed exercises for the day and blasted through my workout. The explosive energy effect kind of tapers off as you keep taking it (been taking it off and on for a couple months) but what’s always there is the focus you get when you take it. That’s probably the best part about it.

    All that being said, the taste is absolutely, unequivocally fucking terrible. I bought the Mango Mutilation and it definitely tastes like my tongue and throat are being mutilated. My nose too because it smells awful too. Worth it for the really potent effects though.

  151. shyam

    The new ferox offers a furious controlled rage so its easy to focus your efforts. Been hitting prs ever since I started taking it. Also allows me to push a little further when my cns is mutilated

  152. DB

    I generally prefer a “head” heavy stimulant with minimal peripheral effects. ECA was always perfect in this regard. Yohimbine in heavy doses tends to give me a dirty buzz (anxiety and racing heart rather than laser focus). My pre-workout stimulant has been 600 mgs of caffeine for the past year. I lift at 5 in the morning, and getting up and going early definitely changes how things affect you (blood pressure, mood, etc), so keep that in mind.

    I used half a scoop Saturday and a full scoop this morning. It waked my ass up more than the caffeine alone would have, and although my blood pressure spiked to an uncomfortable level initially, it quickly subsided. I didn’t get as much of an Adderall-like clear-headedness , but it was definitely easier to focus.

    There wasn’t a massive rush followed by a huge crash. Overall it’s smooth and steady. As others have mentioned I noticed later on that I was focused much more so than I otherwise would be. That aspect seems to sneak up on you.

  153. Chris

    Ferox is the most potent and most effective preworkout I have ever used. Gives great energy and unparalleled focus.

  154. Jason Struck, BS CSCS

    I have only tried 3/4 scoop so far. Each day I have used Ferox, I have added a 1/4 scoop.

    What I like so far is that I feel mentally stimulated, but I don’t feel high HR or jittery. Or sick to my stomach.

    It tastes great, and I like the blend of sugars added.

  155. Nathan Benoit

    This is one of the best preworkouts that I have ever taken, and I have taken a lot. This gives you a pump that lasts; if you take it to close to bed though….lol I hope you have netflix.

  156. John Obrian

    I started using it after one of the guys at my gym let me try it. By far the best pre-workout you can buy.

  157. Richard

    I ordered the old formula of Cannibal Ferox (the one with 4-Amino 2-Methylpentane Citrate). Great product. Made sure I started with the suggested dosage (1/2 scoop initially). I am using a full scoop now. Getting great results with my workout. And the flavor is good too (I ordered mango as that was all they had left). Would suggest to anyone who does well with stimulants as it is one of the stronger ones on the market as they claim, and definitely follow the directions to judge your tolerance on it with the initial dosages. Great product over all.

  158. Bill McMahon

    Most pre-workouts do not do much for me anymore, until I tried this. Since trying it last year I have already ordered my third container and got my friend hooked on it as well. Best workout I have had in years are when I’m taking this. I can lift for hours with no problem. Keep up the great work!

  159. Aaron Burkey

    First preworkout that actually worked for me. Hit a pr the very first day I used it cause I actually felt awake in the gym. Really dusts the cobwebs off. Doesn’t taste too bad, either. Damn good product.

  160. Steve Buccilli

    I recently started using ferox as one of my alternating pre-work drinks (the other is aggro). The main reason is the combination of working long hours and being on a diet. I can’t afford fatigue to slow me down in the gym. Ferox gets me going without the jitters. I feel more alert and focused with a nice supply of energy that slow dissipates (ie no crash). I love it

  161. Anonymous

    Best pre workout ever!!

  162. Bosco

    The first day i received this product, I was so anxious to try it out. I can say that I was not disappointed. I get an intense burst of energy shortly after the first sip. My focus level is through the roof when I am in the gym. This is easily the best preworkout I have taken in a very long time.

  163. Alex Gurton

    Managed to snag myself a remaining box of the old formula with the AMP citrate in it – blew my mind. Fuck the FDA for making CnP remove it, but thankfully I should have enough to last me till the next wonder-compound. This preworkout is, hands down, the best on the market. End of.

  164. Amber

    This is the best pre-workout that my boyfriend and I have found. We both love the new formula and flavors!

  165. Conner

    Easily the best pre workout ive used. Insane pump, great focus and energy without any jittery feeling. Felt like i could lift for hours on this. Will be my new go to product and company.

  166. Nick

    I’m quite a stim junkie, and most preworkouts just dont cut it with a single scoop, but this stuff kicks ass. All I need is one scoop, and beast mode is activated. It doesn’t really accent the pump as much as some other pre’s I’ve taken, but it more than makes up for that fact with the intensity it unlocks in your workout. For example: on arm day, it usually takes me about an hour to finish all my lifts. On this stuff, I didn’t change my routine at all, but I was done in about half the time. I simply forgot to take the rests in-between sets! I was able to do twice my normal workouts than usual. You will love this stuff. Anyway, that’s my two cents.
    1010, would recommend.

  167. Anonymous

    So I have tried numerous pre-workouts, this is by far one of the best I have used, my workouts are strength and endurance military type workouts and demand a lot from an individual. This pre-workout gets me through it like a champ!

  168. Nick

    Cannibal Ferox is, by leaps and bounds, my favorite pre-workout supplement. The new formula has greatly improved the taste. I have tried two flavors, Mango Mutilation and Lawless Lemon Lime. Both are great, but I definitely prefer the mango. There is still a somewhat chemical taste but that is to be expected in such a monstrous supplement. This is absolutely packed with stims: 450 mg caffeine, 2 grams creatine (I’d like to see 5, but there’s only so much you can fit into a PWO), and much more. The price of this product is quite high, but not overpriced when you look at the ingredient list. It’s a bit much for a college student such as myself, so I use 2/3 scoop on weight days and 1/3 for cardio sessions. Overall, I cannot be more pleased with this PWO. It’s a sizable investment, but this is leagues above any other PWO I have tried. Thank you Chaos and Pain for a great product.

  169. Synchronist

    Be ready to dominate.

  170. Jonathan

    I’ve been buying supps from chaos and pain since April and let me tell you… they’ve upped their game on the flavor of their products.

    This preworkout hits you like a truck that’s gonna take you home to pound town(no homo?). You get the focus/concentration, energy, and great taste of a well formulated product.

  171. Tim

    I bought this stuff because of the amount of research that goes into the product and keeping the ingredients to the ones that actually do something, not loading it with crap. It works insanely well! I have a very high tolerance to caffeine and even when I take this it gives me an added energy boost. It doesn’t make me jittery or overly anxious, it’s just right. It lasts plenty long for a good HARD workout, or if I need to get a bunch of projects done around the house. I’m completely sold and will continue to buy all supplements from C&P.

  172. Steve Bly Jr

    I was pretty hesitant to try this due to price and not knowing of the product. But I figured what the hell. I bought one container and I couldn’t believe it. Only started with half scoop(I’m 265lbs too) and it rocked my big ass! My heavy squat and deadlift days are now more explosive and almost endless energy. I DO NOT reccommend this for amateurs. If you do try it, be sure to stick to half or quarter scoop and HOLD ON!!!!

  173. Joe

    This stuff has more than 3 times the caffeiene than c4, plus other intense stims. It turns you into a beast.

  174. Lawrence “Black Viking” King

    I’m an amateur strongman competitor that trains before most are awake. To move some real weight that early consistently takes a real hard hitting press trainer and THIS IS IT!!!!! I believe in spending your money where it counts and it would be well spent here boys and girls. I am “The Black Viking” and I approve this message…

  175. shagghie

    No words, really. Wake up, toss in a 1/2 scoop with my Helios and, BAM! Rocketship is ready for take off!

    In 20+ years of using pre-work out stims, I can say this about Ferox…it is unique in its ability to *get you through* when you are at your own PR edge.

    This is not one of the products you take and wonder if it is making “the difference” in your results. In fact, I am still only taking 1/2 scoop and I weigh 200lbs

  176. C. Heaven

    Cannibal Ferox doesn’t seem to hit me any harder than Mr. Hyde, but it sticks with me for a long time – upwards of 4 hours. The watermelon also tastes pretty good.

  177. Andy Polk

    I’ve literally tried every Pre WO on the market and it’s one of three I’d ever use again. Tastes great, full of caffeine, no crash, my only drawback is that I don’t feel it as much. I like the Beta Alanine flushing feel.

  178. Moe

    Hello Chaos and Pain Team,

    i have received the Product Cannibal Ferox on Saturday.
    I have tested it on same day and the results was very very good. Fuck this product was the best Preworkout Booster that i have tested. I can say pnly WOW WOW, I will be ordering this product again.
    Thank you Chaos and Pain for this Product 🙂
    I am a big fan now. 🙂

  179. Alexander Mclain

    This stuff turned me into a machine at the gym! Got the lawless lemonlime flavor taste great. This is my first time using it and I know this current formula is about to get a makeover because of the amp is bad for you bull$h!t. But I can not wait to try the new formula.

  180. Paul.

    I was skeptical and pretty much thought there was nothing new under the sun pre-workout wise. I was indeed wrong. I purchased the Mango flavored and was pleasantly surprised. It tastes awesome. No chalky-gritty after taste. The only thing that threw me for a loop was it didn’t hit right away the first time I took it but when it did ..holy shit. CnP recommends half a scoop but I did a full scoop. Why? Fuck you that’s why. You guys nailed it. I just hope Ferox V.3 holds up to the gold standard this set. Party on Garth.

  181. Carter

    This stuff is the best pre workout I’ve ever had. The focus and intensity it brings to the game is ridiculous. It makes you want to go into the gym and rip the weights apart.
    P.S. Fuck the FDA

  182. DJ

    Taste Amazing. Seems to work good.

  183. Braden Wanner

    I am amazed by this pre-workout. I am not a big supplement guy, I’ve sold them for a few years and don’t like hype.
    However, I pulled a huge sumo pr after 20 moderately heavy singles, in my second session of the day. I am extremely impressed. My energy level is stupid.
    You have made a lifetime customer out of me.

  184. Gary

    I was a little nervous that I would be jittery given the quantity of stimulants in cannibal ferox but this was not the case. I felt focused and strong and hit a bench pr of 225×20 at 170 for shits and giggles when the most I have done recently is 13 reps at that weight. It helped me get through a tough pause squat workout the following day and I had enough energy to finish with 6 prowler sprints. I highly recommend cannibal ferox.

  185. sid

    I have tried various pre workouts in past 5 years. Some better then others but ferox is in own league…just outstanding product !!!

  186. Christian

    I’m not sure how the guys at C&P do it. I was hooked from my first workout with the old Ferrox, but the new shit is otherwordly. The energy is still clean, but the biggest thing I noticed was how long it lasted, and how long the mental focus lasted. Said it before and I’ll say it again, I won’t ever be buying a different pre workout.

  187. Rey Ramirez

    I’ve taken god knows how many types of stims to get through workouts but this shit really did the trick. I’m in college so sometimes my mind just isn’t with me in the gym. It’s been shot to shit by school then curb stomped by life. However, this is stuff is like the Berserker Rage! It brings you back from the dead. I wouldn’t recommend taking it regularly. Its some strong shit, and I personally only use it when my tank is at 0. Glad to finally see a product that lists all its ingredients instead of hiding them in a proprietary blend.

  188. AG

    Finally, a product that is somewhat reminiscent of the hardcore goodies back in the old days of DMAA, where pre-workouts were more than just a hint of caffeine and pixie dusted herbs infused with artificial flavours. One to one and a half scoops of this baby, and the inner animal is awakened. The controlled rage that this product delivers is insane, and from the very first rep, an unrelenting motivation arises to demolish the workout. Very, interested in seeing what this brand with produce in future. It is refreshing to see a company that legit delivers.

  189. Anonymous

    It does everything it says on the label. Intense energy and focus. Doesn’t give you a nasty crash or upset the stomach. Best pre-workout I have ever taken hands down.

  190. Anonymous

    Shit is fucking crazy. Don’t be a dumb fucker and use it for cardio unless you want your heart to explode. Best preworkout ever, makes you want to eat the weights and shit iron

  191. Bert Shear

    Abridged version:
    Taste – Great, wish I could drink more
    Stimulant – Amped for hours
    Crash – Did not notice any

    5/5 breddy gud :DDDD::DD:D:D

  192. K. L.

    I would first like to thank Chaos and Pain for sending me a FREE sample of Lawless Lemonlime along with other free samples of their products! It’s very rare that I stumble across a company that would send out FREE samples without any charge. This left a very good impression to me no doubt.

    Before I came across this preworkout, my preworkout of choice was Pre-Jym. I also have used other brands before, such as C4 and Neon Sport, but to subpair/”meh” results. For sometime now, Pre-Jym hasn’t been getting it done like it use to; I wasn’t motivated enough/had the energy in the gym to fully 100% kill my workouts. After wanting to take a break from Pre-Jym, I came across this brand. After doing some reading/researching the nutrition info, this preworkout is for serious work, not for casuals.

    The flavor I got from the sample was Lawless Lemonlime. Right off the bat, the smell was pretty strong; something you don’t want to be fooling around with. It smelled strong enough to rip out nose hairs. Using common sense, I used half of the sample to access tolerance.

    The taste of Lawless Lemonlime was great in my opinion. It taste like a Lemon/Lime Gatorade with slightly more tart flavor. I personally like tart/sour flavors, so that was a plus for me!

    Around 10-15 minutes, I felt the effects of Cannibal Ferox. I felt tunnel vision and a strong urge to focus and kill my workout. I later took the rest of the sample and it felt great. I didn’t feel the preworkout itches or the intense heart explosions (could vary between different people); Just the good energy give 100% on every exercise. I felt as I was on a mission to f*ck sh*t up in the gym and leave. My workout sets sat around shorter rest times than I was usually use to, around 30, due to the energy Cannibal Ferox gave me.

    At the end of the day, I was completely satisfied with this product. I murdered my arm workout that day in around an hour and a half. I also had way more than enough energy to go back to class, focus COMPLETELY, and not have any jitters.

    Just got myself a tub and not looking back! Looking forward to the progress Ferox can take me!

  193. Brandon

    Tried the lawless lemon flavour and it’s probably the best mixing and tasting pwo drink I’ve ever had.

    As for the effects I wish it gave me a better pump but I knew it wasn’t a ‘pump’ product when I bought it. At 1 scoop it gives me a nice crisp energy boost with no crash and intense focus (almost tunnel vision). The effects are subtle so don’t expect this to blow your mind when it kicks in.

  194. Anonymous

    Didn’t want to miss a session even though I was drained from having a Chemo treatment earlier in the day. Took a scoop of Ferox and pushed through the session with ease.. Really works Great!

    I’ve also replaced my morning coffee with Ferox to take my animal pak

  195. Dave Marcus

    Having tried the original Ferox and had mixed results with it I was skeptical, but hopeful, going with the new blend of Ferox. I was blown away in all ways.

    The taste is better. The mixability is better but most of all the effect of it as a pre-workout stim is remarkable. I have been lifting long enough to remember the REAL Ultimate Orange and the new Ferox is the only thing that comes close to it in impact.

    Ferox is having an amazing effect on my training sessions. Better energy levels throughout and LOADS more sweat! Combine Ferox with the new Inferno and you will get true craziness, PR goodness and iron pounding swoleness.

    Follow the directions as far as bodyweight per scoop to the letter of you may damn well O.D. from it!

  196. Jamie Brown

    The new Cannibal Ferox is amazing in every way. Great energy,focus and taste. Already ordered a second tub.

  197. Eric Kirschenmann

    I’ve been lifting since about halfway through January this past year and I have been on pre workouts for about one third of that time, I don’t have experience with the old school Jack3d or supps like that but I have taken Cellucor C4 and I can say that this blows that pre workout out of the water. I took ~4g of this last week and I barely felt it and so today I upped the dose to 6g @174lbs BW (~2/3 scoop) and let me say that the energy and focus that I had during my workout was crazy I pulled 355 for 8 reps on deadlifts which is about 10lbs less than my 1 rep max from ~3 months ago and I actually had to stop myself from doing more, that’s how easy this weight was. I can say I’ve never felt like I have on this pre workout and I can still feel it as I’m writing this review about an hour later. I’m still a lightweight who’s starting out but I can say that this is pre workout is easily the best I’ve taken and I look forward to where I’ll be within a few years with this.

    Anyone who isn’t used to pre workout should definitely take half a scoop and see where that puts you, I imagine it would feel like I’m about to explode if I took a full scoop at my current tolerance.

    tl;dr: Get this pre workout and smash your PRs like never before!

  198. michael wold

    Honestly, I don’t have to write a novel here. We took the Ferox for the first time today, and my training buddy and I broke PRs left and right. Nothing less than the mead of poetry.

  199. Andrew Barbour

    I never tried V1 Ferox, but by all accounts it tasted pretty bad. V2, I bought thrice: two lemon limes (which tasted alright, even decent, but not great) and a watermelon (would make me dry heave if I drank it on an empty stomach), but I didn’t care because it worked a lot better than any other preworkout I’ve tried (except for DMAA-era Jack3d, which I’d put nearly equal to it). V3, though? Bought lemon-lime since that’s my favorite flavor of anything ever, and was not disappointed: tasted amazing (almost like Gatorade), mixed even better, instantly cured my hangover, and turned me into a juggernaut. I think I compared V2 to low-dose adderall when I reviewed it, but V3 is even closer to that ideal. Another excellent product from one of the only supplement companies I buy from anymore.

  200. Anonymous

    Great for working out when you’re worn out. Helps you focus for long study sessions. This is the best pre-workout i’ve ever used.

  201. Anonymous

    Let me be clear… This product is legit. I am a stim-tolerant, multi-dose-daily ECA popper and two-times-daily trainer with a 4am workout. I typically trade off between Ferox one day, Ampilean the next, and a stack of adrafinil/phenylpiracetam with a Lipodrene Extreme or Black Widow the next morning. I alternate between those other two because I enjoy Ferox so thoroughly, I find myself genuinely wishing it was Ferox day when I have to settle for the others. If it’s my afternoon training session, it’s Ferox without hesitation. The damnedest thing is, the more I use the stuff, the more I enjoy it. It’s almost a reverse-tolerance situation. If precious strength serum you seek to to suckle from satan’s teat, this should be your first choice.

  202. Anonymous

    Despite the massive amount of stimulants, there is no jittery feeling with this product. Just smooth clean energy. On days when I lack sleep I have a good workout still. On days where I get lots of sleep I have an awesome workout. The notropics in this product helps you to focus on each individual set and gives you a laser like focus during the set. This product is simply the best.

  203. Giles Garcia

    I’ve been using the old formula of ferox for about eight months, for particularly brutal sparring and lifting sessions as well as a pre-fight drink. The old formula helped me break lifting PBs, as well as my opponents – my only gripe was that it would play havoc with my stomach on occasion as I suffer from IBS.

    This new formula almost makes the old one look tame – the strawberry & kiwi flavour tastes brilliant, my stomach was fine with it. Most importantly, I managed to go from half-dead IT Manager to a fucking marauding Scot with the strength of a madman and the focus of a Buddhist monk at sparring tonight – all from one scoop.

    Nothing else comes close.

  204. Sean Berry

    The new formula is top notch, I didn’t think they could even manage to improve on the old but C&P continues to amaze its fans. Honestly the old formulas taste wasn’t exactly stellar but we don’t take pre-workouts for taste, this new shit is hands down amazing, I ordered the lemon-lime and it’s the first pre that I can actually sip (if I wanted to, I still slam this shit though).

    The effects are what blows me away, it starts with a feeling of wakefullness within about 5-10 minutes followed by a clean rush of energy and a slight tinge of euphoria. Honest to god I haven’t had a pre-workout impress me this much since craze and that shit really just felt more like crack and less like actual useable energy. This makes me want to CRUSH it in the gym, very well done guys.

  205. Patrick Diebold

    I have tons of experience with stimulants, both legal and illegal. I ordered ferox and inferno and couldn’t wait to try ferox, I had inferno once before. I took a scoop of ferox and waited about 20 mins before I went to the gym. At first I was underwhelmed and was waiting for more. 10 mins into my workout I was amped up like I had just done a massive rail. I did the inner/outer thigh machine , 1 arm db Deadlifts, dumbell Deadlifts and rdls, and had a great workout which lasted about an hour. I got home and walked my dog for 30 mins, and realized I was still flying. I’d say the intense part of ferox lasted about 3 hours and the residual effect lasted another hour or so. Overall great product. I would love to try genius and stack with this.

  206. wigglesniko

    Obviously I’m not being serious, but this product delivers. Not overpowering, uncontrollable rage, but focused like a laser. Definitely felt it strongly a very short while after I took it, and had a good lift. Can’t wait to use it on the rugby field before matches

  207. Lewis

    This stuff rules worlds. The focus is amazing. You get a clean non-jittery energy blast. Makes you think you’re the hulk. Good shit!

  208. Jerminator

    I got the Lawless Lemonlime and it is declicious. Not only is it about %1000 better tasting than the previous formula, it mixes better than almost any pre workout that I have ever tried. Even 2 scoops didn’t make it grainy or nasty.

    And as advertised, the nootropics in this formula are no joke. It will keep you focused and mentally “on” from the first sip. Actually you need to be careful taking a lot of this stuff in the evening or you will end up laying in bed very tired but wide awake.

    Highly recommended for lifters who like the nootropic style pre workouts and definitely for people who work out in the mornings.

  209. Marty

    Mango was a fail.. worked well, but being from Florida, it tastes nothing close to mango. Strawberry/Kiwi is amazing.

    Great time release… 3/4 a scoop in 12oz of water and I am set for about 3 hours…. I feel the edge of jitters, but never get them.

    I lived and loved Ephedra in my college days and can handle this with ease.

    Product came in with weak glue on the safety seal and heavily clumped, but that made putting it into the water bottle easier.


  210. Brian Miller

    If you’ve rummaged through every pre workout on the market, and are immune to all of it, give this a try. More important that just the product, is CandP’s customer service. I had some questions/concerns following one of my orders, so I emailed the address on the site. I received a response within minutes, answering my questions and basically reassuring me of my order. I was very satisfied with them as a company, not just this one product. They’re constantly offering coupon codes and other offers, so keep your eyes open.

  211. Anonymous

    Cannibal ferox is definately the best pre workout i have ever taken, no questions. took half a scoop at 242 and got to say it was clean energy and felt super focused through my squats. I was able to see differences and weaknesses in body position and generally was more aware. I felt like ripping a head off.

  212. Anonymous

    OMG and whoah is my review of it.

    And that was my review on the toilet at the gym for my presquat poo. I am very distracted easily but I am in pretty in tune with my body. I’ve never been this focused and concentrated in my life. Yes one can be concentrated on the commode.

    I’ve taken ferox as a sample in the past and bought the new one (got it yesterday)
    I am a novice lifter… Very unimpressive numbers however three personal records were broken today and this was after previous stalls/deloads that finally got me at higher numbers today.

    On top of the clean burning energy, laser like focus, otherworldly euphoric floaty headedness… I managed to do this all with a three day old headache that will not go away. Headaches with me are typically a chalk it up and go home/work (I have a five head). This stuff is amazing and this was with one scoop (weigh 219)

    I’ve used a multitude of preworkouts that I typically scooped to the 400mgish range with the caffeine side of things.
    I am that guy who texts one statement after another with IM and sms’s. This stopped today. Everything is just honed in and less spastic. Work is going to be an amazing day. The nootropic is really dialed in my distractedness that coffee and other pre workouts give me.

    Jamie. If I had gyno… I’d let you sign it. This stuff is freaking crazy.

  213. Jorge

    As soon as I took Ferox, I felt more energy, mental focus, and drive like I’ve never felt before. Whether it be lifting, working, or studying, I strongly recommend everyone Ferox who feels diminished in these three areas. As a bonus, mixing a scoop of Ferox, PermaSwole, and downing an Inferno will give you the greatest workout of your life.

  214. Joshua

    Everything this product has to offer stands true. Not only did it give me energy for the duration of my workout, but it helped me get the pump I have been looking for. The only flaw in this product is the taste. It tastes like pure chemicals. So I just plug my nose while I drink it. The results I am getting are more important than the flavor though.

  215. Hannibal Ferox

    A lot of pre-workouts currently on the market rely mostly on caffeine to give its users a buzz. The rest of the ingredients are just filler to disguise the fact that you are basically buying caffeine powder. Cannibal Ferox is different.

    Yes, Ferox does include caffeine as one of its ingredients, but it is far from being the only active, effective ingredient in the list. Not only do you get extra energy from the synephrine and green tea extract but you also get a different kind of energy from the various nootropics included, which for me is the selling point of this product.

    When I take a scoop of this and hit the gym, I am physically and mentally full of energy. While all the stimulants mentioned above (caffeine et al) give your body the energy it needs to push past any obstacles in your path, the mental energy from the nootropics keeps you focused and even puts you in a good mood. When I use Ferox before a workout, I go into the weight room with a confidence I have never gotten from any other workout; it doesn’t matter if I didn’t eat or sleep enough the previous night, Ferox will help me push through (and, thanks to the nootropics, I will do this with a smile on my face).

    This is a product I would recommend to anyone looking for a pre-workout that actually delivers the energy it promises, a pre-workout that is more than just caffeine with a bunch of other unpronounceable, questionably effective ingredients.

  216. Anonymous

    Seriously legit rush from this stuff. You don’t crash like other pre work out supplements and you don’t peak too hard, you ride that “just crushed a 20 squat set” feeling for the whole workout!

  217. Justin Ströhm

    Dear reader, I urge you to purchase this product only if you consider yourself of the utmost sanity. Within its strange formulae there lie the secrets of mankind’s past and destiny – too terrible to utter, but too compelling to disregard. Already, mere hours after a mighty repast of an entire scoop of the mango flavor administered directly into my gums like so much tobacco dip, I have begun to hear the plaintive sound of the tub calling me to return like a penumbral muezzin from some far-off and benighted land calling his flock to their indescribable rituals.

    How can I return to the life I once lived? My skin crawls with the knowledge I have earned, my body teems with heat, my limbs and digits writhe to grasp iron for assurance that indeed matter yet remains solid, immotile, and inert. Too much so, for it cares nothing for the affairs of man. No matter how many times the iron is lifted, it remains. It will outlast us all! Until the final human corpse has atrophied and dessicated, iron will watch, and long after plate upon plate will lay in defiance of all who have feined glorious to move them.

    Be sure, dear reader, Cannibal Ferox will show you an enlightenment inescapable and sure as the grave, and you too will scream in terror and gratitude.

  218. Andrew Wagner

    I Asked the c&p team for a sample of cannibal ferox and permaswole. Received them in the mail today and was beyond excited for my workout today. Cannibal ferox was really hard to drink but I give credit to c&p for acknowledging this and they did something about it!

    Right away after taking both ferox and permaswole i had this determination in me to tear up the gym. I was incredibly focused and had amazing clean energy that sustained through the workout. I didn’t want to stop when I did but due to time I had to. The whole workout i had my mind on nothing but lifting weights. Finally, the pump I got from permaswole was unreal!! I’m 5’4 150 pounds soaking wet yet felt like the biggest dude in the gym.

    I can’t say enough good things about chaos and pain their outlandish marketing and hype up of products is backed by pure results and that is something almost no other supplement brand can say for their products. I could keep going on about how great ferox and permaswole is but I highly reccomend anyone serious about lifting and reaching goals purchases those two products and just finds out for themselves.

  219. Cyrus

    I’m on my second tub and I’m still getting amped before the gym. Plain and simple, it works. If you’re looking for a PWO this is it.

  220. Anonymous

    This is by far the best pre workout I’ve taken. Looking at the graphics is enough to stimulate me.

  221. Jayden Ray

    Not a huge fan of the taste (lemon), but it gives you beyond the amount of energy and focus you need for a workout! Hell of a pre workout!!!

  222. Josh Meyer

    Never taken a preworkout before, so I can’t compare this to other preworkouts; but for the most part, I enjoyed this product. There were definitely “in and out” periods, where there would be like one day where it worked well, and a bunch afterwards where I didn’t the same high. Going from the recommended 1 heaping scoop to about 2 somewhat fixed that problem. My main problem with this product is that if gives me stomach aches, but it’s manageable, so fuck it. The servings fit the price tag, and I’m happy that the nutrition label shows the ingredients, unlike most products like these. Would buy again.

  223. Ryan Kirby

    This pre-workout is amazing. Lets start with the taste. I ordered Lemon flavor. The taste was actually pretty good for a pre-workout, it tasted just like a normal lemon drink, like a kool-aid of sorts.

    Now, the workout. With a single scoop of this pre-workout after my regular work day, I was energized and ready to lift and work out for hours. Like others have said, it is a clean energy feeling, with just enough power for those last few reps that your body is craving.

    I recommend this pre-workout to anyone who wants something that will improve your sessions and make you ready for anything you put your mind to.

  224. Anonymous

    This is my favorite shit ever! Paired with perma swole is the best pre-workout I’ve used in a long time. Back pumps for about a week but once that phase ended it’s been fucking great. Focus and aggression like no other and set a new pr while using the 2.

  225. Christian

    The best pre-workout ever created, by far. Made by a guy who has obviously done his research, and it does everything is promises. Great, clean energy. The biggest thing I noticed was the focus. Those two things combined make for an unstoppable gym session, time after time. Because of the blend and concentration, one tub lasts for a long time since most people will only need a 1/2-1 scoop per workout.

    Will not be buying any other pre-workout, unless Jamie somehow comes up with an even better blend.

  226. Anonymous

    This is the most powerful, effective, and versatile PWO supp I’ve ever used, and I’ve spent a lot of money on a lot of dog-shit products over the years. I was almost scared by the intensity and psycho-as-fuck energy I hurled towards loaded barbells and weights. Your typical idea of a “gnarly” lifting sesh will be redefined, and your expectations for good performance will sky rocket. Top notch product for a jaw dropping price.

  227. morgan

    What can I say that hasn’t ready been said? This $#!+ is insane… Helps me power through my workouts every morning at 4 a.m. as if I just took a hit from a Jeffrey. I don’t know what’s in it that gives me insane focus but I’ve noticed that I’m working harder and faster since starting this. C+P definitely won me over.

  228. Anonymous

    I’ll get the bad out of the way first: I got the watermelon flavor and it tastes like someone sucked all the sugar out of a watermelon and replaced it with a mixture of rust and grapefruit juice. It’s bearable though.

    With that said: I have never been so torqued up in my life as when I took this. The first day I was ready to go on a full rape and pillage rampage in the weight room. No matter what I did I didn’t get tired. And no jitters or crash, which was awesome. Definitely recommend.

  229. austin sky

    Best pre workout ever. Twice as good as my previous favorite (the craze with the amphetamines in it) which I liked twice as much as anything else lol

  230. Matte

    Doesn’t get you so speeded you start to shake, no crash afterwards, good effects on your twerkout. Breddy good *clap* *clap*

  231. Anonymous

    I’ve tried many preworkouts & have always been so so. Got to the point of being tired of the sugar rush they offer. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to them. The quality of this product is hands down the best. I’ve seen the benefit of the promoted mental focus. Since using this product I’ve had some of my best workouts.

  232. mark

    This is the best pre workout I’ve ever used. The price is extremely reasonable especially when you consider the quality of the product. No proprietary blend bullshit either, I really respect that. People complain about the taste, but you don’t dead lift because its comfortable.

  233. Gerry

    Great stuff been forever since I have actually felt anything from a preworkout so in that respect it is awesome! The taste is bad. The PEA is a bit rough to swallow. I’ll definitely buy again but hopefully the taste will improve.

  234. wares marufy

    this product tastes like shit but i dont give a fuck because the horrible tastes wakes me the fuck up so its whatever. this product doesn’t give you insane pumps if that what you’re looking for which pretty much most of the market. This product comes in to fill a much needed void in the market which is focus. One scoop of this shit and all you’ll be thinking about between sets is how you’re going to smash the next set harder then the last set. The only thing on your mind is weights. A hot girl could be squatting in front of you and you still will be thinking about weights. Your parents could die and you still will be thinking about weights… gainz, baby

  235. Anonymous

    Took 2 scoops and almost went super saiyan. Flavor needs some tweaking though. Doesn’t give me the tingles like most other pre-workouts but I’m ok with that. I sweat a lot more when I take it. Not too bad though. Good stuff overall. Will buy more.

  236. Kevin Kohlhepp

    I really like this pre-workout supplement. It was a rage inducing, smash my head against the wall, type supplements like some back a few years ago, but it has a really nice sustained energy to help power through workouts. I notice I sweat a lot more when taking this stuff. Which is a plus for me. The taste is not the best, but I am not drinking it to satisfy a thirst. Overall, I like this stuff and will probably use it as my go-to pre-workout now.

  237. Matt

    My third purchase of Ferox. Love it & will continue to buy more!

  238. Thomas D

    Cannibal Ferox is one of the strongest preworkouts i’ve ever taken! A couple of complaints would be the flavour of it, and the pump was lacking. But my god! The focus that this preworkout gave me was not human like! The intensity matched the focus but i had small 1 to 2 minute periods where i felt really exhausted then BAM slammed by an obscure amount of energy. If any of you are questioning trying this i would consider it the more potent version of Craze. MUCH much more focus and intensity!

  239. Anonymous

    This stuff is great. The original flavour was like what I imagine to be the taste the stagnant water one finds at the bottom of a container used to store plastic bags of garbage. Yet I would still choke it down for the effect it produces.

    The new flavour is actually quite pleasant in an artificial kind of way. My stomach still has a Pavlovian reaction to the label, but I am slowly unlearning it.

    I am virtually immune to any form of stimulant, but have a noticeable response to this. The effect is long lasting energy, no jitters. That is probably the best part as I’ve never used a strong stim that did not produce flushing or hand shaking type side effects.

    A note on economy: none of these products are cheap but this is quite a generous sized tub compared to the size of scoop and lasts a while.

  240. Anonymous

    I workout at 5:30 am and normaly use Spike Shooter from Biotest to get things going. Tried a half scoop of Ferox this week before Squat session and for the nexxt two hours felt like I was starring in “Crank”. Best Stim I have used in years. I got the lemonade flavor and while the powder smells like a$$, the flavor was good. I appreciate the transparency in the ingredient list. Nice work C&P!

  241. Daniel Taylor

    Great product, clean energy that lasted for hours no crash or ill feeling after multiple uses. The focus while using this beast is insane. Two hour workouts that felt like 15 minutes. 1 hour cardio sessions and I wasn’t even tired. Sweat dripping in buckets. Simply AMAZING, not going to talk about the taste/smell/texture because I really don’t care about that as long as it works and I see results, and I still do get results. This is a product that generates performance. I will say this is not a weak product they packed it generously with all the right ingredients use it as directed and assess your tolerance
    Last item, worked with the support staff with my order and this team is great. Great follow up and that is equally important. Also huge thanks for the samples.

  242. Robin Sharkey

    Had a fantastic DL session the day after i received Watermelon Warmachine! 5 A.M., still sore as hell from squatting two days ago, and this stuff was like instant focus and determination. As for the pump side of things they sell something called Swole for a reason. I rely on the bodybuilding stuff for the pump. Taste: Good. Effects: Phenomenal. Oh man and the sweating oooowiee. Drip, drop drippin’ on them bitches. great job on the product and fully disclosed ingredients, Thank you Chaos and Pain family.

  243. Brian Miller

    Honestly since really starting to work out a little over a year ago I have tried numerous pre-work out drinks. All of them seemed useless until I tried Cellucor C4 and I thought now this is the shit. Then it happened on a whim I decided to order Cannibal Ferox and see what all the hype was about. Honestly I figured it was some guys on FB just blowing smoke up my ass and telling me I was a chimney.

    WOW was I ever fucking wrong the first time I took it I was hooked but the pessimist in me said it’s all in my head. I am going on my fourth week and honestly this shit is the bomb. I have set PRs on my Back Squat, Floor Press, Dead lift and Thruster. The Ferox elevates my concentration and gives me that extra edge. We did a WOD today Diane and I was able to complete it in under 8:00 minutes.

    Take my advice and try it I guarantee you won’t go back. A word of warning it the taste isn’t great but if I wanted taste I would go back to the other so called pre-workouts or Kool-Aid.

  244. Anonymous

    This product has become an instant favorite of mine, the initial rush isn’t one of the usual pre workout sugar rush that crashes after 30 mins. This is a professionals supplement, I head to the gym focused, amped and ready to tear into the weight. If you’re looking for the next level this is it!

  245. Hector Martínez

    I am fairly resistant to stims, so I can’t speak for more ‘sensitive’ users.

    This supplement, stacked with Cannibal Swole, gives me intense focus and energy without heat flushing, heart palpitations or jitters.

    The container is badass and always draws the eye of curious gym-goers. I’m recommending this product to all my friends. I had taken the older Ferox flavor, and whereas that was god-awful, this one isn’t too bad specially with some ice water thrown in.

    Following Jamie’s training and diet recommendations along with the Cannibal products has helped me drop 10 pounds of fat while gaining some muscle mass and added poundage to all my lifts.

  246. jonan

    i don’t know where to start.
    so lets cut to the chase shall we?

    this shit works. it works so good that i now can say that i know how it feels to sit in a history class with adhd.

    i know how it feels to see noises.

    im not the big user of illegal supplements. (hardest stuff was ephedrine which i took to be able to go for 3-4 hours workout sessions)

    if ephedrine is 4. this shit is 5.

    so benefits:

    completely ignore doziness.
    being able to concentrate
    better workouts
    faster problem solving.

    so i will try to explain how this goes:

    you drink the stuff. i use 1 scoop for workouts. or half a scoop for staying up and focused.
    it doesnt taste wow. however compared to most of the shit i have ingested in the name of fitness this is a rare steak served by gordon ramsay calling a vegetarian a cunt. what im saying is. this is the best preworkout stuff i have tasted.

    for me 10-15 mins goes and it kicks in.

    so what can you do:
    do 100 pull ups (in 1 session not in 1 set)
    clean the entire house in 1 night.
    read a book in 1 night.
    go do 4 hours workouts. (i use this for technique training. great way to work on cleans or muscle ups etc)

    these are the things that i have tryed. in general you just feel alot of energy and focus. so tasks that would normale take alot of effort both mentally and physically is now just a fun job.

    the negative stuff:

    i don’t know if this is negative or not. however some people would probably say so and since people might be panicking over this i put it under this label-

    after you have used this. you will get really tired. your body has worked on 120% and therefore need more rest.

    for me it is comforting. i like the fact that i have a deeper sleep. and when you lift heavy you need to relax heavy aswell. so this just shows me that this works.

    to sum it up. this shit works. i have no questions about will replace ephedrine for me. and it can be used for so many things.

    my next batch is gonna be alot bigger than just 1 of these bags. if you want a fix it all shake. this is the shit. i would have worshipped this as a student.

  247. Flavor – I only bought the lemon. It tastes like medicine more than it does candy, but it’s not nasty.

    Effect – I break out into sweats, but I can focus more and push through extra reps. It absolutely has an effect. It’s great.

    Nitpicky shit. – wish it wasn’t so dusty. Spoon handle is too long.

  248. Adam Wilson

    I work on a farm in northern california and i drink this at 5am and sometimes and at lunch. I enjoy the effects of this product

  249. Cory Black

    I’ve tried damn near every pre-workout available in the U.S. NOTHING WORKS LIKE THIS! I am experiencing new levels of exhaustion adapting to Mr. Lewis’ APD but when it’s time to kill myself in the gym this not only gets me through, but assists me in hitting new heights. I am also a Highland Games athlete. This product has assisted with adding FEET to my throws in all 9 events!
    There’s no crash or jitters just insane energy and focus. 1scoop before the games, 1 scoop at lunch, and I throw my best period. It tastes like lemon flavored cat piss but you know it’s worth it!
    I will not throw a games without it.

  250. Tyler

    Got Ferox to fuel my 6 am workouts.

    It does the job… And it does it well.

  251. Tyler

    I’ve never been a stim junkie, but I’ve taken a MusclePharm Assault, Jack3d (original), ephedrine (Primatene), C4, and straight up caffeine pills. Assault just gave me headaches and zero stimulation and focus. Jack3d made me jittery as all hell, made me piss 12 times a day for a week after taking it, and made me thoroughly impotent while on it. Ephedrine had the same effect on my dick as the Jack3d. Fucking nope to those ever again. C4 is alright I guess, very moderate stimulation and tastes like fruit juice. Just nothing special. So out of all those, caffeine pills are the best.

    Now Cannibal Ferox comes into the mix and I was tentative at first because I’m clearly sensitive to stims in one way or another and I like my heart intact. Well I took some via a sample and I was sweating from two sets of squat warmups with the bar and 135. Soon thereafter I had an intensity and rage like I’ve never had outside of a competition and I blew through my workout like a mad man. Afterwards I went to eat and realized I had no jitters, no headache, and I was completely calm. Also, my dick hadn’t crawled inside me.

    Basically, the shit fucking works and I bought a tub of it. It makes me able to harness the stims when needed and calm down when I don’t, so my rest periods can be rest periods and post-workout I’m not cracked out of my mind.

    If you’re tentative, ask Wayne for a sample and just try it once. Best results on an empty stomach as far as I can tell so far.

  252. Jonathan Rodriguez

    After using this product I had noticed several things.

    1. The pump you get from this only lasts about 20-30 min.
    2. The focus you get from this supplement is unreal.
    3. There’s no jitter.
    4. The taste of ferox is god awful(but it’s effects out weigh this)

    Overall it does what it’s designed to do – give energy and focus for intense workouts.

    Would have given it a 5/5 had it not been for the taste but hey life’s not perfect!

  253. Anonymous

    Not a avid user of any kind of stimulants. Ordered ferox purely out of curiosity and support for CnP. Watermelon flavor tasted just like bubble gum and although it has a bitter aftertaste it was very easy to drink. I consumed 1 scoop and did not feel any strong surge of energy and generally did not feel any different while i worked out however later while reflecting on my workout i realized I had managed a lot more volume in the same amount of time so I suppose it worked without me noticing? Only strange thing is that I normally go to sleep very early and after taking ferox at 5:30pm I couldn’t fall asleep until 3am! Conclusion is I liked it, i would take it earlier in the day and probably only 2-3 a month.

  254. Bronson

    I have used stimulant heavy pre-workouts before, but this one kicked in right as I was entering the gym, I felt my heart pounding and fingers tingling and had tunnel like vision with the weights, any more energy and i would think i had drank liquefied crack. I hit a 10 pound pr tonight and just felt “on top” of things at the gym, really great product.

  255. Zach

    I haven’t used any preworkout products before but I have consumed a lot of energy drinks. This compares very favorably to your Monsters and Red Bulls. The Lemonade flavor is great and the stimulant effect seems to last longer and is more steady. The first 30 minutes of my workout fly by and I don’t get any kind of shakes, headache, or comedown. It might be placebo, but even the couple hours after my workout seem to be a little more focused and energetic. Is much cheaper per dose than $3 energy drinks.

  256. James Wright

    Fantastic product. Slowly working on dosage. 1 scoop today and felt fantastic. Gave me confidence to try heavier lights. You know exactly what you’re getting as it’s on the label. As a 53 year old I need all the help I can get and this is the product. Always appreciate Jamie’s straight shooting style and candor. Well done.

  257. Anonymous

    The stim matirx is real shit. It is a quiet ferocity that bubbles under the surface, the nootropics give you the keys to the cage that releases the beast-as cliche as that sounds: i went from mild mannered, to utterly obliterating weights in a matter of seconds. Because of the concentration it also helped me be aware of form and improve it.

  258. Anonymous

    This stuff is great. Insane focus and concentration, and an insane pump when stacked with swole. The only downside is the flavor. Other than that, it’s awesome.

  259. Andy R

    Tried a lot of PWO in the past and with one notable exception have not been
    impressed. Bought a tub having used a free sample (cheers guys!).

    I feel it kicking in after about 20 minutes with a steady build up of
    energy and psyche. During the workouts I notice that that I’m in the zone,
    focussed and driven and I definitely have been shifting more weight.

    Very impressed – a PWO that lives up to its marketing.

  260. mack

    I’ve been looking for a replacement for oxyeite since it had its formula changed and this answers the call hands down

  261. Jensen

    This is a pretty good stimulant without the jitters. I’m pretty tolerant to stims and can take 2 scoops of this with no adverse effects. No crash.

  262. BearFace

    I was offered a scoop from a lifting partner. I drank it. I waited. I erupted and transformed into a monster I never knew lived inside of me. I embraced the demon. I love the demon. FEROX, the REAL fucking deal.

  263. Peter

    I waited over a week for this to arrive here in Ireland. And every morning I’d run down the stairs like a swole child to see if the post had been. I was way too excited for this product. And did it deliver. The focus and drive is unrivaled. Yes it’ll keep you up until 4 in the morning if you drink it too late, but sure that’s more time to admire the fact you just did a 1rm for 10 reps. The energy is clean and sharp, and it doesn’t dull like many other products.

    Top class.

  264. Vance

    I bought one tub of each flavor after hearing rave reviews of this product.

    Taste: The lemon ice flavor is really good–to me it tastes like a yellow starburst. Not too sweet, and it doesn’t taste too ‘pre-workoutey’ either. The watermelon warmachine flavor is only OK. It isn’t awful, but I don’t necessarily look forward to tasting it.

    Effects: The two flavors seem to affect me similarly. My focus is really increased when I take this product. I feel like I can work out for ever, but I try to limit my sessions to about 2 hours. I don’t get jittery; I just get really focused. I don’t get a huge pump, though, so if that’s your thing, perhaps look elsewhere.

    Overall: I really enjoy this product (especially the lemon flavor). I have even taken it before class to increase focus, and it definitely helps!

    Score: 8/10

  265. Sean Berry

    I’ve tried literally every PWO out there. C4, Craze, Pre-Jym etc and this stuffiterally tops everything. I’ve cut back to taking half-scoops because a full scoop puts me on a full on foaming at the mouth curb stomping rage. I have so much energy and focus it’s ridiculous, there’s nothing else like it on the market right now. Try it, you won’t be sorry.

  266. Andrew Zook CI-CPT, LEFS owner Wyoming Athlete Development

    I tried Cannibal Ferox because I wanted something that wasn’t “run of the mill”. I liked It so much I sell it at my gym. Great stuff!

  267. Anonymous

    I’ve been using ferox as a preworkout for a month now.
    I love stimulant preworkouts in general, and this is my favorite that I’ve tried.

    I find a scoop of this gives an incredible amount of energy and focus, without the jittery feeling that I seem prone to from other caffine-heavy preworkouts.

  268. Jami D.

    Trying to get back into shape after cancer almost killed me has been difficult. Metabolism has been shot, literally no muscle tone, energy level sucks. Nothing has worked. And believe me, I’ve tried it all for the past year. This stuff is insane. Combined it with Inferno and I’ve doubled my time in the gym and tripled my reps. Bottled fury is a good description. I’m hooked.

  269. Jack T Lane

    Allow me to begin by saying that I am normally very critical of pre-workout supplements – especially ones that make claims equally as bold as Cannibal Ferox does. I tell you this next: This shit is the fucking real deal. I’m not just talking about a little buzz, I’m talking about there being something fucking dangerous inside of you that this stuff unchains and pisses off. This is your raw, animal power unleashed… by a scoop of fucking powder. Everything Cannibal Ferox claims to be is merely an understatement.
    This stuff hits you hard, so unless you’re fully prepared to unleash hell in the gym… don’t even bother taking it.
    Cannibal Ferox is, simply, powdered insanity.

  270. Dr. Joe

    Just started using Ferox, tried a half-dose the first time for a cardio workout and felt like I could go on for days!
    I used a full dose before lifting and felt amazing. No crash or jitters after taking the product, didn’t feel any nausea during my workout like other pre-workout products. Next step is to try it during sparring sessions!!

  271. Suicide Mike

    Good, sustained and solid energy and focus. Taste is not great, but I almost prefer it that way because you know you’re not just chugging kool-aid with some bulk stim powder in it. Even better when stacked with genius.

  272. Conor

    Taste’s great, no edginess, sweats or trembles. You’d have to try hard to not set PRs on this fucking thing. Preworkouts usually fuck my sleep over big time no matter what time of day I take them, but not this beautiful baby, after 6 hours I can knock the fuck out. I hope Jamie makes a ton of money in the supplement business, his combined integrity, knowledge and product quality is a rare beast indeed and I hope his products catch on to the mainstream.

  273. Tom

    This is an unbelievable sup, if you don’t buy it you are essentially saying you enjoy being mediocre and have no intention of changing that.

  274. Anonymous

    I hope the mead described in Viking tales was as powerful and enraging as Ferox is. The only way it wouldn’t be is if Ferox was better. The new flavor (Lemon Ice) thankfully doesn’t make my throat feel like a green tea compost and is actually quite delicious. It has graciously cured me of worldly problems (lack of sleep and hangovers come to mind), and while walking to the gym across campus I often have trouble smiling at passerby’s. I then go into a slight rage, terrify the freshmen who take up the squat rack and crush weights. I almost legit freaked out the first time I took this (no caffeine besides maybe one soda a week and Ferox), and haven’t quite gotten back to that level but I think that’s better for my sanity and the safety of everyone at my gym.

  275. Kyle Newell

    Ferox is the bomb! It gives you a great edge to mentally focus and push past barriers and the taste is great. It does not give you a crash and make you feel like shit after. Great stuff!

  276. Austin V

    Ive only used it 2 times now, but I really like it as of now. I have the watermelon flavor, and admittedly like others have said the taste isn’t the greatest, but I didn’t buy it for taste either. I find its pretty easy to “flip the switch” before my sets when I’m taking it, Id reccomend!

  277. andrea meyer

    So this is my second review of this thing. Now that the taste (I tried the watermelon) has changed I gave it 5 stars. The taste is MUCH improved. Does it taste like a mild cup of tea with cream and sugar? No, it still has a kick to it but it is PERFECTLY drinkable now, and since the rest of the formula has stayed the same it is still by far THE BEST pre workout I have had.I actually like to mix it with the Cannibal swole as well. I just hit another pr on deadlifts. I lift sumo and pushed the floor so hard with my feet that those puzzle peice floor mats at my gym came off the ground…..oops! I got the weight up though. This stuff made me very angrily motivated, but lets me be level headed enough to keep focused. Perfect, as far as I am concerned. Exactly what I wanted. I definitely hope this formula stays around forever.

  278. Anonymous

    This shit is the real deal. Will make a two hour workout fly by. The taste isn’t too bad (Watermelon Warmachine) but the bad taste is probably just the noopept powder. No jitters or crash, just powdered essence of Valhalla.

  279. Tom

    The first day I used this I had a killer OHP session and pushed weights I hadn’t before. I felt jacked and my intensity was through the roof.

    I haven’t able to replicate that intensity since then. Whether or not the first time was placebo effect on my part or one of many other possible variables (sleep, food, tolerance level, etc.) is still uncertain.

    I HAVE noticed that my workouts are lasting longer overall since taking this product. I just wish I could get that intensity back without making my heart explode.

  280. Anonymous

    Never taken a PWO before other than a couple cups of strong brewed coffee. This was a whole other experience that I can’t attribute to the caffeine. First use, I’d planned on a quick 30 minute session of deficit deads with singles on the minute for 10 minutes followed by squats. Nothing serious since the lady was coming over, it was Friday, and I was marshaling my energy for a night with her. An hour later I was still training like fiend and had to throw in more sets of farmer’s walks and “ab” work since I couldn’t slow down. My lady showed up, laughs at my “cracked out lemur” demeanor so she started feeding me strong booze, followed by dinner and more booze, followed by more at home. Despite the accumulated fatigue from totally unexpectedly intense training, booze, and chronic lack of sleep, the night ended on a very positive note as well…instead of me just passing out. Really impressed as I expected a little short caffeine buzz at best. My brain definitely got turned up a notch. And ignore the taste. Just slam it and get on with it.

  281. Jared

    The Watermelon Warmachine tastes fine to me (excellent compared to the other pre-workout diarrheas I’ve tried). I had one scoop and it produced a good 3 hours of sustained energy and autistic-esque focus with no jitters, no nausea, no appetite suppression. I left the gym after about an hour and half; not due to lack of energy, but because I was as hungry as 12 bears post-hibernation. I feasted, went to work for twelve hours, came home and slumbered for 9 hours like I’d been roofied. Good shit.

  282. J <3

    The lemon-lime is not bad in the least! After reading all the reviews I was quite petrified of trying it! Really people? …. Really!!? The descriptions are so over dramatic! But I suppose everyone’s tastebuds are different so I’ll shut up!
    The taste reminds me of the lemon cry baby candies. Perhaps the watermellon is nasty???

  283. Justin

    I work 10-12 hours a day, needed extra motivation in the gym. This delivers, steady focused energy, no tingling twitchy side effects. It stands on it own as a great product, but gets an extra kick when fused with Swole. Great line of products.

  284. Anonymous

    So I reviewed the old formula as 10/10, would buy again (and I did several times), with a footnote that mentioned it tasted like battery acid.

    This new formula keeps everything I loved from the first and fixed the taste. This stuff isn’t “delicious”, but man, it’s pretty great as far as a preworkout goes.

    And as far as performance, it does exactly what it claims to. Every set is max effort, you’re going to always want to add another rep, and you’ll have tons of energy set after set after set after set.

    This truly is the perfect preworkout.

  285. Carter

    So I bought a batch when it first came out, and boy was it rancid tasting. BUT, it worked GREAT. Energy felt limitless and focus was ridiculous. The only

    downside for me was a bit of nausea and complete lack of appetite for hours after, making it impractical for my bulking needs.

    I got a sample of the new batch of Ferox and downed that right before hitting my gym. Went down MUCH better than the original, I’d give it a 10 as far as

    PWOs go. I felt it surprisingly quickly and kept the energy through the whole workout which was weights, HIIT with sled pushes etc, more weights. The one side I

    noticed was pretty typical of stims (and PUSHING yourself); after I was done with rounds of HIIT for 30 minutes I had a bit of nausea for about 10 minutes. After

    that I moved on to power/full cleans. Energy and clarity were still there, hit a PR on my lifts and would have kept going if the friends I had brought with me had

    more time.

    On to the most important thing: my appetite after taking it. Appetite came on full force as soon as I left, was able to down 6 burgers at the local McBulk n get


    Taste: 10. SOOOOOOOO much better than the original.

    Stability of energy: 10. I had no crash, no noticeable let-down like normally happens with caffeine and such.

    Mood: Holy damn I felt pretty great the whole time. I was basically alternating between panting, grinning like a goon, and growling at the weight.

    tl;dr drink this, go for hours of fun liftings.

  286. omgzombo

    I’m new to weightlifting, a 50 year-old skinny fat fuck. Now, 4 months into keto and 12 weeks into lifting, I got pointed to Ferox.

    I’m glad I did – like I said, I’m a novice, but after a scoop of this potent elixir (stacked with Swole – get some!), and a 20 minute wait, my normal 5×5 squat routine became a….I don’t fucking know.

    I was so in the zone, and focused, I did squats until I realized I’d done a fuckton of them – and I could have done a fuckton more!

    No shit, this is legit and I’m never going without my Ferox *again*.

  287. ,

    This product simply works. I use pre-workouts quite often and quite frankly am immune to most of them. They don’t do a thing for me. So, I decided to try something new and I’m glad that I did. Here’s a simplified review of the product on a 0-10 scale:

    Taste: 5

    I got the War Watermelon flavor and yes it has a hint of watermelon but pretty much tastes of roadkill entrails. But, from what I hear, this flavor is a vast improvement on the original formula so we must not be too harsh. Also, if you care more about taste than you do about effectiveness then you should probably jump into a well…filled with acid.

    Mixability: 9

    Mixes quite well, only a tiny layer of sediment did not mix. I would compare the mixability to maybe Cellucor’s C4 or Dymatize’s Xpand 2 just to give you an idea. Much, much better than BSN’s N.O. X-PLODE or Gaspari’s Superdump (pump).

    Effectiveness: 11 (why don’t you make 10 louder? -Because it goes to 11!)

    This is by far the best pre-workout I’ve tried so far. The only thing that compares is CRAZE which is off the market now. I literally felt like a berzerker running naked into battle! Good thing about it is the extra nootropics allow you to focus through such an event and crush any weight that is set in front of you.

    Value: 7

    If you aren’t lucky to get any of the promo codes it burns a whole of around $45.99 out of your pocket which isn’t terrible, but it also isn’t the best deal on the market. I am a college student so I try to watch my wallet, but for the ingredients you get and how well this product works, I have no issue shelling out that kind of cash.

    Overall this product kicks so much ass it would have “Rowdy” Roddy Piper from ‘They Live’ pissing his pants. If you are into killing it in the weight room, destroying past PR’s and ruling at life, you should take this product.

  288. Jersey RN

    This product plain and simple is the shit! I bought the luminous lemon ice and it actually tastes pretty good. I don’t get jitters or that fucking beta alanine tingling my nut sac. Within 10 minutes of taking it I’m ready to fuck shit up. I have used this with awesome results, my focus and concentration are on point and my strength feels adrenaline infused. I also feel this aggression that makes me want to lift anything and everything or just mush the annoying fuckwads at the gym. Also it doesn’t make me go to the shitter to drop 3 nukes before working out! Wholeheartedly recommend

  289. pete

    i was a huge fan of ds craze but when that got discontinued i started looking for the next preworkout to take its place after 6 months and about a dozen shitty preworkouts ive found it in cannibal ferox. thanks for putting out a REAL product thats does what it says on the label. oh and i actualy love the flavor tastes like grapefruit which i like alot .

  290. tonyb

    Ferox provides a great mental focus for your workout. It gives your mind a clear feeling, while providing constant and stable energy. I always feel great for hours afterwards with no noticeable crash. Great product.

  291. kefcorp

    I’ve lifted for a couple years now, and have experimented (read: tried a dose or two) with pretty much every major PWO out there. What sets Ferox apart for me, so far, is the total lack of tingles/jitters. You can barely even tell you took it – until you realize you’ve been in the gym twice as long as usual and still going strong. Plus, it tastes like crushed-up Lemonheads (Luminous Lemon Ice). Thinking about just throwing out all the half-empty jars of PWO I have lying around, because so far this is the best one I’ve used.

  292. JT

    This is just an update of my old review for the new Luminous Lemon Ice flavor: It’s fucking delicious.

    It tastes just like those hard lemon candies my great-grandmother used to have lying around in a dish for no reason (other than she must have liked having fat great-grandkids who couldn’t stop themselves from eating them, I guess).

    Anyway, two thumbs up for not having to choke down green-tea flavored taint anymore before I hit the gym.

  293. Kitano (Grimmtano)

    As the owner of this site knows, if I think something is not standing up to the claims made on it, I’ll call it as I see it. I’m also aware of a person’s attention span when reading reviews so I’ll keep it short. There were no jitters or tingles when I took Ferox (as that annoys me to all hell in most preworkouts) and I was quite surprised at the amount of focus I had considering I had zero from working a 12 hour shift and didn’t even want to be in the gym. I spent the night putting up weight that I hadn’t touched in months and telling fatigue to get fucked. I think one would be well served to give Ferox a shot. I love the shit, guys. You’ve a good product.

  294. Lencho

    Effect – 5 Stars
    10 hour days, two kids at home. Homework and/or some sort of practice every night. If I want to workout, it usually isn’t until 10 pm. I struggle with finding the time and motivation, so I ALWAYS use a pre-WO. Took it. Didn’t feel much. Warmed up. Still nothing. Started working out. An hour later I was still going and wasn’t close to feeling like stopping. No jitters or tingles, just a steady focus.

    Taste – 5 cawks
    Tastes like squirrel urine. Mixed it Syntrax Nectar whey the first time – could barely finish it. Mixed it water the second time – same result. I have the lemon lime flavor. Maybe I got a bad batch? Not sure what the deal is, but the taste makes it almost not worth it. Just almost, though.

    If this is how it’s going to taste from here on out, I will just have to deal with it. But FUCK, Jamie!

  295. Anonymous

    Best Pre-Workout I’ve tried bar none. You would have to try to not hit PRs.

  296. Devon

    Starting first on the taste issue. Yes, it is a workout in itself just to choke the stuff down, but I find that actually adds to the mistique of this being some devil powered voodoo concoction that you choke down before wading into battle like a witcher on stew-roids and bath salts. A concoction that would kill any lesser man.

    As for the effectiveness, it most certainly delivers on every promise I’ve seen made. It’s almost hard to notice how well it’s working at times as it doesn’t come with the body flush, stomach churning, crazy buzz, ADD in a bottle, etc. You just notice after a while you’re still hammering the weights after 90 minutes with fervor and intensity like you just started! The sets can just keep coming and you’re more likely to deplete every last molecule of glycogen you can have than decide to throw in the towel because you’re tired.

    I’m by no means a stimulant connoisseur but have tried a decent number of products and I haven’t found anything that blasts you out of a cannon like Ferox does without the unpleasant side effects of feeling nauseaus, stir-crazy, or like a colony of fire ants has decided to take up residence under your skin. Fantastic product, and I look forward to more in the future! Expected nothing less from CnP

  297. Anonymous

    While I may have expected too much, luminous lemon lime and the toxic waste I consumed don’t seem to match up.

    Man up and stomach it, because f*** me does it blow every other pre-workout out of the water. Well done

  298. Ben

    Firstly i gotta say Jamie has awesome customer service skills, he looks after his people and that needs to be recognised.

    On to the Ferox:
    Fucking amazing focus and drive on this shit, the taste isn’t as bad as everyone said it is, it’s reminiscent of Green Tea which I guess isn’t for everyone.

    I had a vicious weight session on this even with fuck all sleep to my name. It masks fatigue whilst generating focus, clarity and near lethal doses of hatred. Also it lasts for a few hours with no come down. If your planning on sleeping definitely do not take anywhere near bed time.

  299. Anonymous

    Tastes like a homeless man’s armpit, but this is some powerful stuff.

    Make sure you take that pre-workout dump as well because this will make you shit your pants on a heavy squat.

  300. Anonymous

    Works great (10lb squat PR first time taking it), tastes like shit. I left a little bit of it sitting in a cup overnight and when I rinsed it, the calcium buildup on the inside of the cup was gone. So take that as you will.

  301. The Creeper

    I so far haven’t lifted a single fucking weight since I bought this, and that will change, but so far I’ve been eating this during late night band practices while drinking a lot and as far as being able to play fucking great and destroy shit, hell yes this shit rules. The following days I am intensely hung over with hardly any sleep so I take a scoop first thing and plow through a fucking workday like it’s nothing. I cannot fucking wait for Cannibal Genius, nootropics are my new thing. I plan on eating some this while tripping on psilocybin as the nootropics are just fucking incredible. Also the energy is a fast sustained pickup with a smooth take off and landing. My muscles feel pumped from just doing regular work and my hands in particular feel rushed with blood and just fucking working right. Time to hit some fucking weights, dammit, great job!

  302. Jeff

    I got ferox for the one purpose of being awesome. Man oh man dose this product deliver! I blew through my lifting session destroying everything! I can not wait for the new flavors to come out that actually do not taste like asshole!

  303. MadScientistOfMaB

    Started taking Ferox for my way too early workouts. Love it in every way shape and form. I lift harder for longer and have to force myself to leave no matter how exhausted I am.
    Standard day before: Squat, Bench, Rows/deadlift
    Standard day w/ Ferox: Squat, Bench, DL, Front Squat, OHP, Rows, Heavy weight cardio

    PS: this shit tastes like nuclear waste mixed with human waste but it is so worth it

  304. Matt

    I’ve tried a ton of different pre-workout formulas. This one is by far the best! Even tastes like a ground-up meth addict!

  305. Joe

    I ordered this product after seeing some seriously heavy lifters that I trust recommend it. It does EXACTLY what it says on the tin, much better than any preworkout I’ve ever tried (which is a lot, including Jack3d original).

    I increased my stalled 1RM deadlift by 25 damned pounds in a single session. I usually train my other lifts in the 8-12 range (bodybuilding) and with this I hit more reps at a heavier weight than I previously could and just kept going.

    You’ll feel stronger, have more energy, have more focus (nootropics!), and honestly I think this stuff puts me in a better mood (the nootropics or B vitamins helping here perhaps?)

    The ONLY drawback is this product tastes like a HUGE glass of battery acid. It burns, it tastes bad, and you will taste it every time you breathe for 30 minutes or more. BUT WHO CARES. It works and the taste is a side-effect of this fact. I mix it with Mio and that helps. I’ve also heard Crystal Light works.

    It’s good. I’ll absolutely be buying it again. Just make sure you follow the instructions because this stuff is STRONG.

  306. J.T.

    I’ve tried a bunch of shitty pre-workouts (all of them), and nothing ever compared to a simple pot of black coffee and a single Bronkaid cap. Then I tried some Cannibal Ferox. I will never use anything else.

    I’ve set PRs damn near every fucking workout since using it. I’ve set a new 1RM squat after getting 2 hours sleep and putting in 10 hours of manual labor. I’ve also nailed a lmao2plaet power clean that I could barely even high-pull previously. And I could list a lot more. Every lift is moving up again, to the point that it feels like cheating. It should not be so fucking easy, right? But it has been so far.

    And the best part is that I don’t even feel any different after I take it. No shakes or tingling or anxiety. Not until I actually start to warm up, that is. Then holy shit, that sweet focused rage. Suddenly, I’m all on edge, and there just always seems to be another rep in the tank, no matter what. There’s also no crash further down the line, but it will definitely prevent sleep if taken to close to bed-time.

    I will admit that I do wretch a bit as I chug it, but it’s a very small price to pay for dem gainz.

    Awesome product.

  307. Ryan

    I have been reading the C&P blog since 2009. I’ll try to write this review without bias, and try to get to the point:

    – Extremely bitter & shitty taste. Best used in 4-6oz of water with a whole Crystal Light Iced Tea packet.
    – Quality of ingredients is top notch.
    – No jitters.
    – Extremely focused; nooptropics are dosed very well.
    – Strongmen on competition day & Powerlifters in a meet will definitely benefit from this product.
    – Great for anyone feeling slow in the morning and needs a boost.
    – No caffeine rush or itchy skin feeling

    This pre-workout delivers on what other mainstream pre-workout supplements promise. I thought the tagline of “You will PR on your first workout when using this” was like every other gimmick…but I hit a 30# PR on my Log Press, first time using this product.

  308. Jonathan Mielec

    Absolutely awesome…. nothing else to say. Can’t really comment on the taste because I just take the powder and wash it down with water, but I’ve never had a preworkout that I loved this much. It’s pure focus and motivation

  309. gzcl

    The taste is earthy with hints of herbal and citrus. Bitter yet exciting, Cannibal Ferox is a delightful mix of resentful hate and ambiguous palate BDSM. Whether or not you have daddy issues this will ensure domination both in the bedroom and the weightroom. And after the first little tub is finished you just might find those two to be the same place. This product isn’t for those afraid of losing their sense of taste or those fearful of deadlifting and squatting more than once per week.

  310. steve henderson

    It doesn’t give me the hot needle in my skin sensation but I still get the focus and “one more” rep feel out of it.

    The taste is fucking horrible. Fix the taste and you have me until my heart explodes.

  311. DN

    Not as bad tasting as some other reviewers have said. Not too different from a canned green tea drink you’d find at a as station. Have tasted much worse supplements. With the exception of ritalin or adderall I have not found anything else that compares to Ferox.

  312. Cody

    It’s a no bullshit preworkout. The taste isn’t as bad as people are making it out to be, especially if you mix with more liquid. I go 2 scoops in a 32oz gatorade or similar and begin consuming on an empty-ish stomach 20-30 minutes before and into warm up. Tried this a variety of ways, empty stomach, after food, etc and effect onset doesn’t change much, if at all.

    -No racing quality to energy.
    -Focus is greatly enhanced.
    -Pump is intense as is the increase in endurance.
    -No apparent come down or crash.

    Great stuff! Can’t wait to see what it’s like stacked with Cannibal Genius or the pump product.

  313. brian

    continuation from yesterday’s post: I increased the serving from 1 level scoop to 1 heaping scoop which would be the equivalent of 1 1/3 scoops. It took a while to hit me, but once it did my workout was great. My intensity was greater than yesterday and I’m not tired after the workout.

    Unless you have a high tolerance to stimulants, like me, I would stick with 1 scoop max…and it still tastes like the soap my mom used to make me eat as a child, but I’m sure they are working on this issue.

  314. brian

    Finally got to try this stuff. I mixed it with Crystal Light’s Mojito in order to mask some of the taste. It was somewhat palatable like this, but did seem a bit chalky, which is to be expected.

    I took 1 level scoop and would describe the feeling as a clean energy. As a few reviews have mentioned, there is no tingling and no jitters, which I agree with.
    The most noticeable thing to me was that I wasn’t tired at all after the workout, which on Friday’s is NEVER the case. I always struggle to complete my DL workouts…but not today. I may try 1 heaping scoop next time instead of 1 level scoop and see what happens.
    Overall, I think the stuff is going to work just fine.

  315. Anonymous

    I work out at 5:30 in the morning and had been downing 2 200mg caffeine pills as my pre-workout just to feel normal. With Ferox I’m taking about a scoop and a half and am ready to slam bars when I get into the gym.

    Yes this stuff does taste like shit but it gets your ass in gear.

  316. AC

    SO lets say write off, this shit tastes like fucking dead deer piss after youve cut out the bladder having shot it in the face, let it rot in the forest for a week, and then mixed it with cigarette ashes. It tastes worsts than Dorian Yates NOXPUMP, which tasted like sweetened cat urine mixed with rancid lemon juice.

    Already, this is fucking awesome, because generally the worst this shit tastes the better it works. I gave out samples to coworkers and none of them were able to take more than two sips before gagging. One even dry heaved and another got nauseous

    SO already we have determined this drink will determine if you are a sad fucked out sandy vagina (which is most people apparently)

    On to drinking it, no tingling. Now I personally like tingles, but whatever. Thats what beta alanine is for

    15 minutes after drinking it, awesome tunnel vision plus hots sweats. This shit kicks your brain into neurological overdrive and combined with blasting A Perfect Circle into my ears, this sets me into murder-rage-kill mode

    Training, your threshold for fatigue goes way up. Prepare for some high intensity or some heavy volume, because you are going to need it to beat yourself down.

    Take aways

    -Not for pussies
    -tastes like necrotic beasts
    -turns you into a murder beast

    So stop screwing around with kool aid shit and buy this

  317. Stan

    I bought this product as an avid fan. This is the most potent preworkout I have had! It very similar to Jack3d with DMAA but does not give you the stupid kitty cat tingles!! I had one of the most intense workouts of my life on this product! The flavor is an experience but I have been reassured by the group that the flavor is being fixed as we speak!

  318. John

    Not the strongest pre-without I’ve ever used but definitely one of the most intense. I’d put FEROX in 3rd behind #1) Black Market Labs AdreN.O.lyn Cuts (the original with DMAA) and #2) MAN Sports GAMEDAY. I will say the focus you get from FEROX is some of the best I’ve ever experienced. Definitely a great pre-workout that i would recommend to anyone needing to add a new level of intensity to their workouts.

  319. Austin

    It tastes godawful. I tried mixing it with some gatorade in an attempt to make it palatable, it completely ruined the gatorade. If you pissed out green tea and distilled it to a 100x brew, that’s what it’d taste like. That’s why it’s four stars instead of five.

    But the energy is great, no jitters at all, and the warnings and directions on the tub are awesome. Beats the hell out of every other pre-workout I’ve tried.

  320. Joe P

    The first day I tried it, only did a 1x dose. Gave me the energy to finish strong, and that was it. The next day, I took 1.5x the dose, and not only dominated the workout, but continued on with single-minded intensity to all of the other projects in the house that had been on the list to do, I.e. build a fence replacement section from scratch (and heave it into place myself . . . 300lbs+ of awkward construction), build some shelving for the wife, start assembly of a shed, and doing some progress on the engine swap in my build car I’ve been pursuing. All in all, good clean energy. The taste wasn’t as bad as other reviewers indicated, I couldn’t chug it straight, but I can definitely take swigs of it absentmindedly before the workout. 5 stars for the “cleanest” energy I’ve felt, with no jitteriness.

  321. Anonymous

    Nice energy and focus
    Felt pretty good for hours with no crash
    Tasted and smelled like vomit
    Hopefully I can find something to mix it with to taste bearable

  322. Jason H.

    Finished my mock meet today and PR on all three lifts. I’m not giving all of the credit to Cannibal Ferox, but it did make me feel damn good. On a side note they should get rid of the description luminous lemon lime on the website and just call it greenish yellow. The stuff tastes like pure hydrolyzed whey protein (bitter). Granted this was my first time taking Ferox but I didn’t get any jitters, and no weird niacin flush tingle all over my body bullshit either. Just focused energy. I gave it five stars because it does what is advertised. It tastes like shit, but I don’t care that’s not why I bought it. Buy it, drink it, and smash some weights.

  323. Dan M.

    Alright, so this stuff is face-meltingly good. Took a 1/2 scoop (of the twice as large scoop, so just one serving) and PR’d the fat bar ohp. Good intensity. Seemed to help concentrate my hate and anger.

    Only reason it didn’t get 5 stars is the taste. Remember back in the late 90s/ early 2000s when companies didn’t bother with flavoring because there was only two protein powders on the market? Yeah, this hearkens back to those days (but obviously not for those reasons. Nootropics notoriously taste horrible). Ferox tastes like somewhere in between gnawing on a rhino’s anal polyp and bobbing for bodyparts in the Ganges after a wet winter. Good news is that this is only really a problem if you’re a pussy, and if you’re a pussy, you shouldn’t be taking this supplement, because your balls will explode from the sheer rage-induced testosterone surge.

    All in all, a pre-workout that actually kicks ass on the market. I just hope it doesn’t go the way of most killer pre-workouts, which use hardcore formulas initially to make a name for themselves, then reformulate them to weaker shit (with seemingly more hardcore names) because of silly little things like “people dying” or “government imposed bans on ingredients.” Luckily Jamie is not the kind to easily bend to shit like popular opinion, and would likely release statements telling the overly-concerned soccer moms who might oppose this supplement to suck his nuts.

  324. Bailey

    This product really does deliver as advertised. Stimulants are dosed very effectively and the focus spot on. One scoop product for sure.

  325. McWiggin

    I took half a scoop at first and while I was squatting I came.

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